General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 07/24/15: Farewell, Luke.

Image-1Cliffhanger: Will Franco tell Kiki that her mother is sleeping with her boyfriend, again? Will Nathan figure out that Nina is being set up by her husband and mother? Will Laura tell Scott the secret about Jake really being Jason and risk the secret getting out? What will Port Charles do without Luke instigating one scheme after another as he did for the past 37 years? Will Brad tell Lucas about his marriage and why he kept the fact that he was already married a secret when he proposed to him?

This week in Port Charles: 

 Tracy is still upset and blames Luke and Dillon for not trusting her with the information about the kidnapping.  She keeps talking about Luke not trusting her over and over again. Paul comes into the Qaurtermaine mansion drawing room with pancakes he made for breakfast. Tracy remembers that Luke never did that for her.  Paul hopes that Tracy will not welcome Luke back so he couldn’t have another chance and causing havoc and heartbreak in her life.  He wants to get closer to his son, but Dillon does not seem to share his desire. Tracy decides that she must go to see Luke.
Tracy goes to see Luke at the Haunted Star.  Luke regrets that he was forced to keep Tracy in the dark.  They talk and she tells him she accepts his apology.  Luke asks her again to marry him.  She declines his request and tells him about the last year she has had to endure with all the ups and downs of their relationship.  She goes on to explain
that her night with Paul was about having “fun”.  She says that they cannot marry now because Luke must recover from his ordeal.  He needs to heal from the ‘old’ Luke and they need to process life apart. Tracy explains that she needs time without Luke so he can find himself and she just needs time, also, to process everything that has happened to them. They say goodbye and agree that they love each other and will forever. It was a tearful and heartfelt scene of love and not being able to be together.
Luke tells Lulu about little Jake.  Lulu does not understand why Tracy was upset with him. They talk and Lulu tells him about Valerie and Dante’s kiss. Lulu decides that she needs to confront Valerie herself so she can understand why it happened.Lulu goes to the station to see Valerie.  She blames Valerie for telling Dante about her and Dillon talking in the hallway.  She tells her that she should have stayed out of their life. But, she wants to hear her side of the story of what happened between her and Dante. Valerie tells her that the kiss stopped and nothing else happened, even though Valerie continues to replay the love scene over and over again in her mind. She apologizes to Lulu for anything she did to hurt her.
Lulu and Maxie talk about Dante and Valerie. Lulu tells her that Dante was upset about  what Valerie told him about her and Dillon. She then tells her about their kiss. She tells her that she accepts the fact that her lies caused the encounter between her cousin and husband. Maxie goes on to tell Lulu that she and Nathan came by on the 4th to see them and found Valerie with Dante. Lulu goes on to tell Maxie that since she has come home. Dante has become the best husband ever.
Dante and Nathan meet in the gym. They talk about him and Valerie. He tells Nathan the truth about Lulu and that she was not cheating on him. Then, he tells Nathan that he was the one who cheated on his wife and asked him not to share this with Maxie. He says he needs to make it up to Lulu. Valerie and Dante talk at work.  Valerie understands why they slept together. Dante worries because Lulu knows about their kiss. Valerie tells him that they have no future together.
Jordan talks with Dante about he and Valerie.  Dante is surprised that she knows about it. She tells him that she feels that they should not sleep together again. Jordan talks to Dante about Sonny.  She wants him to pick up his dad and bring him to the station. She tells Dante that her son is now living with Sonny and she cannot have him influenced by Sonny. Dante tells her that he needs time to build a case against his dad. Maxie returns home to an apartment filled with flowers and more flowers. Nathan is there to meet her. He explains that he worked overtime while she was away so he could spend time with her when she came home.  He tells her how much he missed her and shows her many times.
Maxie and Nathan’s dinner is interrupted by Madeline.  Madeline and Maxie meet, but they do not like each other.  Madeline talks about the nurse’s ball and the fact the both she and Nathan were with different people.  Madeline then turns the conversation to Nina. She wants Nathan to go see her. She thinks that Nina is on the verge of another breakdown. She tells him about the crying baby. Nathan tells her that he believes his sister when she said she did not kidnap Avery a second time. Nathan goes to see Nina. He finds the baby blanket that Ric had made to torture Nina.  What will happen now? Will Nathan see through the plan to drive Nina to another breakdown?
Elizabeth and little Jake go to GH to see Patrick. She wants him to examine Jake to make sure he is okay. They discuss Jake‘s kidnapping and his living on the island for the past 5 years with Helena. Patrick wants to tell Sam about Jake being alive since he is Danny’s brother.
Sam and Carly both see little Jake for the first time and realize how much he looks like Jason, his dad. Carly is overwhelmed and walks away crying since she misses Jason so much. Sam, Elizabeth and Patrick talk and decide how to proceed with little Jake in their lives.Jake goes to see Carly and tells her truth about little Jake being alive. She talks about Jason not being able to be here with his son. Then, she wonders whose kidney her daughter really has. Together, they go to the lake to pick up Josslyn. Nicholas and Laura talk about the kidnapping.  Nicholas and Laura talk about her love life without Luke. She tells him of a past relationship. They discuss Nicholas’ love life and he has nothing to say about it. Laura tells him that she would like to stay with him and Spencer for a while. Nicholas tells her that he would be happy to have his mother stay as long as she wants. Elizabeth and little Jake stop by Windemere to see Lucky.
They find out that Lucky left and went back home overseas. Nicholas and Elizabeth talk about Jason and Jake and do not realize that Laura overhears them. After Elizabeth and little Jake leave, Laura tells Nicholas that she heard them talking about Jason. She is upset that Nicholas and Elizabeth are keeping this secret from Jason and Sam. Nicholas asks his mother to respect his wishes and keep the secret.
Sam goes to see Alexis. Alexis feels sorry for Tracy. They discuss Julian’s possible involvement in the mob again.  Alexis tells Sam that she believes Julian is out of the mob.Julian goes to see Sonny to tell him that he did not highjack his shipment. Sonny does not believe him but says time will tell.Carly goes to talk with her brother, Lucas, about Josslyn’s kidney. He tells her he hasno answers for her.  She tells him about her engagement. They talk about a double wedding. Lucas tells her that Brad is avoiding the wedding issue.Brad and Felix meet in the shower room.  They talk about how Brad is keeping a secret from Lucas. He tells Felix and he encourages him to tell Lucas. Brad says that the truth will make him lose Lucas. Later, Brad and Lucas meet and Lucas tells him that he and Carly were talking about a double wedding.  Brad says he can’t marry Lucas because he is already married!!

