General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 06/19/15: Who Kidnapped Lucky?

LukeLauraLuckyCliffhanger for the week:  Who is waiting at the door of the old Triple L Diner in British Columbia?  It is a woman’s voice.  Could it be Holly, Helena, or someone else who wants Luke and Laura to beg for their son’s release? Will Rosalie give Nicholas up to save herself?

Luke and Laura leave Port Charles for their old diner in British Columbia. They reminescine about their past and look at a picture of themselves with Lucky when he was a boy. Luke tells Dillion and Lulu the real story about why he broke off his engagement with Tracy. They agree not to tell anyone else to protect Lucky’s life. Luke tells Tracy that he still loves her after she returns her engagement ring to him.

Tracy is trying to put her failed relationship with Luke behind her. She tells Sabrina about Dillion and Lulu’s past when Sabrina tells her how much her son loves her. Tracy talks with Sam, Michael, Sabrina, and Jake about Rosalie and whomever is trying to take over ELQ.

Dillion tells Tracy that Luke and Laura are engaged instead of the truth about Lucky. Luke, Laura, and Lulu encourage him not to tell her the truth to ensure Lucky’s safety. He says he is only doing it for Lulu’s sake. He is having a difficult time keeping the secret from Tracy. Nicholas offers to finance some films for Dillion in exchange for only one half (1/2) perceny of ELQ stock. Dillion considers the offer; but refuses because of his mother.

Lulu hates lying to her husband. She feels she should be able to tell Dante everything, because he would do the same for her. She has a bad dream in which Dillion tells her that Lucky is dead because she told Dante.  She and Dillion talk about their past. Lulu remembers a time when she found Rosalie at Windemere with Nicholas and wonders if her brother is trying to take ELQ from Michael.

A news reporter accuses Dante of being racist for arresting TJ at Wyndham’s. Valerie comes to his rescue, and they are the on the cover of the newspaper, which Lulu and Maxie are not happy about it. Dante tries to discourage Valerie from resigning in order to protect Lulu.

Sabrina hires Sam to spy on Rosalie. She feels Rosalie is the mole within ELQ and wants to keep ELQ in Michael’s hands. Sabrina meets Denise when she shows up on the Quartermaine doorstep to see Avery. Denise resents the fact that Sabrina is Avery’s nanny and that she can’t see Avery without permission. Sabrina eventually tells Michael about her doubts about Rosalie and that she is involved with another “boss”.

Michael tells Rosalie that her office phone has been bugged. Michael tells her that she is not to use the phone for sensitive ELQ business. She is to use her cell phone to prevent ELQ information getting in to the wrong hands. Michael confronts Sam at the Quartermaine mansion about why she is spying on Sam and who she is working for. He is surprised that it is Sabrina who hired Sam. He feels they need to find out who Rosalie is working for against him.

Jake tells Michael that Sam is the spy. Michael is upset, as she and Danny are part of the family. Michael and Jake confront Sam, and she tells them her theory on Rosalie.

Nicholas tells Rosalie to keep an eye on Jake because he he is head of security at ELQ. He is not happy about not gaining Dillon’s ½ percent, which could give him over 50% of ELQ stock, enabling him to to take over control from Michael. He tells Dillon that he understands his reason for not selling, but he is not happy about it. Nicholas wants to know who tapped Rosalie’s phone. He talks with Elizabeth and she tells him that Sam planted the bug.

Elizabeth talks with Patrick about how he knew Jake was working for ELQ. He says Sam told him. They also talk about a double date (Patrick and Sam, and Elizabeth and Jake) and both realize that neither of them wants to do it.

Sam is trying to get the scoop on Rosalie. She listens in on a conversation with Rosalie and a man whose voice sounds familiar. She tries to concentrate and figure out whose voice it is. Will she recognize Nicholas’ voice?

Carly and Sonny tell Morgan to stay away from Denise. He apologizes to his parents about drugging Michael. Morgan tells Sonny that he kissed Denise. He is trying to get Denise and the kiss out of his mind.

Denise goes to see Avery, and Sabrina refuses to allow her access to the baby without an appointment. She goes to ELQ and interrupts Michael’s call with Jake. Michael tells her she needs to call first and not just show up unannounced. She cries on Morgan’s shoulder and one thing leads to another and they start kissing. They decide to not tell Kiki about their kisses. Rosalie catches them in a compromising position and they beg her not to tell Kiki. She keeps it to herself, for now.

Kiki is concerned that Morgan is having some difficulty dealing with Denise since she looks so much like Ava. She talks with Silas about it over lunch in his office. Silas warns her about Morgan.

Denise and Silas kiss, and they talk about their past. They both try to not admit the feelings they had and still have for each other.

TJ is free. All the charges have been dropped. The victim (store guard) decided not to press charges. Did Sonny have anything to do with it?  Jordan asks Sonny, and he denies any involvement.

Keep watching all your friends and family in Port Charles next week to see who has kidnapped Lucky. Set your DVRs and do not miss all the dirty deals, schemes, secrets, kisses, etc at General Hospital. I just love all the drama! My life is so boring next to their lives.

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