Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/17/17: Walking In Memphis

Bob and Blanca are in a Cafe in Memphis

“How did you like Graceland?” Bob asked her

“It was amazing, thank you for suggesting we see it”

“After last week i couldn’t stay away” suddenly a nun approached them

Excuse me would you two nice folks be able to help out the poor this fine Evening

Of course Sister…. ???

Sister Mary, Mary Moria !

Please Sit Sister Mary tell us how we can help you?

This Week in Salem

Supercop saw that he shot Theo he and Lani ensured Theo was rushed to the Hospital

Just as Tripp and Claire were about to Kiss Claire got the call about Theo

Will this reinforce her feelings for him or are Claire and Theo too far gone

Supercop told Abe it was he who shot Theo and demanded his suspension while going on some Anti Dimera Ranting’s for putting the in the line of fire

What will Mayor Abe do to JJ

He’ll abuse his powers just like everyone else does

Susan told Rafe that he could end up dead like EJ if he stays around Sami for too long

Was Susan threatening Rafe

Susan nah she’s harmless” sister Mary smiled

Sami and Sonny Confronted Will with a whole dose of It’s you’s and your alive ect ect

That’s when the young man.. We’ll call him Will told them both that his name was EJ and he told them to leave Susan showed up and identified them Will called Sami a lying cheating WH#$

ROTLFMAO  sister Mary smiled  Rafe showed up and told Will he could prove everything Sami and Sonny were saying Sami naturally punched Susan.

Of course she did Sonny Vowed not to give up on Will/EJ

Gee if only he worked this hard with his current boyfriend

Is Sonny being unfair to Paul?
Maybe Paul not telling Sonny he saw Will lasted what an hour  not telling made no difference he is seeking ways to make things right John told him it would all work out

Are Paul’s days in Salem Numbered?

Well thank you for your Generosity Bob, Blanca i have to run you’re a beautiful couple best of luck to you both

“Good Day Sister” Sister Mary Ran off ” Blanca looked around then at Bob “What ?”

“For a moment there i thought the nun was Nicole and that’s why you brought me here


Claire fainted was it because of her fear for Theo or something else

Bet she’s pregnant SMH

Kate blackmailed Tripp to get Theo’s phone to erase her involvement telling him Kayla would suffer if he didn’t play ball Tripp easily deducted Theo was her fault

Here we go ..Poor Bastard

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Tripp called Uncle Angelo to remove his Kate Problem?

It would be the greatest thing ever

Chad is blaming Andre for Theo


Theo fell into a coma would the show dare to kill off Theo

Nope they killed off Will and look what happened

Marlena got Sami out of jail for punching Susan..

Nice of the Memphis police not to do their job

Susan told EJ/will all about the people of Salem funny thing is everything she said was true EJ/Will thinks they are all nuts they took off for the unknown

Adrianne told sonny to follow his heart

Sigh not always the best idea but whatever

He ran into Paul

Sami went back to Susan’s house but it was empty for about 30 seconds Susan and EJ/Will returned because someone forgot something and the credits rolled

Will we see a knock down dragged out fight on Monday?

A recasted Ciara is set to return soon and Jen Lilley is reported to return as Theresa as well

How does a new Ciara make you feel especially with Theo leaving? What’s going to happen with Theresa is her stay isn’t permanent

That’s about it for Salem this week lets go dancing

After i call Mami and check in on Stefano

Of course put her on Video

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann





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