Sam tells Jake that Hayden had a change in her condition, but it did not help her regain consciousness. They talk about Carly and Josslyn and Jake tells Sam that he is there for them. Jake tells her that little Jake is alive. Sam wants Danny to know his brother and wants the boys to meet.

Morgan and Denise both keep remembering their lovemaking.  Kiki finds Morgan at the gym beating the bag. She tells him she is leaving town to attens her college friend’s bridal shower. Meanwhile, Franco goes to see Denise and tells her that he knows she lied to him about Julian and Alexis being there. She admits that she and Morgan slept together. Franco is angry that she would do that to her daughter. She says that she  and Morgan feel an attraction to each other. He tells her that he will tell Kiki about her and Morgan. Just then, Kiki knocks on the door. Will Franco tell Kiki about her aunt and her boyfriend?

Nina comes home and finds a crib, a crying baby and a doll with X’s for eyes. She freaks out and runs in the bedroom and turns music loud to block out the baby cry. Ric comes in and has the crib removed.  He calls Nina and she tells him what she saw. He tells he that she imagined it. She hears the crying again and he tries to calm her. Nina then admits she kidnapped Avery and her mind keeps replaying it. Ric tells her he will protect her. At that time, Nathan comes to see Nina and finds the baby blanket. What will happen next?
Tracy and Sabrina meet and talk about Luke. She tells Sabrina that she and Luke have parted ways. Tracy tells her the kidnapping story, etc.  She loves Luke, but she had to let him go. Sabrina encourages Tracy to find herself. Michael and Sabrina talk. Sabrina tells him that they can continue with the clinic. They go down by the pool and end up in the pool house making love. Both of them admit that they are falling in love with each other.
Michael goes to see Luke.  Luke tells him the truth about little Jake. Therefore, Josslyn and her kidney transplant remain a mystery.  Luke and Michael talk about tearing down the house on Elm Street for the clinic. Luke gives him the go ahead with his blessing. Luke goes to his birth home one last time. He is visited by three people from his past. He has a gunwith him and thinks about ending his life.  His father tells him to do it and get it over with. He feels regret and guilt about killing his mother. Then, his sister Patricia visits him. She finds Luke and their dad agruing as usual. She tells Luke not to listen to their dad. She tells Luke of all the sacrifices that their mother made for all of them. Luke’s final visitor is his mother. She tells him that he was trying to protect her when she was shot. She tells Luke that she has nothing to forgive him for and says his life should begin and not end. She tells him to find a way to be happy. He decides that he will leave Port Charles in a hope to find that happiness. Bobbie and Valerie talk. She tells Bobbie about the mess she made with Lulu. Bobbie tells her that she will be there for her. Valerie tells her the story of Luke and Laura and the kidnapping. Bobbie asks Valerie if she did something with Dante. She sticks to the story she and Dante are telling everyone.
Bobbie goes to the old house and sees Luke. He tells her that he is leaving Port Charles. He tells her that his father, sister and mother visited him. Bobbie wants him to stay with his family. Luke wants to leave and Bobbie cries because she doesn’t want him to go. They talk about their pasts with Laura and Scott. They talk about how they had each other’s backs as kids. They tell each other how much they love one another and promise to see each again.
Laura meets Scott at the Metro Court. They talk about Frank and Jennifer Smith. They also discuss their past together. They talk about how Scott has been in her life for so long.  She tells him that she overheard something and she doesn’t know what to do.  Scott tells her that she can talk to him. Just then, Bobbie comes in and tells her that she and Luke were at the house. She tells Laura that Luke is leaving town.
After Bobbie leaves, Luke looks at himself as a child. He tells himself that he’s sorry. His kid self tells him that their life is not over.  They put the bat down and walk out the door. One last look and Luke walks away from all the pain and memories at Elm Street.
This week was a real tear jerker, family back stabbing and an end of an era for Luke and Port Charles.  For all of us that have watched GH for decades, we can feel the sadness of losing Luke. He became a member of our family. I know I will personally miss all his adventures, both good and bad.

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