Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 11-30-18: Kate Mansi returns 

Ben was upstairs in the mansion looking for an available bedroom he tried to open a door Bob opened it

Hello Ben Sorry this is my room take the one down the hall it was Chad and Abigail’s room

MR DIMERA Ben called out Stefan came upstairs Bob shook his head with a smirk

Oh Bob hello Ben why don’t you take that room over there

“Who is this guy” went Ben

He’s been with my family. Sort of longer then we’ve both been alive leave him be

DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF Bob went to Ben closing and locking the door behind him Ben went down the hall to a room and Stefan followed bob downstairs


Kate Mansi reprises her role as Abigail Horton Dimera were you happy to see her back

Eric told Sarah his plans to adopt Holly

Are you okay with this obvious development?

Seeing as how they conveniently made Taylor and Brandon unavailable why not

Tripp and Ciara are officially over Tripp moved out of the apartment

Are Tripp’s days in Salem numbered

Nah i think they will Flip Tripp to be with Claire now

The Soras experiment continues to fail shouldn’t Hope John and Marlena Demand that Claire and Ciara move into a smaller apartment

it’s much too big/expensive  for those two alone  especially if you are going to live here Ben

Claire defused yet another Ben Tripp confrontation Claire said she wouldn’t let Tripp get away

Tripp and Claire becoming a couple?

Very soon i think

Sonny and Will were about to “get together” when Leo returned

What kind of mess with Leo get Sonny and Will into

Not sure could be fun

Hope heard someone coming behind her and took him down it was Ted

Why is Ted back in Salem

He’s afraid of you i offered him a job but your goons found and brought him to an island

I brought him back


Because it’s funny

Ciara tried to get Ben to forget about Tripp framing him

Best he quit while he’s ahead

Does Ben deserve a fresh start?

Stefan you better have the medicine cabinets fully stocked if he’s going to be living around here

It won’t be a problem

Stefan told Kayla he wasn’t (directly)responsible for Steve arresting as a spy and said he would try to make it work

Is Stephan Nichols on his way back to Salem ?

one can only Hope

Kate almost told Roman the Entire truth about her and ted ..but at least she mentioned the blackmail

Is roman so hard up that he is willing to go down this road with kate again


Ted asked Hope for Protection from Stefan he mentioned blackmailing Will and Sonny and that he could help her with Ben

Hope seemed keen on the offer

The entire town is mobilizing against you Stefan this is Awesome

No it isn’t

See Stefan Right there Stefano would be laughing his head off at all of the attention he was getting much to learn so, so much Sigh

Leo demanded Sonny still marry him or the lawsuit is back on

Sigh so much for the fun..Could work

Is Leo working with anyone this time ?

Rafe interrupted a Ben and Ciara kiss Ben suggested a diner date naturally Rafi ratting the kiss out to Hope

Which place should Ben take Ciara Too?

JJ berated Gabi about going to see Abigail

SMH he should talk this is his entire fault

How so

If JJ doesn’t cheat on Gabi with Lani Gabi doesn’t get close to Chad, Gabi doesn’t get close to Chad ,Andre doesn’t steal Gabi chic from her and NONE of this is happening

Kind of a stretch but possible Gabi chic makes money

Anyway Gabi talked her way out of it

Does Gabi feel the noose slowly going around her neck?

I think she’s going to crack soon

Kate blasted Kayla for ratting her out to Stefan Kayla apologized they may be allies against you now

Kayla accursed Gabi of drugging Abigail referring to the drugs she knows Gabi has

Gabi insisted they were for her Abigail induced nightmares

Who will be the one to shatter everything Gabi?

Stefan told Kate Ted was still under wraps

SMH Stefan your people are beyond useless at least Stefano’s goons had entertainment value

that’s because i can’t get Stefano’s people to work for me

Gee i wonder why that is

JJ was shocked when Stefan had no problem letting him see Charlotte

Is it possible Stefan is trying to be good

I hope not

Leo talked his way into a room in Kirakis mansion he told Will and Sonny that Kate was the one behind his sexual harassment suit

Who seemed more shocked Will or Sonny?

Sonny should have been Will should know better now that his memories returned

Will Victor go for Leo living in his house

LOL NO now let’s get to bay view i have a surprise for you

Ben offered Chad a way into bay view to see Abigail

Ben couldn’t get hired by Chad so he came here for one after bragging about his skills and how he made a joke out of one of your goons you fired the goon and took him up on his offer

Just can’t find good goons these days..LOL  Stefan looked at Bob ..i said no

Would you trust Ben in your house ?

For a visit yes to live NO i like my privacy

Chad went to visit Abigail Abigail yelled at him for believing Gabi’s lies

ROTFLMAO LOL OMG that’s too funny

They arrived at bay view Bob got out of the car and gave a bag to an orderly (The Gabi wig) who ran inside with it

Stefan told Ben that his first assignment was to find Ted

All the stories are coming together this is getting really exciting

Gabi lied to Rafe about why she went to see Abigail

Kate again warned Gabi this will all blow up in her face

I hope your there to help Gabi when this is over Stefan

No why would i help her

Who will be the one to expose Gabi

Rafe wanted to know why hope went to smith island

Ted called Ben i think to talk business

How did Ted and Ben get each other’s numbers was Ted Ben’s lawyer i can’t remember?

Sonny asked Chad if he knew about Kate/Leo

LOL i doubt it Chads an idiot he really seems to get dumber everyday

Thanks for the ride Bob

I’ll wait out here i can’t wait to see what happens

Inside Stefan went inside to see Abigail and instead saw Abigail in a Gabi wig Gabigail said No Baby its me

Is Stefan stupid enough to fall for Abigail’s obvious deception …

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


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