Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 9/04/2015: Basic Black for Sale

MarlenaNicole arrived at rob’s office with the recaps.

Bart: Hello, Nicole.

Nicole: Bart, where’s Rob?

Bart: He didn’t come in today. He put in some all-nighters then had to finish moving. He asks that you meet him there, so then you can go see Marlena together.

Nicole: OK. Thank you.

Nicole leaves and heads out.

Nicole: Cant believe he actually did it. He can be so…ARGH!” she said to herself.

Nicole arrives at DiMera Mansion and follows the boxes to a bedroom.

Nicole: What is the matter with you?

She demands when she sees him.

Robert: It’s just for a week or two, Nicole, they are doing some maintenance at my place.

Nicole: Nothing to do with chad being kicked out?

Robert: Who?

*Sigh* Nicole looked around. It was the same room she moved into when she pretended to be pregnant with EJ’s baby.

Robert: Brings back memories, huh?” Rob said.

Nicole: Yes, and most of them bad. You could have asked me.

Robert: And interrupt you and Daniel? Don’t worry about it.

Nicole: Only thing I’m worried about is this house possessing your soul.

This week in Salem…

Ben tries to convince Abigail chad killed Serena, just because he’s a DiMera. Abigail maintains his innocence.

Nicole: Will this back and forth about Chad, Serena, Abigail, and Ben begin to take a toll on Abigail’s health?

Robert: Hope they don’t go there. Could you hand me that? Thanks. Next.

Chad and Stefano argue about being a DiMera and a killer. Chad declares he’s neither.

Robert: Got that right.

Nicole: Stefano offered his help. Will chad take it?

Robert: Hard to tell…

Justin is the new DA and is convinced Chad did it because he is a dimmer

Robert: Kiriakis hypocrites. SMH.

Will Justin make a real impact as the DA? Newly rehired detective Rafe is all up in Chad’s business because he’s a DiMera.

Robert: All this anti-DiMera sentiment is borderline racism.

Nicole: No, it’s not.

Hope is hesitant about Aiden’s proposal.

Robert: Why? They are perfect for each other.

Nicole: Julie.

Robert: Julie! Of course! Next.

Steve demands answers about Bo from Victor, thinking he knows more than he’s letting on. Victor denies everything. Steve doesn’t believe him. Will Steve get the answers he’s looking for? Will Victor tell him what he wants to hear?

Robert: Steve needs to get a grip. Bo abandoned Hope. End of story.

Nicole: It’s never over in Salem. Case in point: Aiden is taking mysterious phone calls about Bo and owing someone money.

What has Aiden gotten himself into, and how long has he been involved in all this?

“Robert: Bo’ is a common name. I’m sure its unrelated

Nicole: Riiiight…

Theresa tried warming up to Brady.

Robert: Our plans are working…

Nicole: Moving on. I talked to Brady about the loan to purchase Basic Black from John.

Robert: Didn’t I give you enough? I can give you more.

Nicole: We’ll see. Thanks, Theresa is also asking Maggie for help in purchasing Basic Black.

Robert: The two of you should pool your resources and become partners.

Nicole: I doubt that would work out.

Robert: I disagree. You and Theresa.

Nicole: Speaking of John Black, do you remember how long it took me to get back the money he stole from me/his stockholders/investors?

Robert: He didn’t steal your money, EJ did.

Nicole: No. EJ got it back for me after a lawsuit.

*Sigh* “John and Marlena shared memories together while looking at an old photo album.”

Robert: Was Stefano in any of those pictures?”

Nicole: I seriously doubt it.

Robert: Why not? If not for him they never would have met.

Nicole: That’s true, I guess.

JJ met the big boss of the drug trade, Clyde Weston. Kyle may have been killed.

Robert: Will Eve and JJ’s hatred of each other get Paige hurt?

Nicole: I seriously hope not.

Caroline is dreaming about Bo. Steve is harassing Aiden. Joey is lashing out at Steve and Kayla, about what, exactly, I’m not sure.”

Robert: Remember when we were young and got out of line. Kids today have it easy.

What will happen with Joey, Steve, and Kayla? Probably nothing until the other SORASs show up.

Nicole: That’s about it. Now lets get you to Marlena.

Robert: AFTER we watch this.

 Rob went into a bag.

Nicole: OMG! I am not…you told me you got rid of those!

Robert: I lied. Besides that’s not it.

Rob held up a DVD.

Nicole: The last resort. Oh, yeah, I remember that movie, it was….

Robert: We’ll just watch your scenes and then go.

Nicole: Fine.

Robert: Popcorn?” Rob leaned over and offered her a bag

Nicole took some, and rob hit the remote.

Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

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