Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/28/17: Throw Her Out on Her Ass

Chad and Andre one wanting to check all angles and one wanting to prove his innocence went to see Robert at his office to see if he heard anything of if he could be the saboteur of Dimera enterprises

They ran into Marco who stopped them at the door and wouldn’t let them in they could hear loud music in the background minutes later Bob came out

“Oh hey guys what can i do for you”

What’s going on back there Robert “asked Chad

“BOB …..It’s my bachelor party Id invite you in but some of the women are …what can i do for you?

We’re looking for clues as to whose sabotaging Dimera enterprises

Well it’s not me If you bothered to look I pulled all my money OUT of dimera Inc months ago severing ties with the company .

No wonder the stocks are plummeting

Awww i bailed you out once before Chad Not this time


This Week In Salem

At the cemetery Eve explained her marriage to damos to Victor and Brady and the documentation to prove it

Do you believe Eve’s versions of events?

Kate is convinced someone is sabotaging the company she is hinting towards Andre chad may believe her

That’s nonsense

I know it is But that’s your own fault

Is Andre the saboteur?

It’s Kate Wake up Andre she is setting you Up SMH what the hell has happened to you

Claire enjoyed seeing Tripp in nothing but a towel Tripp said his regrets he thought he was alone

Did you enjoy Tripp in the buff

After breaking into Elvis’s home and acting like herself aka a crazy person Elvis said he knew doctor Rolf because rolf brought him back from the dead

The police arrived and arrested Sami

Are you happy that Elvis is back among the living?

The police arrested Sami.  But failed to check that she jumped bail and didn’t sent her back home


Halloween night Abigail had a bunch of dreams involving Serena trying to kill Chad, Rolf bringing back Gina to kill rate maybe? Page back to kill Lani, Kayla was killed by ben then Steve killed Ben

Your wife has “twisted” dreams Chad but that’s what happens when she stops her mental treatments cold turkey

Did you enjoy the dream sequences or where they a waste of time?

Paul tried to get sonny to take it easy and was later wounded by Elvis nothing serious

If you were Paul would you have given up on sonny by now?


Justin bailed out Sami who of course never suffers any consequences for her psychotic behavior

Lucas also showed up Sami said she didn’t tell him anything because his drinking made him useless

she’s right about that

Do you hate to see Lucas like this how much longer will it last?

Sami ditched everyone and all the blah blah blah and went back to the house

Victor got Maggie up to speed on everything Eve/Damos after hearing about Will Eve wondered about Paige

That is not going to be pretty

Would you like to see page back in Salem

Victor agreed to give Eve 24 hours of compassion then he would “Throw her out on her ass”

ROTFLMAO why can’t you two do that with Kate ? Seriously you think Stefano would stand for any of this especially under his Roof?

Abe is unhappy about Supercop and Lani but that’s okay because papa Kent wasn’t a fan of superman/lois for a while also

Will Lani listen to her father and end things with JJ

She should


Because months ago JJ pretty much said that Lani wasn’t the one and that she wouldn’t be he is wasting her time.

JJ told eve that Paige was gone

Could they?? Nah that was like two writing teams ago

Adrianne tried to reach Lucas but nope didn’t work a case could be made that she was doing it for herself to justify Justin

Poor Lucas sadly though there is nobody left all the women in Salem he could be with either cheated on him dumped him or both

He should have went back to his fiancée in Hong Kong LOL

Should the show bring in someone new for Lucas?

Would be nice

Paul and Justin talked about Paul taking the low road and how it worked for Justin and Adrianne

Sonny’s gone he’s been gone since Greece Paul

Will Paul leave the show after this is over ?

Marlena john and Sami put some EJ pieces together when Susan Banks came out with a shotgun

Were you happy to see Susan Banks?

I hope its Kristen in disguise you guys remember Kristen right ??? sigh

Lucas thought he saw Will tending bar and thought it was the booze

Was it a hallucination or was it real?

Theo found out something about the saboteur but won’t talk to Kate

Chad thinks you’re manipulating Theo Andre

Is he serious

I’m checking all Angles

Chad if you knew ANYTHING about Andre then you know he doesn’t work this way

Thank you Robert

BOB and you, you pathetic shadow of your former self where is the COUNT? Why are you putting up with any of this?

it’s complicated

You’re a joke

Abigail quit her job at the Salem pd to work at Dimera Inc

Susan told marlena and Sami that she paid Rolf to resurrect Will so she could kill him herself??? But it didn’t work and Will never came back

Do you believe Susan?

Back at the bar after trying to offer Lucas his support Paul saw Will or someone who looks like him? And the credits rolled

What will Paul do with this information?

He won’t tell until it’s too late his thing with sonny is over and he knows it

You know what’s over this conversation Goodbye  Rob went inside and closed the door

They looked at each other and started to leave bob reopened the door

Guys i know you won’t believe me and you have to find out for yourself But i stand by my Its Kate !”

Bob re closed the door

What do you think? Chad asked Andre

Robert wouldn’t lie to me

You mean BOB

Yes Bob looks like project pawn worked


Another time come on

Time To turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


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