Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-19-18: Look under the Hood

Bob’s office Halloween Party naturally he invited the entire town except for Chad Hope and Rafe who wouldn’t come anyway if he was lucky Abigail and Stefan would show up just so he could toast the happy couple most everyone was here when he and Blanca were finishing up their costumes they walked out among st the crown some heads turned and laughed some turned away some couldn’t stop staring as they greeted everyone and thanked them for coming Blanca stayed with a few people  Bob went up to John and Marlena who had their backs to them, Bob put his hand in his pocket and pushed a button

“John, Marlena thanks for coming ” went bob

Marlena turned around and let out a small yell”

HAH HAH HAH went Bob who unclicked the button

I knew you would Dress up as Stefano Bob


This Week in Salem

Chad and Jennifer were shocked at Abigail’s marriage to Stefan Announcement especially when hearing it was Abigail’s idea


Are you still reeling from this turn of events?

Kayla told Sami that there was nothing she could do for the bandaged man Sami remained a determined as ever

Why is Sami Dimera and her millions of dollars wasting time with Salem Doctors?

Maggie was happy to See Daughter Sarah who told her she got engaged to Rex Brady ?

Rex met up with Eric and naturally they talked about Nicole and Holly

What’s going to happen to Holly?

Eve tried to unburden Brady by telling her that she still loved him.


Until he told her the truth about Kristen then she left him


Eve stopped to argue with Jennifer one more time before she left town

Is this the last we see of Eve?

Not sure?

Roman’s romancing Hattie didn’t work she tore up the divorce papers

Hattie was/is. Has she overstayed her welcome?

Ben shared a story about his father with Ciara getting a necktie as a Christmas Present

Necktie @#$@#$ cheap ass present you ask me

With Nightengale syndrome in full swing he went in for a kiss and was rejected

opps Sorry Ben

Is this a minor setback or is Bearia a done deal ?

On the other pair front Claire and Tripp seem to be up to something but its only speculation as to what it is?

Sadly i think Tripp is setting up Ben

Why doesn’t he just call his uncle

In a throw off Halloween episode Cameos were made by Anejelica Deveraux and Andre as a Baby

Baby Andre was hysterical

What were your thoughts on the Halloween Episode ?

Bonnie continues with her fake baby scam continuing to use emotional blackmail on Mimi to get her way who has had just about enough she went off after her baby after bonnie couldn’t stop Chloe and Lucas from spending time with her  Chloe  grabbed a bottle and is working on  getting DNA tests

Susan Banks had a vision and told Rex and Sarah there was a baby in their future?

Whose your favorite future Reader Celeste or Susan?

Gotta go with celeste she had more legitimate practice. Especially in the dark arts ..Remember last Halloween we tried to raise Stefano and got Satan instead ..And nobody noticed any difference

LOL great times

Sami met up with Susan and in her own way forgave Susan for the Will is EJ thing

She wanted something  lol anyway i still think Susan is blameless in that

Sami grabbed a hairbrush i think and was set on getting a DNA test of her own

How much do you want to bet that Baby Bonnie and EJ’s tests gets switched

Speaking of that Kate ran into sami at the hospital and told her just that kate suggested “looking under the patients hood” to see if it was really EJ

Kate was once witness to EJ’s Engine BUT Sami was fooled By Fake Rate’s private parts so it’s probably better that they didn’t go there ?

Do you remember the Fake Rafe sleeping with Sami story ?

Fake Rafe was Hillarious…right up until Fay was killed

Roman and Maggie shared some memories and wished for the best  for Rex and Sarah as a couple at their engagement party

mimi doesnt want to tell anyone that baby bonnie belongs to Rex  will it be discovered before the wedding


Bonnie and Mimi accidentally got invited to above mentioned party

Kate threatened to have bonnie kicked out

Would that have been a smart play or would it have made things worse

Mimi apologized to Rex for Bonnie showing up Just as Chloe entered with a folder in her hand

And the credits rolled

Monday is going to be explosive!!!   BLANCA ? Bob called out Blanca as if on cue came over to john and Marlena Blanca’s costume was a possessed by demon  Marlena

Now i know you wanted me to come as a priest “went John

Marlena chuckled and went for the punchbowl

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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