Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/06/17: One out of two isn’t Bad

Rob is driving Nicole to see Eric

Rob is driving Nicole to see Eric
SO..let me get this straight Chloe exposed Brady’s anti Eric plot and now you are going to run off to see Eric because ????

I just have to see him i can’t explain it right now?

You’re going to sleep with him

No Im not

Bet you do, whatever you do is fine with me Nicole call me if you need a ride back

Where are Blanca and baby Stefano

At the doctors I’m going to pick them up after seeing Marlena the  offices are a block apart which is why i had time to pick you up and not cause a stir

“Thanks Robert”   Nicole gets out of the car  Robert dashes off to see Marlena

Hello Robert

Are you ready to hear it all Marlena


This Week in Salem

Ben showed up at the church stopping the festivities Abigail launched at him but was restrained

Abigail attacked him but Not Chad  lol sigh

Ben thanked John Andre and Marlena for their stopover in Bayview it made his escape as easy as grabbing some keys.

Are you shocked at the sanatoriums lack of security l


Ben’s reasoning for escaping was that Will was Alive and he wanted to tell Sonny

Do you think Ben is telling the truth? Both weddings were put on hold

At the police station word of ben’s return and his claims started to spread

Paul Tried to Get Sonny to ignore Ben and finish the ceremony But Sonny suddenly doesn’t love Paul anymore

Could Paul be a part of what’s going on?

Supercop asked Ben about Paige being alive Ben said no she was worm food that caused Supercop to put a gun to Ben’s head which lead to JJ’s suspension

Will JJ get his job back or will the new writing team send him down another path

Salem Needs Supercop especially now with Murderous Psychopathic Hope as Commissioner his reasons and conclusions to this event was full of Hypocritical lies

Will JJ get his job back?

Speaking of Commissioner Hope She Suspends JJ for pointing a gun at Ben  But Did Nothing when she caught Rafe Strangling him


Abe told Rafe he didn’t get the job because of Edgardo, Gabi and Darios past events

And yet Roman was able to keep his job during all of Sami’s shenanigans ..Go figure

Did Abe make the right call?

Chad and Abigail saw the minister return and got married anyway

Are you Happy for this couple?

.Sonny wants to exhume Will’s body, Paul is trying to keep his life together Lucas said no to Sonny’s request and is still on his drunken pity party bender.

Is Sonny doing the right thing?
Should Paul just give up?

Will Sonny work his way around Lucas’s NO

I can’t believe any of this Marlena what’s the matter with you

Excuse me ?

How many times have you come back from the dead? Roman, Hope, John, Steve, Jack the list goes on Why is everyone being such Dukes of Doubt

The Chloe, Julie partnership is in doubt already as Julie named it Doug’s place without consulting Chloe

Are you shocked by Julies selfishness

nope and what’s worse is that Julie will deny any wrong doing Watch

Eli showed some Defense moves to Gabi and they shared a kiss Rafe caught them and gave Rafe the Big brother warnings

Should Eli just RUN ?

Victor told Brady not to feel bad about anything he did to Eric and Nicole because he Won it was all over does Brady feel the least bit guilty or is the booze numbing that? Is Brady acting this way because of the amulet?

The amulet I’ve forgotten all about it

As did I

Chloe told Nicole EVERYTHING Brady did to her and Eric that got everyone to where they are now

So naturally Nicole went running to see Eric

I just dropped her off at the farm. Think their …NEVERMIND

Rafe told Gabi that Chad and Abigail got remarried she ????

Will Gabi focus on Eli and is that a good thing ?

I know many people that want Eli to Run while he still can

Eric fixed his roof heard a knock on the door and saw Nicole standing there soak and wet from the rain

Sigh Ron, Dena, Nicole no difference at all

That’s about it

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter

Rob laid out project pawn from beginning to end

Okay Rob I’ve listened with an open mind now let me tell you how and why this is wrong

I’m listening
Time to turn the hourglass 


By Robert Feldmann




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