General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 06/12/15: Laura Spencer Returns, Rosalie Gets Closer to Being Exposed,

Dear Readers: Please welcome our newest Cliffhanger Friday writer, Susan Illo-Adamou. She has been watching all four soaps currently on the air for many years. She will  be writing weekly recaps focusing on Friday’s cliffhanger for General Hospital. We know you will enjoy her posts.GH Cf 06 12 15

Cliffhanger:  Will Luke tell everyone that he and Laura are not back together as a couple?  Does Laura have a deep, dark secret that she needs Luke’s help with?

Laura barges into Luke and Tracy’s engagement party and asks to speak with Luke in private.  When they return, Luke breaks off the engagement.

Tracy is devastated that Luke chose Laura over her, again.  She is having a hard time dealing with this latest rejection.

Dillion’s return is not just a happy reunion.  What is the real reason he returned to Port Charles?

Lulu is so busy trying to help everyone else that she’s not paying attention to her husband and cousin, who are getting closer.

Dante had to arrest TJ, and he is having difficulty dealing with the guilt.

Valerie is there for Dante. Will sparks fly for them?

Michael is trying to get a hold on the missing shares that Ned gave to Franco.  He hires Jake as his head security man. Will Jake solve the puzzle of the missing shares?

Rosalie is getting worried that Jake is at ELQ.  Will she slip up and expose Nicholas’ plan?

Nicholas is trying to get the additional shares he needs to take over ELQ.  He hires Sloane to do his dirty work.

Sloane works for Nicholas now. Will he be able to get Maya Ward and Brooke Lynn Ashton’s shares of ELQ?

Elizabeth is worried that Jake’s working at his family’s company will spark enough memories in him to make him realize he’s Jason.  Will she be able to remain calm and not blow her future with Jake?

Anna leaves town with Duke’s ashes. Will she return afterward?

Jordan becomes Police Commissioner. She has to arrest her son for assault. Will she resign to prevent a conflict of interest, or let her son go?

TJ tries to buy his girlfriend a gift at Wyndham’s. He his accused of shoplifting and assaults a police officer. Will the charges be dropped or will he go to trial?

Rick is trying to help TJ to get closer to his daughter. He is also back stabbing his wife by colluding with his mother-in-law, who he gets out of prison with his legal eagle skills. Will he get away with procuring Nina’s millions for himself?

Nina sells Franco’s shares to Rosalie. Will the truth about this come out?

Silas meets Ava again as a hairdresser Denise DiMucio. Will he keep up her cover for her?

Ava returns and passes a DNA test to show she isn’t Ava but her long-lost twin sister, Denise DiMucio? Will she be able to be around all of Port Charles and not slip up?

Tune in next week for more exciting and nail-biting episodes in the lives of the citizens of Port Charles!

by Susan Illo-Adamou


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    Janet Wyckoff, Comment through LTAS Facebook.
    Would be cool to see all the spencers riding together to save one of their own. Lulu, Ethan, luke and laura out to save lucky. One last great adventure before luke rides off into the sunset. Of course back in port charles dante and valerie will heat up while lulu is off “pulling a luke” and just taking off on her rescue mission. And in the end, nicholas and tracey should have to ride together to rescue the rescuers who are outnumbered by the bad guys. This way nicholas can prove that even tho his character is sketchy right now, family always comes first, and it will be a real nice nod to tracey who is always gonna be there for luke no matter what. And laura should have to face tracey and thank her for coming through and saving the day.

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    Denise Whitehead Comment through LTAS Facebook.
    It’s good seeing her back but I wounder what her secret is maybe she has a grow child Luke don,t know about mmmmmmmm now that’s a throughout or maybe they are married

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