Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/04/16: Welcome Home Shane and Kimberly


In Salem square, Robert and Blanca were eating diner. Rob was looking at Blanca with a smile on his face like he was waiting for her to say something.“What? Did I spill something?”


“Then what?”

“Dario, really? Are you jealous?”“YES!”

“GOOD, I thought Nicole would be here by now.”

As on cue, Rob got a text, “she’s with Chloe at the hospital and can’t make it.”

“May we join you?” asked Dario and Edgardo.

“Sure,” went Rob and Blanca. Dario sat next to Blanca.


“My name is Edgardo.” Rob shook his hand.

“Pleased to finally meet you,” went Robert.

“Finally?” went a puzzled Edgardo.
This week in Salem 



Everyone at the Halloween party heard about Hope’s murder confession. Andre called Hope a Hypocrite and demanded her arrest.

Rafe destroyed the tape. Andre said that he had many more copies, longer copies that implicated many others.

“Can there possibly be more twists or is all this finally coming to an end?”

Hope tried to make excuses. Andre would have none of it. Hope asked him how this could be settled.

“How would you like to see it settled?”

Chad got in Hope’s face demanding answers, hopefully remembering. Hope denying it to him months earlier, focusing more on the framing of Andre more than the actual murder.

Ciara also hearing the tape freaked out, she ended up with Theo.

Will what happened to Abe and Hope FINALLY bring them together.

And how much more does Chad need to WAKE UP and see what’s right in front of him?

John and Steve tracked down Orpheus.

Orpheus showed a little heart by not setting off a fire that could have hurt some kids outside his hideout that were playing with fireworks. Unfortunately, that cost him as John and Steve found him and after a struggle, Orpheus lay dead AGAIN.

“Are you going to miss Orpheus?”

Adriane and Jennifer agreed jointly but the Spectator jacks old paper that hasn’t been able to keep up with the times.

Can they save the struggling paper, Justin wasn’t happy spouting Kirakis’ interest and he was able to point out that because she was unaware of a Kirakis’ interest. She wasn’t ready because it’s been in the papers for weeks.

I’m sure they will succeed.
Nicole told Brady it was over with Damos and she regretted the way it ended.

“Could you see them together again if Theresa wasn’t around?”
Maggie tried to talk to Damos about Chloe-Nicole baby situation.

“Will Damos take her advice to heart?”

Matteo returned for Theresa; she feared for Brady and Tate’s safety, Theresa came clean about Matteo to Victor. Victor told Theresa that Matteo was out of his league and he couldn’t help her that she had to leave Salem?

“Do you believe Victor or is Victor lying just to see Theresa gone?”

I believe Victor actually, he’s devolved.
There were some flashbacks between Daniel, Chloe and Nicole. Is it possible that Chloe is carrying Daniel and Nicole’s baby? And if this is the case, what are your thoughts on that?

Theresa to protect Brady and Tate agreed to help take Matteo down.

Ari,Madison,Kristen… Is Theresa’s number finally up?
Hope told Ciara she would face the music.

Will Rafe admit his parts to help Hope? Will Ciara need even more therapy now? Can anyone help Hope avoid her 5 days in jail?

“It’s not jail, she has to worry about Andre afterwards.”
I heard that you two have decided to offer your services to Team Kirakis because you think they are weaker and easier to exploit later?

“How did you hear that?”

Nevermind! Is this a good move for Team Hernandez? Or are they backing the wrong Horse?
Damos followed Nicole to meet Chloe again; she agreed to another test so that he would finally leave her alone.

Chloe again shared her disappointment with Nicole over the whole Damos thing. Nicole insisted it will all work out. She reminded Chloe that Chloe had something to tell Nicole.

What is it? Will she tell and what will happen if she does, and what will happen if she doesn’t?

That’s a cool way to end out a week? Next rounds on me, “Rob asked the waitress to come over.”

Oh guys! You made the right choice… A NEW ERA is rising next year and it is going to be AMAZING.
Time to turn the Hourglass


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