Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/13/15: Together Again for the Last Time

10629618_10204721230500995_7472286391857033951_nRob was in his office waiting for Nicole to arrive. He was feeling hung over, coming off the effects of the drug he accidentally took/was given. He remembered bits and pieces, luckily or maybe not so luckily for him. His employees saved it on their phones and put it on you tube for all to see, when suddenly a small office alarm went off.

“Code Black! Code Black!” was repeated over and over .

“Uhh…not now,” Rob muttered to himself. He entered the hallway. “BART! Will you please have Marco take care of that?!” he yelled .

“Marco’s taking a nap. He’ll be fine,” went John Black.

Oh…Hi, John. Good to see you.”

“Knock it off, ‘DiiMERA MAN.’ I think we should talk.”

“Good grief.”

This week in Salem…

Sami told John and Marlena that she had a lead on EJ’s being alive, the DiMera’s behind what happened to him, and how she was vert close to destroying them. John and Marlena disagreed. Sami wouldn’t listen. Is Sami on to something?

Sami ran into Andre‘s goons. They gagged her and she hasn’t been seen since What happened to Sami?

Ben continues his downward spiral, claiming Chad is evil, that’s why he killed those people, and that he regrets it, especially Will. Ben knows Chad was set free. All the events may have triggered something bad with Abigial’s pregnancy. Will she get rescued before she loses the baby?

Can a serial killer be remorseful? Will Chad be able to convince Rafe to help him find her?

Bo rushed into his house and fought and killed Aiden, saving the poor defenseless 20-year-plus Salem PD veteran detective, Hope. Hope, confused as to what’s going on, has mentally shut down feeling the guilt of moving on from Bo.

Billy and Carly—hello! Doesn’t anyone remember them?

Kayla thinks that Steve’s antics will brings bad things back with him but she is very grateful. Doesn’t sound it, but okay. Does Kayla have a legitimate concern?

Joey thinks he can help Steve fight whatever’s coming. Steve refused. Can you see Joey following JJ into the Salem PD when he’s legally able to?

JOHN, STOP IT!” Nicole yells from the doorway.

We’re just having a conversation, Nicole, me and ‘DiMera Man’ here. Nicole filled john in on the last week.

Please give us a minute,  Nicole said. John went into the hallway while Nicole saw to Rob.

Chad is suspicious that Andre and Stefano had something to do with his freedom/Aiden trying to kill Hope. Will Chad get to Abigail in time? Ben is furious Chad is free. Will he take it out on Abigail?

Father Eduardo officially met daughter Gabby. Can you see Eduardo and Kate as a couple?

Theresa tried to convince Maggie that what she and Brady did was for real. Is she on to something or trying to convince herself?

Victor was furious with Theresa, yelling at her to leave his house. Brady defended her.

Maggie is still concerned that Victor feels to much for Caroline. How will the Kirakis household events play out?

They told Chase about Aiden. Bo welcomed him into his house. At first Ciara was scared of Aiden, aka sins of the father, but for now things may be stable. Will Chase go to extremes over his father’s death?

Bo is having fainting spells. Everyone is obviously concerned. Is there something wrong with him? Bo‘s been through a lot, and he’s not hiding it from anyone. Could his symptoms just be trauma-related?

That’s about it.

Robert: Wait—what about you going all googly-eyed over that new doctor?

Nicole: You know about that, huh?

Robert: Please don’t, Nicole. You’ve come too far. Please don’t screw things up again.

Nicole: I won’t. It was nothing. I promise.

Robert: Good.

Nicole: I’m starved. You?

Robert: Sure. Wanna take John? Answer his questions, get it over with? So he doesn’t have to come back. I’ll be there with you.

Nicole: Sure.

John—call Marlena. We’re going out to dinner.

Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan


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