Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/11/16: Rabbit Breakdown

cf-days-11-11-16Rob was in his office wondering if Nicole was going to show up the situations with Chloe and Damos have both limited their time together or cancelled it outright that’s life and he was happy for her he was going to call her when Blanca came in


“Yes” Rob said with a smile

Chad and Gabby are here to see you

Send them in

Chad, BRO, Gabby nice to see you, what can i do for you? Rob motioned them to sit

I would like you to reinvest in Dimera Enterprises “Chad said while sitting down

Rob burst out laughing
This week in Salem 


Kate convinced Chad to let Gabby help entertain and sway potential client investors Brad and Vicky, Vicky made several attempts to come on to chad

Gabby shut it all down by kissing Chad, Vicky convinced brad to make the deal

Will we see more joint ventures between chad and gabby and what did you think of that kiss between them?

JJ told Jennifer he cheated on Gabby but not with who is the woman known to Salem?
Damos found out he’s not the father of Chloe’s baby and asked Nicole for another chance to trust him

Will Nicole give him one?

HOPE NOT went rob

AHEM went Blanca

Nothing to do with us Blanca he said

Chloe tells and promises Philip not to tell Nicole that she is having Daniel and Chloe’s baby

Is this the right thing to do?

YES went Robert

NO IT ISNT went Chad and Gabby together

Why tell Nicole now when so many things can go wrong shouldn’t they wait until Chloe’s in labor or close to it should Nicole be told this early into the pregnancy?

Theresa’s plan of pushing Brady away is underway she is drinking popping pills and acting reckless
Shane and Kimberly have returned to help he, Brady is at a loss and victor telling Brady some people are beyond help didn’t help either

Matteo told her now that he found her he couldn’t let her go again

I smell a rat I think Victor is up to his eyeballs in this Matteo business

is Victor the mastermind of all this ?

Gabby and Blanca could see that Chad was getting nowhere trying to convince Robert to make a deal knowing Rob from what she’s seen and heard from him and  from Nicole and knowing a good deal when she heard one she whispered in Gaby’s ear Gabby laughed and took off with her

“Wonder what that’s about” Chad asked

“Oh i think i know” went Rob Chad’s phone went off he excused himself

cf-days-11-11-16-3Rob alone again almost sort of  regretted  that he heard from Andre that Laura lost Abigail and that she has been seen around town carrying a bunny and was even back at the mansion part of him wanted to but Anyway after getting talking to Laura  about Abigail’s disappearance he agreed to help find her

Chad returned Andre and Steve traded viewpoints on Stefano’s murder

Steve proposed to Kayla she said yes

Are you happy for this couple and how many times is it for them at the alter

I think this will be the third ?

Shane met up with Steve with a plan to help hope

Kate convinced Andre to be more forgiving a deal was reached with hope Rafe, Roman and the other conspirators are off the hook.


Chad nodded  Rob drifted off remembering a time when Villains were allowed to be real Villains instead of what the current climate has turned them into

Sonny asked for Paul’s help on some work he’s doing for Eduardo and Dario

the guys had a game night, Jennifer ruined the MALE buzz by overseeing a party of 20 something’s


How much longer do we have to wait for Paul and sonny to re couple

Hope found out she could face the death penalty

Stupid we all know it won’t happen

Why are we subjected to long dragged out scenarios when we know the outcome months in advance?

Theo continued to be rude to Valerie hearing her lie on the phone didn’t help matters

Valerie turned down Kayla’s job offer saying she has a life to return to

Are Valerie’s days limited and why didn’t Abe ever tell Theo its rude to eardrop
Theresa and JJ met in church and had a heart to heart Theresa told JJ to tell Gaby asap

Will Theresa listen to her own words? Apparently not because when Brady found her in the church and told her that he would never give up she slapped him.

Did you feel the emotion during that scene it was very powerful

cf-day-11-11-16-2JJ told Gabby she was devastated to say the least

Why can’t JJ keep it in his pants ?

Claire tried to get Jade to back off, jade would have none of it

Joey told Steve that he didn’t want to be tied down with a girlfriend

schmuck should have thought about that BEFORE sleeping with her SMH

Jade told Joey she was pregnant

ROTFLMAO That will teach him!!!
Theresa took a dark turn as she popped a pill and started cutting cocaine as the credits rolled

Poor Theresa i wish i could interfere went Rob.
That’s about it for this…Blanca and Gabby returned to the office Gabby was wearing a beautiful Red Dress she smiled at rob

BLANCA THAT’S CHEATING Rob snarked  Blanca laughed  Chad put a big smile on his face

alright Chad we can work something out
Time To Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


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