Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/17/17: This week on the same Brady show …phony memories 

Bob and Blanca are getting set to leave Memphis when “LEAVING WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE” came from behind them

“OH MY GOD” Bob ran in for a Hug “SO GOOD TO SEE YOU ”

Great to see you too “Bob”

Blanca this sister  ?? Kristen Blake”

“I’ve heard allot about you”

“Well don’t believe everything you hear”

“Hey i only say good things”

“Sorry about Nicole”

“Who” Blanca quickly interrupted

“So Kristen you know Bob do you also know Robert”

“Uh oh”

This week in Salem

Hope is furious with Rafe for everything he has done for Sami concerning Will

Does Hope have a right to be upset?

Justin and Adrianne are worried about both Sonny and Paul

Shouldn’t they also be worried about what they did to Lucas

Sami and Susan continued to argue over the EJ/Will thing Elvis/Roger came in and shattered Susan’s world with the truth Susan then had what i call a psychotic break

“Pardon me while i laugh” went Kristen

“Was that you pretending to be Susan all that Rolf loved me stuff was tricky to detect

“That’s a secret”


Marlena and Elvis both agreed that the best thing will could do for Susan was leave

Back at Susan’s house Kristen Blake Dimera laughed and said that Will didn’t need to be EJ because EJ was alive

Were you shocked by this revelation and could we be seeing EJ again in the future?

He’d have to be recasted ..Shame
news of Will’s return from the dead spread through Salem everyone took turns coming to see him

Bull in a china shop Sami went too far demanding this and not understanding that actually thinking she knew better than World renowned psychiatrist Dr Marlena Evans


Will told her to get lost when she attacked Susan


Chad and Abigail came next Chad filled Will with his own phony memories of their fake HS friendship

Are you Upset that Writer Ron is using Former Writer Dena’s fake never happened Stories as background for his own

“pisses me off ”

Marlena made Will his favorite foods

Supercop’s guilt is making him want to visit Theo

SIgh supercop is losing


Is that a good idea


Abe Caught him in Theo’s room and yelled at him


Lani is torn in-between Abe and JJ  Eli is trying to help

Will this lead to Eli and Lani and how would Abe feel about that?

Sami of course took more shots at Abigail for her trying to be there for Will

EJ and Abigail’s affairs are still at the forefront naturally

Sami’s one to talk about. More on that next week

Gabi’s turn to see Will she said it didn’t matter if he couldn’t remember because they all still loved him

Then the secret weapon was called into play as Baby Ari walked in and called Will DADDY

Is hearing daddy what snaps Will back to his old self

Hard to tell this could take Years but I’m thinking May Sweeps LOL

That’s about it ..PLEASE come back to Salem( with us) Andre. I mean Tony , needs you, Tate Needs you, We all need you !!  And Brady freaking out would be hilarious.. You could tell him you were right about Theresa

I will if i can you never know, Ask me anything you like Blanca I’m sure you still have questions about “BOB” here



There might not be a wedding if i don’t like her answers

Bob remained silent

Time to Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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