General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 03/18/16: Old Haunts and New Beginnings

rp_Helena-Cassadine1-696x392-300x169.jpgHello, LTAS readers! I’m Dr. Riley, Human Relations Analyst, and I’m back again with my analysis of the people in Port Charles. Here’s what I observed this week!

Individual Observations:

Alexis Davis had the most occupied week! She was unsettled by Helena’s last gift (the knife Helena killed Alexis’ mother with), as it brought back some unhappy childhood memories. She needs a clear head though, because this week is her case in court with Olivia against the city of P.C. This distracts her from seeing that Kristina is hiding something from her and Sonny. She’s also got her hands full with Julian. She just may not know it yet. Can she handle all of this stress, or will she break down from it all?

Julian is the most mysterious this week. It seems he has more than one reason for trying to sabotage Crimson. He’s working hard to do so, even though it looks like it could become a great success again. He also seems too willing to try to help Ava with her crew as if he never left his underworld life. Has he been in the mob this whole time? Did Alexis make a mistake marrying him?

Nina is the most hopeful this week. Not only has she decided to not give up on having her own child, she also came up with a way to salvage the Crimson printing disaster! She’s turned some big negatives into positives and has really learned to “embrace the suck” as she likes to put it. But how long can her luck keep up? What goes up must come down, right?

Kristina was the most dramatic this week. Not only did Sonny put her on the spot and announce that he knew she got thrown out of school, he also made it clear that he knows she still isn’t being completely honest with him and Alexis. Luckily Molly has her back and is helping her stall while she figures out what she’s going to say to them about her recent feelings for a woman. Is she gay or is she bi, or was Parker a one-time thing? How will her parents really feel? Whatever “this” is, she still isn’t so sure herself. I think she’s making a bigger deal out of this than she needs to, don’t you?

Couple’s Observations:

Jason and Sam have a great chance to start something new and let things grow from where they are now.

Maxie and Nathan may be doomed. Not only is she growing closer to Dillon without realizing it, she also may not be able to handle finding out the real truth about Claudette, or can she?

Lulu and Dante want to start fresh too. Should we hold off on celebrating their rekindled love? Can Lulu and Dante really forgive and forget in order to move on?

Valerie is completely over Dante. She was weary of Curtis at first, but it seems they may actually have a great thing beginning here! They had a good time putting together the botched issue of Crimson for the contest Nina conjured up. They are more compatible than they thought. How long will they last?

Final Rundown For the Week:

Helena cast a shadow on the recipients of her will by leaving them all riddles to grapple with in their minds. Elizabeth has the most disturbing gift of all, the revelation that Jake and Helena have a secret together. Creepy, right?

Dr. Munro is actually Duke Lavery’s son! Anna was very pleased he shared this with her. She let him know Duke would be proud of the man he is. Will they be working together now to bring down Julian and Carlos for Duke’s death?

Sonny and Anna are collaborating. She went to him for help. He now knows Carlos is on the run and promised that if he finds him, he will keep him alive so that he can be used to bring down Julian.

Kiki is awake. She is getting better by the day. It was Morgan’s voice that prompted her to wake up. They definitely need each other more than they know! For how much longer can they be apart?

Stay tuned with Dr. Riley to see what blooms in the spring for the residents of Port Charles!


jessicaBy Jessica Riley

Edited by Akbi Khan


    • Jessica Riley says

      I apologize for the typo! I meant that Alexis will have her* hands full. I definitely think she is in over her head. I can’t wait to see what Julian is really up to! Thank you for reading and for your response.

    • Blog Editor says

      Thanks, Jen, as always! We’re really glad to have Jessica on board here at LTAS. And that you read our website!

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