Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 11-24-18: Salem Thanksgiving

Bob was in the living room watching TV with a sleeping Baby Stefano and Blanca was in the kitchen doing thanksgiving prep “The doorbell rang Bob turned it off and let John and Marlena in

Happy thanksgiving Bob said letting them in John and Marlena heard pot smashing and other noises coming from the kitchen “what’s going on in there” John asked

“We had another discussion about….. Dividing household duties…she’s not happy with my suggestions”

Bob you didn’t went Marlena

“I did”…Marlena went into the kitchen..”and ill do it again” went :Bob towards Marlena who was shaking her head

“They may be awhile John” Bob moved over a chess board John nodded and moved a piece


This week in Salem


Sheila was late on her first day at work Abe wanted her fired Shelia protested she was sick Eli got in the middle Sheila vomited on Abe’s shoes

Was Abe in the right to fire Sheila

Dam straight she was If you’re sick you Call, or you come in with a Doctor’s note

Jennifer blasted Chad for not letting her in on his committing Abigail decision

Did she Smack him

Don’t think So

Nuts…Should chad have consulted Jennifer ?


Gabi told Abigail she was behind everything that let her to being locked up again flaunting the black wig that she planted

SMH Abigail tried to strangle her but was stopped by Chad who refused to listen to Abigail’s “she set me up look for the wigs”

“can’t believe it worked”

“How much longer until this blows up in Gabi’s face”

I’m thinking before Christmas

Tripp told Ciara HE framed Ben

Were you surprised it was him. Were you surprised he didn’t try to hide it

Guys protecting his girlfriend”

He went about it in the wrong way Bob

This coming from the man who was willing to sleep with Kristen just to show Brady that she was no good

Good point …CHECK

Valerie got a job office in Washington dc she wants to take it and Abe to go with her MAYOR CARVER said no but they may try and make it work

Just like Theo and Ciara right Abe SMH

Will you miss Valerie ?

Hmmm, speaking of Mayor Abe..Why is he still mayor his Reelection was in 2011 and Illinois  has term limits ?

Don’t know never thought about it

Paul said his final goodbye to John he left with a personal trainer named Luke

Sorry about that John Paul’s a great guy

Yeah he is.

Will you miss Paul

Ben was really mad at Tripp for setting him up But Claire told him not to say anything about them working together

Tripp Claire Ben Ciara, Are you happy with these pairings?

People are thrilled for Ben and Ciara not sure about the Tripp and Claire though

Tripp and Ciara argued about Ben again Tripp admitted to setting him up having enough of his wandering girlfriend’s heart he called it quits

Not sure everyone sees it that way Bob ..CHECK

John remember that time Andre pretending to be Tony set you up for his Murder.. MAN O MAN that was Classic LOL

Yup a regular laugh riot


Eli had to defuse another situation with Shelia this time between Julie and that maid job she was offered

What are your thoughts on Sheila?

no comment but it gives me an idea …CHECK

at Victors house Victor was on Fire attacking will over Sonny and Sara over Eric Eric over nicole Brady too i think was thrown in there

LOL victors awesome

Sarah Snapped back at him

Victor reminded her it was HIS house and if she didn’t like it she could leave  Victor then Started Choking on a piece of food Naturally Sarah save him

Maggie intervened and made sure calmer heads prevailed

A MANS HOME IS HIS CASTLE Bob Shouted   quickly ducking to make sure nothing came flying at his head

Will called Sam

i she said EJ was actually making progress

Will Sami return with EJ sometime in the near future?

had to call right now

Will and Sonny got their I love you’s out Just in time for Diner

What is in store for this couple?

Heard Leo was coming back

Isn’t he dead


And Stalemate Good game John thanks

Good game Bob

Diner’s ready came from Marlena

We better go help them Bob

Bob was about to go off on a tangent but stopped himself “Sigh okay ”

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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