Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 11/18/18: 020 914 2310

Bay view Hospital Gabi is about to walk in

Don’t do it Gabi ..Not yet

Bob what you are doing here

To stop you

You can’t stop me Abigail’s already committed

No I’m here to stop you from Dropping the truth bomb

I’ve got all my bases covered it doesn’t matter

Your trusting Kate, who for some inexplicable reason loves Chad more than she does her Actual Children you, should at least wait for the paperwork to dry

Are you telling me this because it’s what Stefano would do

Seriously??? If Stefano ever got wind of you playing Chad and putting his granddaughter in jeopardy he would make you scream for weeks on end.


This week in Salem

Ciara tried to process Ben’s feelings for her he tried to argue his way past Tripp, Ciara wasn’t having it

First Chad now Tripp can’t Ben find women not in relationships?

The search for Chad and Abigail began

Shouldn’t they go to the cabin first as that’s where they were the last time ?

That would only make sense

Stefan caught you in the mansion and you denied Abigail’s claims of framing you finding the wig in your purse didn’t help and then you basically admitted it all except that he’s not the father he told you to forget it all and he just wants to be a dad.

Are you going to tell him ?

no, in one of the cleanest births ever Abigail gave birth to a baby girl they named her Charlotte

Do you like the name choice?

should have been Lexi  or  Renee but whatever ..Gabi if this ever gets out Stefan is the one you really have to worry about

he’s never going to find out ?

Sigh  sure he wont Wyatt went to Hope and admitted to setting up Ben

where you surprised to see Wyatt do this  ?

Claire told Tripp she paid Wyatt to lie to Hope Tripp didn’t seem that surprised or Angry

Well Ben is moving in on his girlfriend so

After a nightmare Chad called Stefan and offered him a deal he would get Charlotte and Abigail would get medical help

Stefan went along with it they showed up at the cabin with the paperwork and Abigail Lost it chad introduced Stefan to his Not really daughter charlotte

Could this bring the brothers together??

LOL no but on the positive side Gabi you doing this to Stefan could just make him the Stefano offspring this town desperately needs this may happen with the recasting (crossing fingers)

Eric told Brady he didn’t want or need his help with Holly

Why isn’t Holly with Taylor or Brandon?

Rex tried to propose to Sarah she said no Eric tried to convince Rex to give her space

Did you adjust to Brady as Rex yet?

I’m starting to you unburdened yourself to Will and considered giving it up I’m glad you didn’t

How do you. Forget i asked


Brady told Paul everything Sonny and Will since Wills memories came back

Poor Paul

Paul told Will he was moving out he let Will go be with Sonny Will naturally went right to Sonny  Paul is getting ready to leave town

Did you feel for Paul?

I did

Brady told Chloe that Eve was gone he tried calling her in nyc but he dialed 020 914 2310 did anyone but me find this odd

It is odd anything not 555 is Odd especially around here

Did you dial that number just to see if anyone picked up?

it’s on my to do list

Lucas told Chloe he was going to Europe to see Ali Chloe told Lucas she was going to NYC to see Nancy

Lucas isn’t coming back will you miss him?


Rex defended Mimi to Kate

That must have been fun

Sarah who could turn out to be a mean drunk badmouthed Rex around Roman (his father) Roman didn’t defend him she had to be removed from causing problems at the bar

Smart move Roman it wasn’t the right time

Are you liking Sarah as a character

I think she’s a few beers short of a six pack but we’ll see it’s not the fun kind of crazy you know like you are right now

Oh I’m not crazy

Gabi it would be better for you if you were..Trust me

Sonny thinks he’s ready to move on again

HA fat chance of that

Rumor has it Leo will be back can you think of WHY they would do this


Ben let his serial killer persona out and scared the crap out of Wyatt. Wyatt confessed that Tripp was the leader of this little frame job then he told Ciara he was done

Poor kid he’s so easily manipulated when he just wants to be liked

Ciara and Tripp made love apparently right after waking up

What are your thoughts on morning sex spontaneous romantic or flat out gross?

All of the above LOL

Later on Ben told Ciara it was Tripp that framed him

I guess Steve’s son and Bo’s daughter is done for good

Can Tripp and Claire work or should the show dump the character

Jury’s still out

You’re appearing to lose your grip on Kate

Kate won’t betray me

What do you see in Chad anyway seriously you’re better off with Stefan or JJ

Stefan don’t even go there


Emt’s came to take Abigail Away

Did this make you cry

LOL no but it was emotional I’m sure it upset many

Stefan held charlotte and told her he would take care of her

Gabi told Kate the Stefan not the father Baby Bomb was next

You know Gabi what your doing could actually transform Stefan from the lovesick weakling into the Dimera Salem so desperately Needs

Jennifer told Stefan that everything was his fault

NOT TRUE not entirely anyway

Then she slapped Chad


Another reason not to reveal yourself to Abigail right now is the Jennifer and JULIE fallout Julie already hates you

That’s okay i got this.. Gabi went into see Abigail


Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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