General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 08/14/15: Murder and Love Truly Can Coexist…at Least in Port Charles This Week

Dear Readers, your usual GH Cliffhanger Friday post writer was unable to pen her column this week, so I hope you will accept my very humble stylings. Susan Illo-Adamou should be back next week though!

nina w knifeMonday

Scott Baldwin is angered about Jordan’s arrest of Franco, his son, for the murder of Silas Clay.

Franco tells Obrecht he needs her help exposing Ava as Silas’ killer, especially because Ava snapped a picture of Nina hunched over Silas’ body, clutching the murder weapon.

Carly and Sonny worry that Morgan may have killed Dr. Clay for knowing that Morgan and Denise were canoodling behind Kiki’s back

Elizabeth worries that Hayden will recover her memory, revealing Jake to be Jason, thereby exposing Elizabeth’s idiotic dreams to live happily ever after with Jake.

Nikolas, all arched-eyebrows and conniving smirks, convinces a newly-recovering Hayden to move in with him at Windermere. What could his motives be? Gee—murdering Hayden perhaps and making sure it sticks this time? Nah, not New Nikolas!

Brad insists on discussing his and Nikolas’ relationship drama after a run-in at the hospital.



Paul Hornsby cajoles his estranged son Dillon Quartermaine into taking a check from him to finance his movie—though it takes little cajoling when Dillon sees the check is for 500K.

The police station is abuzz with news of Franco’s arrest for the murder of Silas Clay, as Jordan vows to bring the killer to justice (they should give each new Police Commissioner a t-shirt that says that–“I vow to bring ——‘s killer to justice!”).

Lulu gets ultra-emotional reading Dillon’s refurbished-according-to-her-advice screenplay, especially as it’s about a couple dealing with full-on infidelity and its tearing their marriage apart. When Dante catches her crying, she tells him she feels so thankful that all they had to get past was his merely kissing Valerie. They make love after a month of not having done so.

Even as Sam is relieved that Patrick forgives her for working secretly with Jake to wrest ELQ from Nikolas, she doesn’t trust that Patrick’s patient, Hayden’s, amnesia is the real thing. Do you think Hayden is faking this post-coma amnesia and not remembering who Jake/Jason is? Why would she?

Sonny sends Julian a gift basket, complete with Corinthos coffee, to let Julian know that Sonny “knows” Julian had a part in one of Sonny’s latest coffee shipment’s being hijacked.

Denise/Ava visits the chapel where Silas’ memorial is to take place. Soon Silas’ ghost appears and torments Ava (anybody remember the same happening to Anna with Carlos’ ghost?) relentlessly. Denise hurriedly comforts Kiki and flees the memorial service.

Nina talks to Franco in prison from Shadybrook (nothing but the best accommodations for those two!). She wonders why he didn’t give up his knowledge to the cops of Silas’ real killer, given that he claimed he knew who the real suspect was. He tells Nina it was Denise and that Denise is Ava. He also tells her that Silas knew Denise was Ava and was on the verge of blowing up her secret.

Jordan shows up at Sonny’s to accept a package from Sonny with info on who could have hijacked Sonny’s latest shipment-gone-awry. Jordan then tries to convince TJ to come back home to her, but he insists he is happy at the Cornithos household. She tells TJ her door is always open to him (Duh—you’re his mom!).

Before Silas’ memorial service Morgan confides in the ever-trustworthy Morgan. After making scene after scene in front of multiple witnesses insisting Franco was her father’s killer and that she would make Franco pay for this, Kiki confides in Morgan that she worries Franco may not be the killer, as he had no motive to kill her father. Another dual personality storyline coming up—haha! Sorry—this situation isn’t funny. Just that 180-degree turn-around on Kiki’s part was momentarily funny.

After speaking with Franco, Obrecht attempts to tell Ric Lansing, D.A. that Ava is Franco’s killer. Ric is D.A. now, because Scott Baldwin quit so that he could be his son, Franco’s, defense attorney without a conflict of interest.



Sonny goes to NYC to meet with the surprisingly multicultural heads of The Five Families about who hijacked his latest coffee shipment. The head of the Russian mafia says in not-so-many words that the Jeromes were behind it and he was somehow involved too. Sonny shoots him.

