Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/08/17: Motorcycle or Mustang

Marlena John and Bob are waiting in the lobby for Blanca who was running late when suddenly Her Mami and some cops Burst in

BOB !!!

What’s the matter what’s Mami..Where’s baby Stefano


“FINALLY  WE’VE MADE IT ” Went Bob then when everyone looked at him he changed his tune” opps i mean Oh no that’s terrible”


This Week In Salem

Kate apologized to Stefano’s portrait for what she did to Theo, Lucas told Kate what Sami did to Will (Ben strangling)

Did you wish the portrait could have just come alive and just taken Kate away

After scolding him for his drinking Kate invited Lucas into the mansion

shouldn’t Chad Abigail and Andre be upset at Kate’s presumptuous ?

Chad should but he won’t bet if Andre did that he would though SMH

Ciara blamed Claire’s not giving Theo the letter as the reason for him being shot

Naturally SMH

what’s your impression of new Ciara

Hope took Ciara’s motorcycle keys and asked Shawn to hide them

Shawn should tell Claire about the time he smashed Bo’s bike through the church window think it was BO’s  Was it Bo’ or his ?

Good maybe now she’ll stick to the mustang

Would you rather ride the motorcycle or the 65 mustang?

Steve is putting the Tripp/Kate pieces together

What is Steve going to do to her once…

Claire introduced Tripp to her parents

Brady called the police when he couldn’t find Tate and when the cops arrived he accused Eve of kidnapping him

Were you happy Brady remember Tate was alive?

When Eli arrived Brady accused eve of kidnapping the conversation was changed to the planted damos murder evidence Eve suggested that Victor and or Brady out a hit out on Damos

When will we find out who killed damos

I still think it was Abigail

Eve reminded Maggie she was living with monsters Maggie got Tough with Eve acting like the perfect dutiful mafia wife

Did you like Maggie’s attitude?

Victor said that if the police don’t stop their investigating they may need Nicole

Will Victor and Brady have Nicole killed or framed next

Beats me

Belle told will everything nobody else would

Oh no not the truth HA HA

Sami and Rafe exchanged some pillow talk Sami told Rafe to fix things with Hope

Home wreckers got a lot of nerve GO SAMI

Hope poured her heart out to Rafe and wants to set a wedding date

what’s a good date for them

Three decades from NEVER EVER EVER

Sami yelled at Belle for Telling the Truth kicking her out of her apartment


Sami told Eric her version of events

More twisted lies

Sonny told Chad he was dumping Paul to fully commit to Will

Sonny’s turning into a stalker

Chad told belle someone’s sabotaging dimera enterprises again

SMH did it ever occur to Chad that he’s bad at his job and his employees can’t stand him

Seriously nobody messed with Stefano’s business until he was well over 70

Will went to see Paul who dropped the truth on him Will kissed him

Will and Paul instead of will and sonny?

Works for me

Ciara moved back into the soras house apparently somehow her portion of the rent being made was never brought up

Writers and their lack of details Sigh  Ciara dreamed about getting Theo back and smasher one of his and Claire’s photos

SOMEONE should show Ciara the Theo and Claire sex video maybe then she’ll go away


What Marlena she’s over 18 SMH anyway of course Ciara thinks Theo’s  all Claire’s fault for not letter swapping Totally forgetting that She DUMPED THEO TO MAKE A PLAY FOR CHAD

SMH women Theo would have been nuts to take her back so quickly after that anyway

Is Ciara forgetting the Chad thing her arrogance or bad writing because it has yet to come up

Eric let Sami off the hook saying that Will will forgive her

Not going there right now

Will thanked Paul for not sugar coating anything Will got a little rude Paul didn’t want any part of getting in the middle and asked will to leave

Sonny then told Paul it was over

That’s about it

John Marlena you guys should get in the middle of this Will Paul sonny thing


Because it gets you more airtime then we can have Andre do something to mess it all up and john can go after Andre just like the old days

We’ll see what we can do

That’s about it


Blanca our son being kidnapped means we’ve made our first step to Super couple status Marlena help me explain

I’ll call the ISA

Thanks John

Time To turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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