Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/01/16: Stop Hiding Abigail

days-cf-12-01-16-2Rob Nicole and Blanca are still in Paris, Blanca is out shopping “Nicole i have an idea” declared Rob”  Blanca and i already told you no” went Nicole  smiling “not that ,i think the three of us should move here”

“Already said no to that too now’s not the time, besides you’d miss Salem”

“Nope if you and Blanca were with me i could live anywhere”

“well as long as I’m there you’ll never leave Salem so get used to it” Rob got sad Nicole noticed “I know, I know” she patted his shoulder “Trust me 2017 will be better” Nicole changed the subject obviously with us being here i have limited knowledge of what happening back home” Rob smiled and picked up the phone

“Hey Boss I’m ready”

“What do you have for me”
This week in Salem 


“Roman, Kayla and Kimberly, visited Bo’s grave on the anniversary of his death” Rob looked at the date and shook his head”

“Do you miss Bo ?”

“Ciara, Shawn and Rafe all visited Hope in Jail trying to do what they could for her”

“Why hasn’t Rafe married Hope so Hope could have some Conjugal visits?

“The discovery of Jade and joey soon being parents, didn’t stop Joey’s family from putting the hate on Jade”

“Love how nobody is blaming joey for any of this Sigh”

“”What will happen with the baby ?”
Julie started making some pro nick Anti Gaby comments Chad Stepped up and put Julie in her place

Bravo Chad

“Will Julie ever learn to accept the truth about “poor nick”

“Nope denial forever more”
Everyone in the Kirakis household is worried that Theresa less Brady has become a ticking time bomb

“Can you see Brady losing it and how would he when he does”

“JJ wanted to tell everyone that Abigail was alive Jennifer stopped him”

“How much longer will they drag this nonsense out ?”
Hate Adams came to Hope’s rescue in prison; Hope somehow thought she was Marlena at first looks like Hope has a bodyguard”

“Well ladie da for Hope”

“Are you surprised Hope hasn’t been freed yet ?”
days-cf-12-01-16Claire wants to take her relationship with Theo to the next level”

“Girl knows what she wants, is Theo aware of Claire’s real feelings”

“Doubt it”

“Ciara witnessed this conversation and of course got very jealous”

“Theo is so lucky being the only eligible teenager in Salem all the young  women have to fight over him”

“Is Theo/Claire going to go anywhere anytime soon ?”

“Theo’s birthday is coming up Claire asked Ciara for gift advice after some “you don’t know your own boyfriend” mocking from  a jealous Ciara, Ciara pointed Claire towards a baseball card

Claire sought out Paul for advice on how to get it”

“Will Theo inadvertently tear Ciara and Claire’s relationship apart ?”

“With Theo the only teenager in Salem that dateable they are toast”

“Edgardo, heaven knows why is showing interest in Kate”

“Well as long as him and Dario continue down the road they’re on he has a legitimate shot”

“Andre continues to be helpful and incite-full”

“SMH and you wonder why i want to stay here”

Adriane looked like she was going to choose Lucas but passed out and was taken to the hospital

“what’s wrong with Adriane ?”

“Hopefully nothing serious”

days-cf-12-01-16“Laura returned to Jennifer and told her some Abigail info Jennifer upon finding out Laura knew where Abigail was and didn’t tell Jennifer about it did not go over very well”

“LOL that must have been funny”

“How pissed would you be even if it was your mother?”

“i would understand”

“LOL yeah right, who do you think you’re trying to kid here”

“JJ started thinking about another woman while with Gabby”

“Sigh, what the heck is wrong with JJ, what happened ?”

“Gabby again let it go”

“SIGH Poor Gabby prison robbed her of her self-esteem”

“Will we ever find out who JJ cheated on gabby with”


“Don’t even go there”
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By Robert Feldmann

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