Lulu tells Dillon on the Haunted Star that his refurbished script was so sad and beautiful it made her cry. Dillon tells her that things are going well with he and Valerie, but throughout the week Dillon’s unspoken looks show that he has some sort of feelings for Lulu. Dillon tells Lulu about Paul Hornsby’s 500K donation to his film project. He asks Lulu if he can shoot the film on the Haunted Star. She agrees. Dante is none to happy when he hears of this but says nothing.

Jordan calls Julian into her office to talk about Sonny’s hijacked shipment and the dossier on the Five Families Sonny gave her. She says when she brings these men and one woman in, they will talk. And Julian will come up up in the conversation. Julian insists this is not possible (lying?), insisting for the 50,000,000,000th time that he is no longer a mobster.

Nina breaks into Ava’s apartment lying in wait for her to return from Silas’ memorial service. Nina lets Denise know that she knows Denise is Ava. Ava tells Nina it matters not, because Nina can’t tell anyone anything about her being alive and murdering Silas, because she has a picture on her phone of Nina hunched over Silas’ dead body with the bloody murder weapon. Nina tackles Ava and gets it from her. Ava assures her there are many more copies of the picture—on her laptop, in the cloud (she has to explain the cloud to in-a-coma-for-25-years-Nina). Nina assures her nevertheless that “this” isn’t over and Franco and Nina will somehow make it known that Denise is Ava and Ava killed Silas.

Nathan and Dante break into a motel room where the Russian mafia leader Sonny shot lies begging for help. They are too late and he dies.

District Attorney’s Office Administrative Assistant and office Busybody, Mrs. Shipley, tells Ric Lansing, DA, and Scott Baldwin that she heard Franco and Silas heatedly arguing the day of Silas’ murder, which now gives Franco a motive, if a weak one, to kill Silas. Scott accuses Franco of protecting Nina. Scott says, “Going down for a crime you committed is bad, but going down for one you didn’t commit is worse.” Aah, the soul of a poet in that Scott Baldwin!

Jake proposes to Elizabeth. She panics and runs to the chapel to receive counsel from God, we assume, given all the lies, lies of omission, and half-truths she’s told Jake to hold on to him. Eventually she accepts the proposal. Sam congratulates Elizabeth on accepting Jake’s proposal, which redefines the word “awkward.”

Nathan tells Lulu that he suspects Madeline is trying to convince Nina that she is crazy for her own agenda, which she always has. Then Nathan and Lulu begin climbing all over each other and fall into bed…as usual.

Scott tells Ric, his replacement as DA, that he has no case against Franco, because Franco had no motive. Ric tells Scott, “Oh, ye of little faith,” smirking as he leaves Scott in his office.

Maxie apologizes to Valeria for calling her a home-wrecking bitch because she kissed Dante.



Patrick tells Hayden her recovery is going very well. She tells Patrick she has a place to say. A smile-y Rosalie walks into Hayden’s hospital room, presumably to help her move into Windermere.

Dillon warns Hayden about moving in with the duplicitous snake that Nikolas has become, as he helps Valerie moves out of Windermere. Valerie announces that she wants her own place in Port Charles.

Elizabeth is surprised and nervous when Sam brings Danny by to meet Jake. Will seeing Danny again trigger memories in Jake that he is Jason? What kind of life is this for Elizabeth, constantly wondering what or whom will make Jake realize he is Jason?

Jake shows up at Sonny and Carly’s to get Carly’s approval on his wedding ring for Elizabeth. Carly of course has to offer her two cents, saying it’s too soon to ask Elizabeth to marry him (two old Carly patterns with—she doesn’t wanna share Jake with anyone and she can’t keep her opinions–which she has a lot of–to herself!).

Lulu and Dante discuss whether Sonny could be behind the Russian Mafia head’s death. Lulu tells Dante about Dillon’s filming his movie on the Haunted Star, with Dante none too happy.

Carly breaks up a make-out session with Sonny to look for wedding dresses.

Olivia shows up, after a long hiatus, at Lulu and Dante’s door, smiling from ear-to-ear.

Will Nina and Franco find some way to implicate Ava in Silas’ death?

Was Julian really behind the high jacking of Sonny’s latest shipment?

Will Hayden’s living at Windermere bring back memories of who Jake really is?

Tell me what you think!

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