Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/20/15: R.I.P Bo Brady

12272728_10204749241801260_69444801_n12272663_10204749242361274_405738108_nFriday afternoon. Robert is eagerly awaiting Nicole’s showing up. He’s on the phone,

“Im not using your words or repeating what you say to display how someone can still be part of the show even if he’s not on it in person.”

“No, I won’t do that.”

“Because we had an agreement, and we are both sticking to it. Besides, Nicole would kill me!”

“You think she wont care? Are you sure you’re no longer insane?”

Fine! I’ll ask her! It will be worth a good laugh!” Rob sees Nicole coming. Gotta go!” He hangs up. “Nicole! Good to see you! How was your week?

Difficult! Which one was that?”

Andre…he asked for my help in something. I said I’d have to ask you…”


“But you don’t even know what…”

“If you have to ask me, then the answer is, NO! What does he want anyway..?

“After the recaps…”


BO BRADY 1983-2015

Victor tried to kick Theresa out of his house. Brady put his foot down.

Whose house is it really? Will Brady finally grow up and move out with Theresa, or will he convince Victor to let them both stay? SMH.

Andre is holding Sami, trying to get information about what she stole, how much she stole, and how it can be used against Stefano and the DiMeras.

Will Sami succeed in bringing them down? Hope not, but stupider things have happened…

Is EJ helping her from beyond the grave or is she being played?

“EJ is alive. Nicole, I delivered that stuff to Kristen myself!”


Kayla and Steve realize someone is messing with them. When and what will they do when they found out who it is (Ava Vitali) and that Joey is helping her?

Too early to tell.

Lani asked Rafe out on a date. Rafe wants to try and keep things professional.

Can you see them as a couple?

Bo told Rafe he could tell he loved Hope and wants Rafe to be the next Mr. Hope Brady when he’s gone. Rafe was in disbelief and denial, but promised to take care of her.

“How did Bo??? Doesn’t matter…”

Abigail has now been in labor for almost a week. Jennifer is fooled by Ben’s texts. Chad is getting closer to finding them, asking Stefano for help. Ben is going to snap at any moment. Will he let his/the baby die? Will he hurt Abigail? Will Abigail suffer severe health problems? Will the bWill Ben kill again to ease his temper? Hopefully help will get to Abigail before the holiday?

“Sure, right. Asking Dad for help, when up until now he wanted nothing to do with that world…SMH.”

When you say, “dad,” do you mean Chad or you?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Hey, how come they all forgot about Ben’s statement about Chad’s confession? The Aiden-Hope thing…If it freed chad, it would make them want to talk to Ben.”

“Are we in Keystone, or Salem?”

“Funny…anyway, Vhad underwent some more hypnosis administered by Marlena…”

“That does work if you want it to…”

“I know…”

“The SORAS bunch are getting started. Ciara’s still dealing with the mom, dad, Chase, and Aiden fallout.”


“New Theo seems nice.”


“Hope made love to Bo less then 12 hours after making love with Aiden.”

“Wow. Just WOW!”

“Hope was having nightmares about a masked man trying to kill her.”

“But if it was Aiden, why the mask?”

“No idea.”

“And Bo Brady passed away with Hope in the park.”

Rob remained silent until, “I’ll run a tribute in the paper, send his family flowers, and donate some money to the PAL (Police Athletic League) in his name.”

“Thought you didn’t like him.”

“It’s the right thing to do. Personal feelings don’t matter. It’s a sad day for Salem.”

“That’s about it. It was a slow-moving, tough week.”

“Cool. We’ll go to editing, send it to print, and then food.”

“Wait, wait, wait. What does Andre want you to do?”

“Apparently I didn’t know it was Bo, but he said something about coffin switching. He asked for my assistance.”

“LIKE HELL YOU WILL! Wasn’t it you that told me not to switch babies??!?!? I didn’t listen to you, and look what happened to me and my life!”

“You’re right, Nicole. I’m sorry for bringing it up. Let’s eat.”

“If that happens, and I find out you assisted him, I will beat you to a pulp!”

“That was always fun!”

Nicole lets out a small laugh with a big smile.

“How are things with Daniel this week?”


“So do you think Chelsea will make the funeral?”

“Have no idea.”

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