Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/28/17: This is not a Fight Club

Marlena’s office Blanca Enters
Thanks for coming in early Blanca is Robert with you?

Parking the car, is everything okay

Yes John and i have to go somewhere unexpectedly tonight so i had to reshuffle, how everything between you two is since last week

It’s been the best week ever with Nicole gone I finally have Robert all to myself  its like he’s a totally different person and i love it, there’s just one thing that’s odd

(The door opens)

Good afternoon Robert thanks for coming in so early today

Marlene good to see you ..but please call me  Bob

Bob not Rob?

Yes BOB!

SEE went Blanca shaking her head in wonder

Marlena pondered the new development


This week in Salem

Jennifer tended to a broken Eric

Do they have a future doesn’t seem so

You know what’s funny about Eric and Jennifer, Marlena ?


Jennifer and hope are less than a year apart, Sami is older than Rafe.  Eric and Sami were 1 when Hope first married Bo, Yet SOMEHOW Jenifer is too old for Eric.  But Hope and Rafe are okay?

Age is just a number Robert


Sorry Bob Blanca shook her head again

Maggie interrupted the Victor and Bonnie Wedding then it all started crashing down around her Adrianne/bonnie threated to expose Victor for the Damos murder Victor told him he arranged Zanders freedom in exchange for his silence that’s when all the fun started Steve came in and finally uncovered the Bonnie/Adrianne rouse Bonnie came clean said it was revenge for taking mickey from Maggie and that Adrianne was in Statesville before she took off.

Are you glad this story is over or is it as Bonnie got away?

Victor assured Maggie that nobody was hurt and that all they did was bribe a judge Maggie is willing to live with it

Hope was trying to question a reluctant Dr Rolf Sami taking Hopes Gun or brining her own doesn’t really matter threatened To shoot Rolf

Hope of course ignored the LAW and let Sami get away with it even after she clocked Rolf with said gun

Dr Rolf should Sue the entire Department

Why did Hope let Sami get away with all that?

Because she’s corrupt to the core

Dr rolf told Sami he saw her at the morgue and he was paid to resurrect Will but he wasn’t paid by Stefano he then took a cyanide pill and died

Were you happy to see Dr Rolf even for a little while or are you angry that another interesting character was just thrown away for no reason?

Both i guess?

Hope arrested Sami, Sami called her a hypocrite

Well she’s right Hope is a joke

Drunk Lucas yelled at sonny and Paul at Will’s grave

Maggie went to see about Lucas
man drunken Lucas is annoying why doesn’t someone throw him in a drunk tank

Justine Found Adrianne in prison Steve came with some DNA testing there’s some explaining and paperwork to


do but Adrianne should be home soon Hattie said she would look after her until then

Bonnie met up with Shelia one last time and after some failed blackmail threats Bonnie left with her last token of mickey a broach he gave her back in 2003/2004

Is this the last we see of Hattie and Bonnie?

Maybe not Hattie?

Eli told Gabi that he and Shelia history basically law man Eli through his anti-law friends under the bus

that’s what happens to criminals. But Shelia didnt see it that way

The Salem pd using Rolfs fingerprints opened his laptop there is a trail to follow

Memphis am i right Marlena that’s where you’re off to

Yes Memphis that’s right


Eric told Roman what happened with What’s her name


Ha Ha you said her name i didn’t anyway Eric ran over to kirakis mansion to beat Brady’s brains in

Rafe and Hope discussed Hope’s handling of Sami they started arguing and somehow Rafe brought up Zack

Hope became livid


Can we expect to see more conflict with these two?

YES PLEASE they need to END

Justin tried to tell Lucas about Adrianne but he was too drunk to listen

I felt sorry for Lucas at the beginning but now he’s just annoying

What is the answer for Lucas an old girlfriend or someone new?

Someone new i hope

Marlena bailed out Sami

Marlena please remind Sami of the risk you are taking and what happens to you and her if while on bail she leaves the state ROTFLMAO

What will they find in Memphis?

NOT Nicole, Blanca Laughed out loud

Why do you keep doing that?

Victor walked in on Eric and Brady fighting in his living room and yelled “this is not a fight club”

He ran those back in the day Victor is great with the one liners

Where will Eric and Brady go from here ?

Hopefully to a real fight club

Brady got Victor up to speed on His twisted versions of events Victor seemed happy and requested Brady’s help in moving Damos’s body

Why doesn’t Victor use goons anymore all this could have been done already ?

At the location of Damos’s body Victor said some mean things and before they could start Eve Donovan showed up

Are you excited to see Eve and what is and how did she get there without prior knowledge of these events?

Sami John Marlena, Paul and sonny are on their way to Memphis Will stated he will break it off with Paul if Wills alive but everyone already figured that out

Is it possible that Paul is aware of what is in Memphis and that’s why he’s been trying to derail things?

Be a nice twist but i don’t think so

Well we don’t want to keep you Marlena. We hope you find what you are looking for

Take care Robert

BOB ,…..I’ll go get the car Love”

“Right sorry Bob”  Bob smiled I’ll  go get the car” Rob exits

thanks Love we can go get Stefano at Mami’s later  Blanca turns back to Marlena

“He seems okay just keep an eye on him ill check in with you when i have some free time in Memphis

Thank you Marlena  Blanca leaves

Bob ???? Hmmmm


Time To Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

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