General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 07/03/15: Independence Day Fireworks In Port Charles!

gh cf 07 03 15Will Luke and Laura survive the wrath of Frank Smith?  Who is shot when the gun goes off—Luke, Laura, or someone else? Will Dante and Valerie “console” each other over the holiday, as they both miss their loved ones? Will Denise tell Franco that she is really Ava?

Cliffhanger of the week:

Luke and Laura are surprised by Holly’s visit. Both of Luke’s sons have been taken by an unknown captor. As the week goes on, Ethan is found standing on a land mine with his foot. Luke is able to disarm the bomb, and then out of nowhere, Frank Smith appears. He is still alive after “being killed” 20+ years ago. He is confined to a wheelchair since Luke shot him and he wants revenge. Will Frank get his revenge by killing both Luke and Laura? Will Lulu and Dillion try to save them and get caught in the crossfire?

Dante went to British Columbia to see Lulu. The maid let him into her and Dillion’s room. He saw an unmade bed which looked like there was something romantic between Lulu and Dillion. He had no way of knowing that Dillion gave Lulu the bed and he slept on the floor. Dante goes home and wants to get back at Lulu. Will he succeed in seducing Valerie and then later regret it? Valerie stopped Dante from kissing her prior to going to Canada. Will she be strong enough to fight the growing attraction between them?

Michael and Sabrina are now a couple and took their relationship to the next level. Sabrina encouraged Michael to give Avery back to Sonny. He has not forgiven Sonny yet. But, hopefully in time, they will be a family again. He has forgiven Carly for her part in the cover-up of AJ‘s death.

Denise went to see Sonny so she can see Avery. Sonny threw her out and denied her any visits. Denise is heartbroken. What will she do next?

Morgan is trying to keep his distance from Denise/Ava. Will he be able to resist Denise’s charm? Kiki talked to Franco about dating Denise. He told her they are not a real couple. Will Kiki finally realize that Denise/Ava is really her Mom? Will Kiki be hurt again by her mother’s selfish decisions?

Spencer wants his dad, Nickolas, to give ELQ back to the Quartermaines. He says that his dad should not be doing that to other people. Spencer has changed his outlook since he had the visit (a vision) from his mother when he was burned. He found out that his mother was not rich. He does not think ELQ should be taken away from the Quartermaines. Nickolas changes the conversation and takes Spencer to the fireworks in the park. Will Nikolas have a change of heart, or will he continue to run ELQ on his own?

Jake/Jason is asked by Nikolas at Kelly’s to work at ELQ for a high salary. Jake/Jason threw the envelope back at him and said he won’t work for someone like him. Jake/Jason goes to see Michael and they are make a deal to continue to try to find something to bring Nickolas to his knees and return ELQ. Will Jake/Jason find out that he is Jason as a result of spending time with Michael and fighting for the Quartermaines?

Elizabeth is afraid that Jake/Jason will find out the truth about his past. She fears she will lose him again. Nikolas vows to help her. Will Jake’s secret life remain hidden, or will Jason emerge to save ELQ for the Quartermaines? Will Jason become a member of their family once again?

Will there be a next step for Dante and Valerie? Will they continue to remain only friends since they both love Lulu? Will there be a mob war because of the return of Frank Smith and his attempts to eliminate Luke and Laura? Because Luke and Sonny are friends, will Sonny protect him and his family? Stay tuned next week for all the nail-biting, backstabbing and dysfunctional-family drama of Port Charles.

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 By Susan Illo-Adamou

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