Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/22/17: A Close Call Christmas

This Time of year can be extremely difficult for many people if you or someone you know is having a difficult time call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline
!-800-273-8253 they are there 24/7 365 you are not alone
I shouldn’t be here

What do you mean you shouldn’t be here is Church on Christmas Eve

Last time i was in a church a demon tried to destroy it



This week in Salem

JJ was cleared by Internal Affairs Abe declared it a White Wash considering civil options Rafe told Abe that suing JJ was a bad idea

Is Abe racist all of a sudden because that came out of nowhere?

I still say the amulet has infected his mind

Chad played the tape Steve made for Kate


He said the only reason he didn’t go to the police was because of Abe and that she was lucky he wasn’t Stefano

What would Stefano have done to Kate? What do you think Chad will do?

Gabi decided to turn down Eve’s offer and sign with Kate

Andre told Kate not to give up on Chad Gabi’s deal may help calm his anger


Ciara launched a tirade at hope and naturally Hope had somewhere more important to be telling her about Rafe/Sami would have to wait

Of course Sigh oh well maybe before new years

Gabi gave Sonny a doll / present for Ari that he couldn’t find

At the annual Horton ornament hang Ciara and Claire got into fight knocking no serious injuries or property damage

ROTFLMAO that’s hilarious


At the Martin Mansion JJ in wrote goodbye letters to everyone Ghost dad Jack paid him a visit

Was it nice to see jack despite the circumstances surrounding it

Trying to get Will in the Christmas Spirit Arianne gave Will one of her presents saying she didn’t need it because she had him i think it was that doll not sure ?

Didn’t that just make you cry

Lani told Eli that despite loving and supporting her father she refused/couldn’t hate JJ

Gabi arrived at the cabin she saw a letter with her name on it amongst a bunch of others and started to read it naturally she freaked out and did everything she could to dissuade JJ from taking that drastic step

Will asked Paul out Paul said he couldn’t do that to sonny

What do you think about Will and Paul?

I think they make a better couple especially with Stalker Sonny being so insufferable

Eve thought she got some goods on Brady when overhearing a conversation but it was a set up by Brady and victor

Will this lead them to getting what they want?

That depends on Brady he doesn’t know it yet but he wants Eve

More sibling swapping SMH Blanca you made sure you aren’t related to any of my Ex’s right



Lani told Eli that despite being her father’s daughter she couldn’t hate JJ

Gabi got JJ to agree to a therapist smartly not leaving him alone they turned in for the night after they fell asleep Lani caught them in bed


She left without being seen if you were Lani and confronted them later would you believe them ?

Sadly no

Eve and Brady ended up in a mistletoe kiss

HA send out those wedding invitations now

Sonny tried the photo album trick with Will

Photo album SMH how old are they again isn’t there like 1000 pics on Sonny’s phone

Jennifer FINALLY Dropped the You Shot Brady Bomb on Abe and that Brady forgave him

HALLELUJAH Bout bloody time

What will happen with Abe and JJ now and Will Supercop go back to work?

After seeing Gabi and JJ Lani went straight to Eli one kiss and the clothes came off

Are you happy for Elaine? Will Sheila return to ruin things for them ?

I think Sheila is gone for good

That’s about it how about after the service we check out the all the holiday lights

Sounds nice


Time to Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

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