Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: Hope’s Ghosts

13435877_10206043543077983_1956939966_nHope’s Ghosts Nicole enters Rob’s office but doesnt enter right away because yet again he is screaming into the phone “What do you mean you wont or i cant do anything about Kate,she messed with the wrong friend” “no you listen to me Andre,you return to salem and what have you done ? Hypnotized Chad to try and get belle to lead you to the money sami stole LAME,take the blame for the re writing needed to bring back Peter Reckell DOUBLE LAME, received karma for being framed for a murder you didnt do and then what ?? you have done nothing but sit around in a jail cell your Useless ! and your telling me to stand down because you have plans for kate ? what kind of plans.. you know besides keeping her in the family sex tree warning you Andre you my brother and i love you but if you are involved in anything that gets nicole hurt…we’ll finish this later…”rob hung up the phone when he saw Nicole’s reflection on a glass bookcase “sorry nicole i didnt hear you come in” of course not with you screaming your bloody head off” “sorry,I was Yelling at Andre he wants me to leave kate alone for ect ect ” “i want you to leave her alone too,remember your promise to me” “fine, so what happened this week ? This week in Salem Damos and Summer offered up different reasons as to why Summer was still in salem they ended up in bed could you see them as a couple better summer than you then summer told brady she fallen in love with him theresa is going to kick her ass what will theresa do when she finds out Damos proposed to me please tell me you didnt say yes i said no THANK GOD not because i didnt love him but because of the way he did it sigh he said that i would have grown tired of daniel that would be the other way around whats that suppose to me Daniels love for you was conditional he changed you for the better sure but if you didnt jump to his tune sooner or later he’d be off sniffing jennifers butt in a heartbeat ” “thats not fair or correct “your right im sorry andre phone call residue better be, anyway someone im sure it was Kate videotaped our fight in the park and brought it to the police setting me up for his murder thats why i was yelling at Andre Do you think Kate will get away with NOPE Kate is doing all she could to convince roman i killed him dont worry nicole im sure Roman isnt buying it I hired Belle as my lawyer Seriously ? yes whats wrong with that what isnt wrong with that i can get you a OJ like dream team why hire her because she’s got a good reputation and it looks good with the salem PD true enough anyway CSI special Agent Shawn D found some evidence in the crime scene i dont know if its for good or bad yet thats why i started yelling at Andre speaking of the park turns out nobody noticed you switched dresses or they were just being polite about it,speaking of the dress dont worry i had it cleaned thank you then i gave it to your Clone Helena to see how she looked in it SIGH i want .no on second thought keep it cool Miss Hernandez’s not Hope plan for Rafe materialized her name is Bianca will her plan work to have rafe move away from Hope hope so for his sake Justin working to prove his loyalty to damos paid Aiden to help get rid of some evidence of some Kirakis goons he told victor about the damos/nicole murder Victor seemed happy that made maggie unhappy Kate wants aiden to be her lawyer offering him 250,000 wow aidens getting in deep from both ends now but if Kate doesnt sleep with Aiden we’ll know he’s one of the good guys now how will this all play out ? Hope dreamed BO, Stefano,larry welsch and Zack bo wants her to follow her heart Stefano wants her to look after chad larry laughed at her and Zack is very proud of her Speaking of chad and Ciara ..Ciara has a crush how far is all this going to go not far enough for me but it sounds like fun ..Chara NO..Jade and joey had some disagreements at the cult/commune they had some run ins with the police and jades aunt simone but John steve and kayla were able to get joey out of there is this the last we see of aunt simone and co ? Fynn let Kayla go..sort of Steve thanked him for looking out for him how much wont you miss Fynalya fynala LOL doesnt matter its over after i was released i went straight to kate and smacked her a good one NICE we exchanged threats Aiden and Rafe played who cares about hope the most Hope arrived and said she was going to give Aiden another chance,breaking Rafe’s heart is hope sincere is this a game proposed by Ghost Bo to see about aidens level of trust how will Chase fit in to all of this personally aiden doesnt stand a chance because of chase but thats my opinion Kate gave roman Aidens phony documents proving she was missess damos Roman warned that this would turn ugly for her she didnt listen will kate back off this scheme of hers when does kate ever listen never just make sure you listen im with andre on this Stay out of it whatever you say nicole your wish is my command thank you “excuse me” Bart came in and handed Robert a note Robert read it,it said that Damos made it out of the water and after identifying himself as Robert called chloe lane for help and she came to his aide Robert ? Chloe ? damos ? are you thrown or excited about this latest twist ?” robert put the note through a shredded so nicole couldnt read it “do i even want to know” she asked “probably but im not allowed to tell you ?” “fine lets eat im starved” “After you” Time to turn the hourglass



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