General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 07/31/15: Abel Couldn’t Have Killed Kain–So Who Did?

rp_Image-12-184x300.pngCliffhanger: Who killed Silas?  Morgan, Ava/Denise or Nina? Will Hayden tell Jake that he is really Jason? Will Laura ask Nicholas if he had Hayden shot?

This past week’s events in Port Charles started with a goodbye and ended with a stabbing and death.  Let’s see what else happened in town this week.

Luke was on the docks and Sonny‘s men thought he may be a danger to Sonny. They called Sonny and he met with Luke who told him he was leaving Port Charles. They talked about Frank Smith and how they met. Luke gives Sonny the gun he used to kill Frank this last time. Will Frank escape death another time? After talking, they hug, and Sonny wishes Luke good luck. He asks Sonny to watch over Rocco and Lulu and tell Lulu that he loves her. Lulu appears out of the mist asks him to tell her himself. A tearful goodbye between Luke and Lulu required tissues for Luke, Lulu, and me. When Luke said “Goodbye Port Charles and Good Luck to you”, even I needed a tissue for the end of an era.

Franco and Denise talk with Kiki. Denise begs Franco not to tell Kiki about her and Morgan. Kiki says she knows that her aunt and boyfriend would not hurt her in anyway. After she tells them she is going out of town for a few days, Franco tells Denise to stay away from Morgan. Denise calls Nina and invites her to breakfast the next morning.

Nina comes to see Denise at Julian’s apartment. Denise tells Nina that Franco is not over Nina. She tells Nina that she should go get Franco before he goes to someone else. She keeps thinking about Morgan while she is talking to Nina. Denise tells Nina that she wants to be her friend and she tells her to end her marriage to Ric and go find Franco. Nina says she can’t leave Ric because he is also her lawyer who is helping her regain her inheritance. Nina tells Denise that she likes her better than Ava and she hopes she can also finds love.

Nina tells Ric that she wants a divorce because she loves Franco.  He tells her that he will not let her leave him. He says the DA cannot make him testify against her as long as they are married. He then plays the crying baby tape again and she cringes. Ric wants Nina to go to Shady Brook. He tries to tell her that she needs help. She tells him she never had hallucinations before, and she does not remember taking the baby. He takes her to Shady Brook anyway and wants her to sign the commitment papers. She fights it but, with much encouragement from Ric, she does so.

Nathan sees the baby blanket and wants to take it in for evidence in Avery’s kidnapping case. Ric refuses to give it up without a warrant. He also wants to keep everyone away from Nina so he and Madeline can continue to torment her. Nathan goes to see Jordan and tells her that he feels Ric is framing his sister. Jordan tells him that he needs to get a warrant so they can either find Nina innocent or guilty.

Madeline and Maxie talk after Nathan goes to see Nina. Madeline insults Maxie and Maxie gives it right back to her. Nathan comes back and sticks up for Maxie.

Valerie comes into the Metro Court looking for her lost earring. Maxie accuses Valerie of being a home wrecker. Valerie leaves after Maxie finds her earring under the table. Valerie goes to the Floating Rib after seeing Maxie. While she is there, Dillon asks her out on a date and she accepts.

Lulu tells Dante she needs time to get over his and Valerie’s kiss. Dante tries to give her a gift and she refuses to accept it. Laura comes in to tell Lulu that Luke is leaving, so Lulu leaves to see her dad. Laura talks with Dante about his and Lulu’s relationship problems and how to get past them given that she is an expert on the subject.

Morgan meets Dillon at the Floating Rib while he is waiting for Kiki. Morgan and Dillon talk about their love lives. Dillon asks Morgan to help him with a reading of his latest screenplay. While they wait, Dillon asks Valerie out on a date.

Dillon sees Lulu at the Haunted Star and she cries while telling him that Luke left Port Charles. She tells him she feels sorry for lying to Dante. Dillon tells her that he asked Valerie out on a date. She encourages him to keep the date. Dillon gives her a copy of the latest draft of his screenplay in which he incorporated the changes she suggested while they were in Vancouver.

Valerie meets Dante on the docks after meets with an informant. She says she needs to talk with him. She asks him how he and Lulu are doing and he says they are fine. She states she is happy they are doing well and tells him that she has a date with Dillon. Dante tells her to go out with him. Later, Dante goes to see Lulu and they talk about Dillon and Valerie’s upcoming date.

Madeline comes to see Ric, and they talk about Nathan’s visit with Nina. They talk about how they are framing Nina.

Madeline finds Franco in Rick and Nina’s room and asks him why he is there. Franco tells her that she doesn’t care about Nina and that she and Ric are plotting against her. Franco tells her that he knows who kidnapped Avery and it wasn’t Nina. Madeline tells him that she and Ric are trying to get Nina some help. Franco then goes to Shady Brook to look for Nina to help her.

