Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-19-18: Goodbye my loves

After the building was cleared Robert with some men pulled Nicole’s body out of the ambulance and went to work “she’ll make it” said one of the men

“Of course she will”..

She’s coming around

Hello Nicky highly paid Nicole impersonator


Sigh the things I’ll do for love






This week in Salem

Belle wondered why Mimi didn’t tell her about Rex and the baby

Because Belle can’t keep her mouth shut

Mimi said Rex and her hooked up when he and his girlfriend were having problems

Where they on a break?

What? Why does that matter

It’s important

Rex reunited with Father Roman Lucas and HIS (Rex’s) BABY he told them he was engaged but didn’t say to who

Does the pronoun game get to you as it does me?

Kind of

Eric and Sami confronted Kristen for answers they got none

Dr rolf gave an injection to a man who could be EJ who was not pleased about getting another shot and in his anger started a fire

HE”S ALIVE!!! Went Robert in a Dr. Frankenstein impression

The fire caused an explosion which trapped Nicole after passing off Holly to Brady he took off Eric tried to get Nicole free but it didn’t work she kissed his medallion said goodbye and was gone

Were you happy with what the writers did with Ari’s brief return?

Some are some aren’t Nicole is/was an acquired taste

Will you Miss Nicole Walker

I will with no Stefano, no Andre, no Nicole, Stefan being a big poop head there is only Kristen left

Brady after securing Holly ran into Kristen her pleas fell on deaf ears

Your dodging a bullet Kristen i don’t know why you bother

Gabi thinks her plan is working Kate isn’t happy she is lying to Chad

Seriously what is the deal with Kate and Chad she cares for Chad more than any of her REAL children

Relax it’s not important

I am relaxed and this is important this Kate/Chad Faux connection makes no sense whatsoever

The firemen gave Eric the medallion Nicole was holding

Sami resumed her looking for EJ

Eli tried to get Shelia a job with Julie didn’t pan out

Shelia for some reason has no respect for Abe’s parking space

Is Abe making a big deal over nothing?

NO he earned that spot it is his people that park in my spot get their car towed away

JJ tried talking to Gabi she wasn’t having it

Is JJ playing Abigail because his super cop senses can see something is going on

Hope not

How much longer until Gabi is exposed

Not soon enough for some

Abigail had a meeting with Stefan

Mimi ran into Chloe with Her baby and almost blew it and is not taking any custody hearing talk well Chloe is beginning to figure it out Later Bonnie almost blew it when talking to Chloe and Lucas

Will Chloe figure it out before Mimi Cracks?

Rex reunited with Kate of course Kate ruined it by bringing up Mimi Cassie was mentioned

Would you be welcomes to Cassie’s return?

What do you think about Former Brady Black being Rex Brady ?

Marlena is getting better every day she talked to Kayla about Steve and Abigail

John tried to bribe Roman into romancing Hattie using an Ernie Banks Baseball card

Will Roman take the deal?

Rex ran into Mimi

Would you be okay with a red and Mimi repairing?


Sarah Horton Maggie’s Daughter returned to Salem

Were you as happy to see Sarah as Maggie was?

Later on Chad and Jennifer confronted Abigail Chad had some papers drawn up to have her committed

Abigail refused saying he couldn’t do that

When he said he could because he was her husband

Abigail Dropped the BOMB

Abigail Married Stefan


Were you shocked stunned or laughing hysterically when this happened?

Laughing definitely laughing

Can we go now

Of course will get you home Nicole and i really appreciate this

uh huh ..What’s going to happen to the baby?

She will be fine in Salem Bob will see to it

Will they un mother Nicole and who will then be Holly’s parents

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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