Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/08/15 Xander to Victor: I Need Your Approval!

True O'Brien, Casey MossNicole arrived at Robert, her senior editor’s office with the weekly recaps.

Robert: Hey, Nicole?

Nicole: Where’s Jan?

Robert” She doesn’t work here. She was just helping out last week.

Nicole: Lunch was fun. Tell her I said hi.

Robert: I will. Speaking of helping out, she asked me to ask you if you would come help us build a cage of some sort.

Nicole” Are you okay with that?

Robert: I guess.

Nicole: Fine. I’ll help you.

Robert: Great. What have you got for me?”

This week in Salem.

Nicole: Xander, while being fed up with Serena, continues to try to get Victor’s approval for anything and everything he does.

Why does Xander seek or need Victors approval so much?

Robert: Isn’t it obvious?

Nicole: No, please tell me. It could help with me get to know him.

Robert: Well, if you remember your former husband, Victor Kirakis’ history, then you know about Justin. Xander came out of nowhere by Victor’s own admission, he shouldn’t exist.

Nicole: Yeah, but victor lies all the time.

Robert: True enough. Continue, please.

Nicole: Caroline and Roman were talking about Sami. Roman showed concern about “Caroline’s possible Alzheimer’s again because she was really talking about Will

Robert: Is the miracle drug they got for Caroline wearing off or is it just impossible to differentiate between Sami and Will?

Nicole: For Caroline‘s, sake I hope its the latter.

Robert: Me too.


Nicole: Clyde found out all he needed to know about Will’s writing for Sonix magazine, and that Stefano and Chad owned said magazine. Will considered going to popular bluff to get more story on Clyde Weston. Clyde is now more than willing to help Will with the article.”

Nicole: Where do you think this is all going?

Robert: Not sure, but it could be building to something big. And before you say anything The Dimeras’ owning Sonix does not effect this newspaper.”

Nicole: Which they only half own of.

Robert: Half being the key word! Continue.

Nicole: Stefano found out enough about what happened to Kristen to blame Marlena,” Nicole said.

Robert: What do you think will happen with Stefano and Marlena?” asked Robert.

Nicole: We all already know, don’t we?” sighed Nicole.

Robert: Maybe it will be different this time…” said Robert.

Nicole: Sure, sure, it’s possible.

Jennifer and Daniel continued to share opinions on the JJ/Eve situation. Jennifer thinks that Eve’s attachment to JJ is unhealthy.

Robert: Nicole, let me ask you: what is the difference between Daniel and Chelsea and Eve and JJ—relationship-wise?”

Nicole: Beats me. I was focused elsewhere when Chelsea was in Salem.

On another relationship front, Justin, Adriane, and Lucas is starting to build and blow up. Will Victor have to get involved?

Robert: Victor may have other problems to worry about. Go on.”

Nicole: Jennifer continues to help JJ hide the truth from Page. How much longer will it work?

Robert:  Let me ask you something about Jennifer, Nicole?

Nicole: Gee, my favorite topic. What? asked Nicole.

Robert:  Do you see ANY difference in Jennifer’s budding into JJ’s life and the way Kate builds into Lucas‘?”

Nicole: Personally, me, no I don’t but then again I’m an obvious relationship expert,

Robert: right? Sorry, go on

Nicole: please, said Nicole.

 Theresa and Brady bought the baby home, and it took all of two minutes for Theresa to begin planning Melanie and Brady’s separation.”

Nicole: Will Theresa succeed in ruining their relationship? asked Nicole.

Robert: Hope not, but I have my doubts. Go on,” said Robert.

Nicole: Cole, per orders from Eve stashed something in JJ’s room then called the police. Roman showed up and began to ask questions.

Robert: Without a warrant, I bet. Lousy salem cops,” muttered Robert

Nicole: Anyway. What exactly is Eve trying to do here?

Robert: I can only speculate. What else? asked Robert.

Nicole: I told Daniel to get lost,” replied Nicole.

Robert: YOU DID?

Nicole: Yes.

Robert: I’m so proud of you. we need to celebrate!” said Robert.

Nicole: Will this bring Daniel and Jennifer into another relationship?

Robert: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Nicole: ROBERT!” yelled Nicole.

Robert: Sorry hearing about those two as a couple makes me sleepy.

Nicole: Me too. Anyway that’s about it.

Robert: Great. Print and lunch. Lets go. So where exactly do I purchase what I need to construct a cage anyway?

Nicole: How would I know?

stefano and robert 9 14 07Time to turn the hourglass.

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