General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 07/17/15: Which Secret Will Be Exposed First…And How?

Image-1Cliffhanger:  Is Julian still in the mob and did he ordered a hit on Sonny’s man?  What will Franco do since he knows Denise lied to him about Julian and Alexis?  How will Morgan and Denise keep their attraction to each other a secret from Kiki?

Weekly Recap:

Last Friday, Lucky was ringing Elizabeth’s doorbell.  She answers and hugs Lucky.  He tells her that he was kidnapped and Luke, Laura, and Lulu saved him. She wanted Aiden to see his dad.  Elizabeth tells him that their son, Jake’s kidney saved Jossleyn. Lucky tells her that Jake did not save Josselyn. He then tells Elizabeth that Jake is alive. He explained the specifics to her. He retrieves Jake from Luke. Luke tells Jake that Elizabeth is her mom. Luke asks Jake to look after Elizabeth. He says he will. Elizabeth asks Jake if she can hug him. She then hugs him and tells her that she missed him. Will Elizabeth be able to have both Jason and their son and be the family she always wanted with them?

Luke goes to see Tracy. Monica sees him first and yells for Alice. Luke sees Dillon and tells him that Jake is really alive. Luke goes upstairs to Tracy’s room and barges in. He finds Tracy and Paul Hornsby in bed. She tells Luke that she’s moved on since he had moved on. Luke asks Paul to leave. Tracy has Paul leave and Luke fills her in briefly about the real reason he had to lie to her. Tracy listens and tells Luke to leave. What is next for Luke and Tracy?

Dillon sees his dad and hugs him. Paul tells him about his failed marriage and he and that Tracy were in bed together. Dillon tells his father that he is not happy that he is sleeping with his mother. They talk about their failed father/son relationship.  Will they be able to be family?

Jake went to Quartermaine mansion to see Michael. He ended up speaking with Monica instead. She told Jake/Jason that Jason was not her bilolical son, but she loved him as though he was. He looked at a picture of AJ and Jason together.  He leaft the mansion. He goes to see Elizabeth and she introduces him to her son Jake. He had a memory flashback but does not tell her. Will the memory flashbacks continue for Jake/Jason, and what will they mean for his potential discovery of his true identity?

Lulu and Dante talk about Valerie and the kiss two shares. Lulu tells Dante that Carly told her about the kiss. He asks if she can forgive him for kissing Valerie. Lulu says that her lies pushed Dante and Valerie together. Later, she finds Dante and Valerie on the phone. She reacts by saying she wants Dante to quit his job, at first. Then she realizes that she really wants Valerie to leave Port Charles, so she could forget they had ever met. Then, Dillon sends a text to Lulu and it sets Dante off on a tirade. She shows him Dillon’s text and he realizes he is wrong, that it was nothing inappropriate. They agree to work on their relationship together.  Will Lulu find out that Dante cheated?

Sonny and Carly discuss Dante and Lulu’s relationship. Carly thinks back to the night little Jake died and she went to see Jason about donating his organs to help Josselyn. Sonny said he knew Jason would do anything to help Carly.  Sonny then tells Carly that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Carly questions Sonny if there could be trouble since he’s reestablishing himself as head of his crime organization. He tells her yes, and that he will keep his family safe. Carly finds a ring when they are eating croissants for breakfast.  They talk and agree to marry for the 5th time. They start wedding plans and realize that Carly will soon become Avery’s mother. Will they make it a 5th time down the aisle, with all the complications before them?

Dante calls Valerie and tells her that Lulu knows about their kiss only.  Valerie tells Jordan that her thing with Dante is over.  They discuss office situations between empolyees and why they do not work out. Will Valerie fight for Dante?

Patrick tells Sam that Hayden may soon come out of her coma. Sam states that Hayden will be able to tell them who Jake really is.  Will Hayden wake up and remember that Jake is really Jason?

Nicholas puts Hayden’s drivers license back in the safe.  Laura comes to see him. He tries to congratulate her on her relationship with Luke.  She tells him the truth about the  kidnapping, etc.  She tells him that his nephew, Jake, is now home. She also states that it is a shame that Jason is not here to reunite with his son.  While  speaking with Laura and Nikolas are speaking, Lucky comes to see Nikolas.  Nicholas tells Lucky and Laura that he never knew that his grand  mother was keeping little Jake on Cassadine Island.  He tells Lucky that Jason is alive. They also talked about Lucky not worrying about his sons with Jake/Jason being with Elizabeth.  He also sees Jake/Jason putting little Jake to bed as a family.  He hears little Jake say “Thanks, Mom” when she hands him a motorcycle.  Will Lucky allow Jason to be with his son or will he tell Jason the truth himself so he can be Jake’s father again?

