Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/18/16: Theresa Brady Donovan 2013-2016

cf-days-111-18-16-2Shane and kimberly are smuggling Theresa out of Salem they arrive at a private airfield

“Are you Sure you can trust the pilot “Theresa Asked her father

“Positive” he acknowledged

“Hello Theresa” Rob said turning around to greet her


I’m going to miss you Theresa, but come on let’s get going before the bad weather kicks in” after some more hard goodbyes Theresa boarded the plane
This week in Salem


days-cf-11-18-16-1After refusing Kayla’s EMT’s victor let his people in to help Kayla save Theresa

Were there “other” reasons for this?

Theresa told her parents that the plan failed and Brady would never stop loving her

I thought that line you told him about Kristen and the birth thing would break him but Nope

was there another way ?

JJ admitted to gabby that he cheated on her she immediately broke up with him

Will she taking the Habitual  cheater back ?

While Chad was away Andre let Abigail into see Thomas


Is it still too much to believe that Andre has changed

Speaking of former brothers..Theresa do you remember that time you Whacked john over the head with the fire poker?”

“Yes its not something I’m proud of ”

“why not That Was Hilarious LOL”

Edgardo tried to romance Kate, will it work this time?

Only if he goes to the dark side

Speaking of Dark side after overhearing a conversation Blanca told Dario she’s had it will “bad men” and dumped him

“That’s my girl”

Wont Blanca be upset if she finds out things about your past?

“Past being key word i won’t break my promise to Nicole or Blanca

“Where is Nicole?”

I’m meeting her in Paris after i drop you off you should call her before we get there ?

“Your taking me to Paris ?

“Nope i have a private island all ready and waiting for you

Hope got 25 years for Stefano’s murder

25 years that means she’ll be out of jail in time to do some black Friday shopping SMH

Knowing she’s not really going to jail was all this pointless?

“Nah its to reintroduce a character?


“You’ll see”

“How will i be able to?”

“Where you’re staying you’ll be able to watch everyone in Salem 24/7 just don’t go near the villa to the south that plays Opera music ?

“Why not?”

“Stefano may be there ?


“I may have said to much LOL..I’m kidding”

Philip told Chloe that as long as Damos and Nicole are together they can”t trust her with the Daniel Chloe Nicole baby thing?

“I’m surprised you haven’t told her ?”

“who says i haven’t ”

“Who will be the one to spill to Nicole Philip or Chloe ?”

“JJ sought out Chad’s help with Gabby, Chad avoided it as much as he could until Gabby stormed in and let him have it?

Gabby started to blame herself Chad put a stop to that nonsense

“How much longer until they both crack and will we ever find out WHO this mystery woman is?”

“are we sure it wasn’t EVE”

days-cf-11-18-16“Yes I’m Sure” went Theresa before letting out a little laugh she started to cry again, Rob put the plane on auto pilot and gave her a hug after some crying he resumed flying

“hey, it’s going to be okay, Shane will handle this and you’ll be back in no time ”

“But what if it’s too late for me and Brady ?

“It won’t be Theresa trust me it won’t be”

Abigail reunited with her mom and Jennifer agreed to continue to hide Abigail from everyone?”

“shouldn’t Abigail be returned to the hospital ?”

“How long can Jennifer and Abigail keep up this Charade with Supercop JJ under the same roof ?

Joey accused Jade of using the pregnancy to not break up with her

Well she wouldn’t be the first but i think he’s just being a dumb ass

“Is joey  the father ? Where does it go if he is..or isn’t ?

“if he’s not its over so im sure he is”

“Brady tried one last time to stop Theresa he obviously failed”

“Brady was crying in victors arms who also seemed upset?”

Is it still possible victor had a hand in this?”

“No i know Mateo this is all him and him alone when she said alone she started to cry again

“it’s going to be okay Theresa this won’t last forever” started to cry but stopped himself

“Now come on let’s focus on how where going to settle you in once we land”
TimeTo Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann






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