Franco goes to see Morgan about Denise. He tells him he will kill him if he continues to hurt Kiki by sleeping with Denise. Morgan tells him to give it his best shot because his dad, Sonny, would love to pay him back for hurting his mom and Michael.

Morgan goes to see Denise and tells her that Franco will tell Kiki about them. They both agree that they do not want to hurt Kiki. They end up in the bedroom again.

Kiki worries about Silas and Nina spending time together on the 4th. She goes to see her dad prior to leaving for her friend’s bridal shower and tells him her concerns.

Silas goes to see Scott and finds Franco sitting in his office. They talk about the baby kidnapping and bone marrow used to save Ava. He admits that he was wrong and is causing Nina to lose her grip on reality. Silas tells Franco that Nina is hearing a crying baby. Franco then tells Silas that Denise/Ava is sleeping with Morgan. This upsets Silas and he leaves to confront them.

Denise tells Franco about her talk with Nina and tells him he needs to get that tape from his dad to keep her out of jail.

Sonny and Carly talk about their upcoming wedding and how they still have not told Morgan yet. Laura meets them and they all talk. Laura seems pre-occupied and leaves. She goes to see her grandsons.

Sam and Patrick talk about little Jake and how he looks and acts like Jason. Sam thinks that Elizabeth does not want Danny and little Jake to be together. She tells Patrick about her past with Elizabeth concerning Jason.

Patrick goes to see Elizabeth. He wants her to decide on a time for Jason’s sons to meet each other. Laura is there when Patrick arrives and tells him and Elizabeth that the same thing happened with her sons. Lucky and Nicholas were not raised together and therefore did not grow up together as brothers. Elizabeth tells Patrick to tell Sam that she can set up a time for the boys to get together.

Laura talks with Jake and he tells her that he has no memory. She questions him and tells her that he has only glimmers of past things.  Laura tells him not to give up too easily. She asks to speak with Elizabeth alone. Jake leaves and Laura tells Elizabeth that she knows Jake is really Jason. She tells her that she overheard Nicholas and her talking at Windermere. Laura tells her that she is going to tell Jake the truth. Elizabeth tells her that she thinks Nicholas is responsible for Hayden’s shooting and tries to convince Laura not to tell Jake the truth. Nicholas comes to see his mother at Elizabeth‘s house, as Michael told him she was there. He tells Elizabeth that his mother knows about Jason. They all agree to keep the secret for the time being.

Elizabeth and Jake talk about marriage. Monica and Michael come to see Elizabeth, so Monica can see her grandson. Monica tells Michael that she made Jake listen to her talk about Jason. Michael and Jake talk about any new Cassadine info. Jake tells Michael that Nicholas and Hayden had  a prior relationship and Hayden knows who Jake really is. Michael questions if Nicholas knows who Jake is. Jake doubts that Nicholas would hide his identity from him and everyone else.

Sam and Jake meet and talk about Nicholas possibly knowing who he is if Hayden knows. Jake tells her that he loves Elizabeth and her boys; but he wants to know who he really is. They discuss other places besides his wall safe Nicholas could also be keeping important documents.

After they talk, Patrick tells both of them that Hayden is waking up.

Scott is working on Sonny’s case. Nicholas comes to see Scott. He tells Scott that Lucky has left town. He tells Nicholas that Laura is troubled about a secret. Nicholas worries that Laura told Scott the secret. But he is happy to know that Laura did not tell him when Scott asks him what the secret is. Nicholas tries to dissuade Scott from asking Laura about the secret.

Silas finds Denise and Morgan naked in bed and tells them that they are cheating on his daughter. Denise asks Morgan to leave her and Silas alone to talk. Silas threatens Denise with telling Kiki the truth about her and about them behind her back. He tells Denise that he is also going to see Scott and tell him the truth about Denise really being Ava. Denise begs him not to tell Kiki the truth about everything. After Silas leaves, she and Morgan talk about Silas. Denise tells him not to approach him about what has happened. Morgan tells her he won’t; but decides to do so after leaving her.

Franco finds Nina at Shady Brook and they admit they love each other. He tells her that Silas is the one who kidnapped Avery. He tells her the entire story of Ava/Denise. Nina is upset because Silas chose Ava again over her and let her take the blame for kidnapping Avery.

Michael and Nicholas meet at the Metro Court and Nicholas brags about his reign at the helm despite plummeting stocks. Michael tells him that his mother is at Elizabeth’s. He leaves to go see her.

Morgan comes in the Metro Court bar and sees Michael before he leaves. Michael asks him what is wrong as he is visibly upset and orders a stiff drink. He asks Michael why he is concerned about him, and he says he is the big brother.

Ava comes running in the door, closing the door behind her and taking a drink. Morgan is upset and orders a stiff drink. Franco finds Nina holding a bloody knife over Silas’ dead body. Who killed him? Who had the most to gain from stopping Silas?


rp_Ssan-gh-cf-300x188.jpgBy Susan Illo-Adamou

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