Michael finds Kiki on his doorstep.  She needs to ask Michael for a favor after she expresses her sympathy for losing ELQ.  She tells him that she agrees with his decision to return Avery to Sonny. She asks him to convince Sonny to allow Denise to see Avery. They also talk about Nina being the prime suspect in avery’s kidnapping.  Michael makes a call to Sonny. He talks with Sonny, who denies any visits from Denise. He finds out Sonny and Carly are getting married again.

Michael goes to see Sabrina who tells him she is going to help him get the free clinic in AJ’s name, this time for real.

Morgan sees Silas and thanks him for keeping his sister, Jossleyn healthy and wishes he could repay him. Silas tells him to keep his hands off of Denise. They talk and Silas tells him he won’t tell Kiki but warned him: he said he would tell Kiki if Morgan even brushes Denise‘s hands.

Morgan goes to see Denise and questions why she told Silas about their encounters.  She lies and tells him that Silas made unwanted advances to her. As a result, they end up kissing and admit they are drawn to each other.  They end up making love while Kiki is outside Julian’s apartment door. Franco meets up with Kiki while she is knocking on Julian’s door. They talk and he agrees to give Denise the bad news that Sonny denied her visitation since he has to see her about another issue.  Denise tells him that Julian and Alexis were in her room having sex. Franco sees Julian kissing Alexis outside in the hallway in the hotel and knows that Denise lied to him. Will Franco hold a grudge against Ava/Denise for using him?

Kiki and Silas talk about Denise.  They also talk about Morgan thanking him for having helped his sister. While they are talking, Nina barges into Silas’ office. Kiki leaves and Nina tells him about the crying baby and how she is losing her mind.  Their visit is cut short due to a patient of Silas’. Silas is going to help her. Will Silas be able to keep Nina out of Shadybrook?

Rick is reading the paper and a baby is crying.  Nina comes out of the bedroom and  looks for the baby.  Nina is upset about the crying baby sound she is hearing especially because Ric doesn’t hear it.  She tells him that she is concerned about Madeline‘s unexplained appearance in town.  Rick calls Madeline with an update.  He brings a pink blanket with AJQ monogrammed on it into the room. He tells her he found it in her dresser.  He assures her he will get to the bottom of this issue. Nina and Rick agree to keep all of this between them.  Rick continues to torture Nina with the crying baby tape when she sees her husband and mother together in her room. Madeline and Rick continue to conspire behind Nina‘s back.  Will they succeed to get control of Nina’s money?

Denise is at the Jerome apartment reading the newspaper.  She sees red ‘X’s on Julian, Ava, Carlos and Duke’s pictures.  Julian tells her that is his way of keeping his promise to Alexis to get out of the mob. They talk about Sonny denying her to see Avery. Julian offers to talk to Alexis but Denise says no because she has another plan.  Franco knocks on the door. Franco tells Julian that he and Denise were dating. Julian is not happy to see Franco and tells Denise that he is a serial killer. Denise defends him and they start kissing. Julian leaves the room.  Franco listens to Denise telling him to get the recording that Scott has of her confession. She tells him that she will help him get Nina back if he helps her. Franco goes to see Scott.  Scott asks if he’s in trouble and offers him
some money.  He is unable to get the recordings away from Scott at that time.  Will Franco be able to get the recordings from Scott so he can save Nina from Rick and Madeline?

Julian is to meet with Alexis in a hotel room. He apologizes for being late. They do some role playing and eventually even up in bed making love. Julian sees a newscast about Sonny and his territory.  What happens next?

Jordan and Scott are talking about Sonny. She tells Scott that TJ is now living with Sonny and she needs to put Sonny  behind bars. Scott tells her how Sonny ruined his daughter’s life and that he has proof that Sonny is a killer. He tells Jordan that he has Ava and Sonny’s confessions recorded. Scott tells her that she has his full support to send Sonny away and they agree to work together.  Will they be able to bring Sonny down?


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