Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/06/15: Bo Returns to Salem


Nicole needed a break from the Salem anniversary party and went to her office to give Rob the weekly recaps. She was not prepared for what she saw. Rob was standing on top of a desk in the middle of the room wearing a cape, mask, and cowl around his neck. Some people were worried, trying to talk to him, some were going about their business, some were making sure the area was safe, some where laughing!

Nicole: WHATS GOING ON?  she yelled. Bart saw and heard Nicole and came over to her.

Bart: Nicole, hi…We have a little problem here.

Nicole: What’s wrong, Bart?

Bart: You know that experimental drug that Bo got for Caroline..?

Nicole: Oh, no.

Bart: Yup. Somehow Rob sampled it.

Nicole: JEEZ! Okay, I got thi, Bart. But please have 911 at the ready/

Sure thing. Bart rushed off.

Nicole approached Robert. Okay, nothing to see here, back to work everyone,  she said to everyone she passed. By the time she got to where he was on top of the desk, he was right by a window.

Nicole: ROBERT!

Robert: Who’s there?

It’s me—Nicole.

Robert: Robert’s not here. I am DiMERA MAN!

Nicole: Oh, boy…Robert, come down from there and let’s talk.


Come off there, DiMera Man, before you fall out the window.

Robert: I CAN FLY! I can also see through your shirt with my X-ray vision…Hey, I bought you that bra!

Nicole: DOWN HERE, NOW!” Rob stepped off the desk. “I have the recaps.

Robert: No need to tell me, Nicole. DIMERA MAN KNOWS ALL.

This week in Salem…

Nicole: The town all gathered for the November 8th anniversary celebration. Some of us using wigs to reflect the times.

Aiden prepared to kill Hope.

Victor is showing more and more care and concern for Caroline; enough to the point where Maggie might worry about his feelings for her. Should Maggie be worried about Victor/Caroline?

At this point, I’m thinking yes.

Bo and Steve escaped there captors and headed home. Caroline’s visions of Bo became more and more disruptive. Bo called her on the phone, but nobody believed her.

Ben and Abigail went to the Horton cabin. Abigail saw too much. Ben snapped, handcuffed Abigail to the wall, and sent phony texts to Jennifer to keep everyone away.

Is this the end for Abigail? Will she talk Ben down? Will he kill her? Will chad get there in time?

SORAS-ed Ciara offered to steal something for SORAS-ed Aiden, bragging that her cop parents told her how to do it.

Julie, who almost 50 years earlier was caught shoplifting, stopped her.

What does this mean for Ciara? Did she hear Julie’s words.

Punks at the party spiked Joey’s drink. Later on Joey claimed innocence about the drinking. Steve believed him. Kayla didn’t. Will Joey’s actions further strain their relationship?

Robert: Nah. It’s just teen stuff. They will pull through it all.

In jail, Andre told Chad that they came up with a way to clear Chad’s name. Chad assumed the worst and flipped out. He tried to tell a guard, but the guard wouldn’t listen. Was Chad correct to be fearful?

Robert: Nah…Well, maybe.

Theresa finally made some headway with Brady and they made love.


Nicole: Yes, you did. Anyway, from what I gathered it was an in-the-moment thing for Brady and that’s all—meant nothing else.

Robert: Do you think Brady is in love with Theresa? Or was this a “love the one your with” thing because of the occasion?

Nicole: Both. Maybe we’ll see soon.

Sami returned from Switzerland claiming EJ wasn’t dead. What did she find out ? Is she being played by Andre/Stefano?

Robert: Probably.

Nicole: Aiden and Hope got married.

Robert: HURRAH!

Nicole: Don’t celebrate just yet. Aiden went through with his plan to try to murder Hope.

Robert: Aww, thats terrible…but I’m sure she kicked his ass into next week.

Nicole: No, but she saw it was him as she was passing out. Bo barged in and saw Aiden with Hope lying there with his hands around her neck.

Robert: And???”

Nicole: And that’s it until Monday!

Robert: DoMERA MAN knows what happened. DiMERA MAN can see the future!

Nicole: Does Dimera Man know what i want for lunch?

Robert: Yes he does! DiMERA MAN WILL MEET YOU DOWN STAIRS!” Rob shot up.

Nicole: ROBER, DON’T. Nicole was too late, as Robert went out the window.

Nicole rushed to the window, relieved to see Rob slipping down a rope

Hope this drug wears off by the time we get there,  she said leaving the office. Outside she met up with him and they went to lunch.

Time to turn the hourglass…

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

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