General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 06/26/15: Port Charles: Hot! Hot! Hot! British Columbia: Erectile Dysfunction

GH Cf 06 12 15Will Nina find her mother in her bedroom with Ric? Will Dante kiss and tell with Valerie after Lulu goes to Canada with Dillion? What is the next chapter in finding Lucky?

Will there be more happy times like this on the way? Can Michael, Sonny, Morgan and Carly be a family again? Will Michael give Avery back to Sonny?

Cliffhanger of the week:

Luke and Laura met with Jennifer Smith. Her father was a former nemesis of Luke’s 35 years ago. She wanted one night with Luke in order to free Lucky. Luke agreed. He passed out after drinking too much to blot out what he was planning on doing. Jennifer told Luke and Laura that she really did not know where Lucky was. She was contacted by someone else that she does not know? So, who has Lucky? Holly, Helena, Jerry Jacks, or someone from the deep beyond?

Nikolas took over ELQ with Lucy’s help. He is now blackmailing Rosalie into recanting the story she told the police. If not, her secret will be told. What deep, dark secret is she harboring?

Lulu and Dillion travel to British Columbia to help Luke and Laura. Dante suspects they are having an affair after Valerie told him what she overheard. Dante and Valerie seem to be getting closer? Will sparks fly?

Patrick, Sam, Elizabeth and Jake meet for dinner. There were several tense moments for Elizabeth, who worried that Sam and Jake interacting would lead Jake to realize who is. They all seemed to have a good time and friendships appear to be forming among the four of them.

Michael is distraught after losing ELQ to Nikolas. He talks with Sabrina who encourages him to give Avery back to Sonny to heal the rift in the Corinthos family. Will he do it?

TJ moves in with Sonny after they talk about his living conditions and school costs. Sonny offers to pay for school and asks TJ to stay with him until school starts. Jordan is livid that Sonny is helping her son.

Nina and Franco face off again. Franco tries to make her jealous by saying he is seeing Denise. Denise is only too happy to oblige faking that they are on a date, because she is trying to stay away from Morgan.

Morgan is told by his dad to stay away from Denise. He keeps having flashbacks about the incident in Michael’s office. Will he be able to resist Denise’s charms?

Stay tuned for next week. It looks like we are in for many surprises in British Columbia and Port Charles. Don’t miss all the action in and out of the bedroom!

Ssan gh cfBy Susan Illo-Adamou,

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