Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: He Broke my heart…now i want to break his face !!!

Bob and Blanca were watching Abe conduct the John and Marlena wedding ceremony Blanca was crying happy tears

Really?  Bob smirked

“It’s romantic ” went Blanca sniffing away a tear

The first three were very but after a while they kind of loose the impact and i would know i went to all of them

Roman the second /pawn john and Marlena now THAT was a wedding we .laughed so much still can’t believe they fell for it all


This Week in Salem

Chaos ensued when Chloe revealed Bonnie and Mimi’s lies about Baby Bonnie  Lucas was obviously devastated

Soon he will see that he dodged a major bullet …he will be a father again I’m sure of it

Are you happy with the way this story turned out?

Mimi introduced Rex to his daughter Emily

Sami got belle up to speed on everything Hattie/Marlena  later Belle john and marlena had there all is well moment

whats next for john and marlena ?

Victor hilariously tried to get Susan out of his house it finally worked when he told her were EJ was

Marlena’s doll told Susan that Sami was withholding information about EJ’s location

Can you blame Sami for not telling Susan straight off ?

Yes…and no

Hattie convinced Bonnie to return to prison with her

Is this the last we see of them? Will you miss them ?

After hearing of Rex’s and Mimi’s baby news Sarah broke off their engagement and stated she wanted to break his face she gave him back his ring

What are your impressions of Sara and what about Brady as Rex has that sunk in yet?

Susan ran into will and Paul she told him not to go to the morgue giving away her plan they then told Sami

Sami caught Susan and after Susan’s crazy moment  she threatened Sami with a scalpel cooler heads prevailed i believe they came to a compromise

Will you miss Susan when she is gone ?

will you miss Sami when she is gone  ?

I’ll miss Kristen more but yeah

Stefan wanted to see if Brother EJ was really alive  Chad recruited Ben for a job that job included Letting a serial killer Strangle people

Way to go Chad first Sami now you  SMH it’s like they want Ben to start killing again

Kate went through with her part of Gabi’s plan not seeing that Abigail switched tea cups   Kate went out like a light and Abigail left only to be kidnapped by Chad and Ben

Ben took out the Stefano goon and then Stefan and they whisked Abigail away Abigail is furious with Chad for not believing Gabi instead of her

Abe was brought up to speed on everything Hattie/Marlena

Stefan woke up and blamed everything on Kate

Will this finally change the direction of Stefan’s character?

I hope so

Stefan went to the police for some reason and told them about the kidnapping of his wife they of course did nothing

Were you surprised by that?


Kate told Gabi the bad news .i think Gabi can feel the walls closing in

Many people are looking forward to this are you?

A witness cleared Ben of everything fire related Hope wondered if Tripp could be responsible she contacted him

Is this the end of Son Steve and daughter Bo

Yeah that’s done he’s either going to be with Claire or leave soon i bet

Abigail went into labor

What just like that?


Has it been 9 months?

Don’t think so

Salem LOL

I now pronounce you man and wife

Bob and Blanca celebrated the happy couple

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann



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