General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 07/10/15: Dante and Lulu Go From “Blah” to “What?!?”

Image-1Cliffhanger:  How will Elizabeth react when she sees her “deceased son” after 5 years?  Will Lulu forgive Dante for kissing Valerie?  Will there be something that results from Dante and Valerie’s night of passion?  How will Tracy react when she finds out that Luke and Laura are not together and Luke loves her?

The Classic Luke and Laura Adventure drama from last week continues with shots being fired. Who fired them and who got shot?  Lucky saves the day by shooting Frank Smith and his henchmen. Frank is still alive barely and tries to shoot.  Luke shoots him, and before he dies, he tells Luke that Lucky was in on the kidnapping. Lucky tells Luke and Laura that his and Elizabeth’s son, Jake is alive. Luke and Laura go to Cassadine Island to search for Jake. First, Luke requests to see Helena alone. He takes a gun in case he needs to help her talk.  Helena tells Luke that she is so proud of Nikolas even though he exiled her. Luke sees Jake when the door opens and Jake enters with a remote car.  Lucky talks with Luke about how he is proud to be his son. Luke tells Lucky about his love for Laura and his son. Luke also tells Lucky that he killed his parents and how it changed him. Luke, Laura and Lucky take Jake home to see his family after 5 years. Lucky rings Elizabeth’s doorbell and she answers.

Denise/Eva tells Franco that she is really Ava.  He doubts her until she tells him things that only Ava knows.

Lesley calls Dante on July 4th and asks to speak with Lulu. Dante loses his cool and kisses Valerie since he “knows” Lulu slept with Dillon. Valerie and Dante make love. They wake up and decide they are not sorry it happened.  Valerie tells Dante that she cares about him.

Sam and Jake/Jason continue to keep the secret of their working together to unseat Nikolas at ELQ. They both regret not being able to tell Patrick and Elizabeth. Sam tells Jake about a happy time she and Jason spent together. Jake worries about Elizabeth and Nicholas’ friendship. They go to Windemere to snoop to see if they can find anything that will help them. Valerie finds them there and they question here about Nicholas and Hayden.  She tells them that Hayden lived there for a while. They are able to cover the fact they were in Nicholas’s safe and found an expensive necklace and Hayden’s driver’s license. Sam is going to try to find out how close Nicholas and Hayden were.

Silas and Nina meet at the fireworks and talk about both Ava and Denise.  They meet up with Sam and DannySilas has a hard time seeing Sam with Patrick.

Brad tells  Felix that he is hiding something from Lucas.  What is he hiding?  A family secret, etc?

Nicholas cancels all Michael’s projects at ELQ. Elizabeth goes to see Nicholas about their lying to Jake/Jason. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Hayden’s condition may be changing. Elizabeth worries Hayden will tell people that she and Nikolas know Jake is Jason if she regains consciousness.

Maxie is on the way to see Georgie in Portland. She and Nathan meet Lulu and Dillon at the airport. Lulu tells Maxie the truth about her tripand they plan a reunion when she gets home.

Lulu and Dillon come home. Lulu tells Dante the truth. Dante is hostile at first and does not let Lulu talk. When she tells him the entire story, he feels guilty about his night with Valerie. He takes the dirty sheets off the bed when Lulu goes to shower. Lulu finds broken glass from a picture of her and Dante in a dresser drawer.

Tracy and Sabrina talk and Tracy tells her she is flying to Los Angeles to talk with her grand daughter, BrookLynne.  She wants to find out how Nicholas blackmailed her, so she can get ELQ back. Tracy bumps into her ex-husband and Dillon’s father, Paul HornsbyPaul and Tracy talk about their past.  He tells her that he came to Port Charles to see his son. Dillon is trying to reach his mother to tell her that Luke and Laura are not together and Luke still loves her.  Dillon goes to the airport and finds that the flight she booked had already taken off.  He does not know that she was not on that flight.  Tracy returned home with Paul, after hearing Dillon’s voicemail message saying he has something important to tell her. While Tracy and Paul wait for Dillon, they talk about their past lives separate and together.  Meanwhile, Dillon meets TJ at Kellys.  Sonny comes over to talk to Dillon. Dillon tells Sonny the truth after Sonny berates him for sleeping with Lulu. Sonny tells Dillon to go see Dante and talk with him. which Dillon does.  Dillon also sees Monica and tells her about Lucky’s kidnapping.

TJ talks with Sonny about their living situation.  He said he felt that he should move out, because he does not want to interfere with Sonny, Carly, and Avery’s family bonding.  Sonny tells him that this is his home as long as he needs it.  Sonny also encourages him to make up with his Mom.

Alexis meets TJ at General Hospital and tells him that she is not happy Molly is going away to college.  She explains that they are best friends.  TJ tells her that he and his Mom are estranged.  Alexis warns TJ about the dangers of life with Sonny.

Valerie takes some police files into Jordan’s office.  While she is there, Jordan asks her to send Dante in to see her.  Valerie tells her that Dante is handling a personal matter before he comes to work today. Jordan questions Valerie about her relationship with Dante. Valerie tells her that Lulu was having an affair. She admits that she and Dante had slept together.  Jordan warns her about getting involved with a married man. She also makes clear she does not approve of co-workers dating. Jordan tells Valerie about TJ living with Sonny.

Jordan tells Valerie she is determined to find something to arrest Sonny for, thereby liberating TJ from his influence.

Carly comes to General Hospital to see Silas about Josselyn’s latest cancer screening tests. She finds Elizabeth to talk about and tells her how she is nervous to get Josselyn’s test results and how grateful she is that little Jake donated a kidney to Jocelyn. She asked Elizabeth to go with her to see Silas. They received good news and bonded due to their children.

Dante seeks Valerie at work to talk to her about the what Lulu was really doing in Vancouver and his night with Valerie. He tells her the truth about Canada. Valerie thinks that Lulu is lying. She wants to have a relationship with Dante. Dante asks her to keep their night of passion to herself. He wants his marriage to Lulu to work. Valerie is questioning if she will have anything lasting with Dante. Will there be an unplanned pregnancy? Carly brings Rocco back to Lulu and tells her she was wrong to lie to Dante about what she left town for. When Lulu tells her the truth, Carly tells Lulu that Sonny told her that Dante kissed Valerie. Dante comes in the door just then. What will happen now with this couple? Will a kiss come between them?

Elizabeth returns home from work tired. She asks Jake to spend the night with her. He says he has something to do; but he would come back. A tortured Elizabeth thinks about telling Jake/Jason that he is really Jason. Instead, she tells him she loves him, and he responds by telling her the same thing. She goes on to tell Jake about her son Jake how he saved Josselyn‘s life by donating his kidney before he died.

Sam and Nicholas talk about ELQ and why Jake Doe was at Windemere with her.  Sam questions Nicholas about Hayden. He denies knowing about Rik’s and Hayden’s plot to scam Jake.  Sam is concerned about Hayden and Jake.  Will Nicholas’ involvement with Hayden come out, or will Hayden wake up and tell Jake that he is really Jason? It looks like Jason will find out who he is and the fact he has two sons.

What exciting story lines are in store for all of us Port Charles fans?  I really think that there is a major Lulu/Dante/Valerie story coming up soon. The little Jake story was something that I did not see coming. What about my fellow fans–did you see foresee this story? Stay tuned for all the hidden agendas, forbidden romances, and happ endings. We can travel through the dark alleys and one-way streets to find the next back stabbing, nail biting and foot stomping events in the way only General Hospital can tell them.

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