Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/09/2015: Goodbye to Will

Guy_Wilson_as_WillNicole arrived in Rob’s office with the weekly recaps. He wasn’t’ there, behind his desk on a bookshelf a book stuck out. On it was a note that said, “READ ME!”

Nicole grabbed the book and the bookcase moved revealing a staircase, “ROB?” she called out.

“DOWN HERE,” she heard him call out she went down the stairs. It took a little bit of time. Luckily she wasn’t in heels today, she thought to herself. She saw him and caught up to him.

Nicole: What are you doing? How long has this place been down here?

Robert: Centuries probably. I don’t really know pretty cool though, huh?

Nicole: Personally, I don’t see the big deal.

Robert: Look, Nicole—that way goes to DiMera Mansion, that way goes to the hospital.  “That way goes by your and my house,that way goes to the airport and so on and so on.

Nicole: Doesn’t explain why your suddenly down here though.

Robert: Lol! Funny story. Apparently Chad Sent Abigail through a tunnel and she ended up here instead of wherever she was going, so I had her escorted home. Anyway as long as we’re down here…Maggies place is this way lets go eat.

Nicole: Fine.

This week in Salem…

Nicole: Rafe Hammered Eduardo and Justin about their methods of obtaining Chad, warning them about vigilante justice? Will they stick to the letter of the law or risk losing everything?

Robert: They are very determined men. Next.

Nicole: Brady and Theresa were discussing Chad. The benefit of the doubt, second chances, relating to his predicament to some of their own. Theresa told Brady about her past, and why she tends to be forceful and defensive towards everyone, and why she’s using that to be the best mother ever to Tate. How will this effect Brady and his feelings on Theresa?

Robert: I think he’s finally giving in.

Nicole: Caroline’s delusions continue. Kayla gave her the untested drug that can cure her. Meanwhile Bo and Hope’s psychic connection has been passed from Hope to Caroline.

Robert: Will the cure work?

Nicole: Hope so.

Steve’s mission to find Bo was a failure.

Robert: Tee hee. Sorry, my bad. Continue, please.

Nicole: JJ’s undercover work Paid off. Clyde Weston was arrested.

Robert: I’m proud of him/bring him in here for an interview.

Nicole: Seriously.

Robert: Yes, of course. It’s great PR for us.

Nicole: I’ll try…in the aftermath of Clyde/JJ, is a possible new couple JJ and Gabby. Can you see them as a couple?

Robert: No. Too many factors are against them right now.

Nicole: On the Andre/Chad/Clyde Weston front, Andre had Clyde’s place searched. There was nothing there to tie him to any of the murders. It still looks really bad for Chad at this point.”

If Clyde isn’t setting up chad then who is?  Nicole looked at Rob.

Robert: What’s with that look?

Nicole: What look? LOL.

Robert: I still think the killer is Ben.

Thanks to my sources, I also think its Ben, responded Nicole.

Out this way,” Rob leads Nicole up a ladder. They were behind Chez Ruz.

PERFECT!” They went inside to eat

Anything else? Rob asked as they sat down in a booth.

Nicole: Yes, Will Horton was murdered by the necktie killer.

Robert: WHAT?!

Nicole: SHHH. Keep it down! Gabby found his body about an hour ago

Robert: I don’t know what to…

Nicole: Shhh! Maggie might be here. She shouldn’t hear about that from one of us.

Robert: Of course, of course.

This maniac must be stopped. Please be extra careful, Nicole.

Nicole: I will.

Time to turn the hour glass…

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By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

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