Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-05-18: Just Give in Brady

Hello, is everything OK?

Maggie blabbed Eric is practically at her doorstep?

Relax we knew it would happen sooner or later Eric will never suspect that that’s not the real Nicole.







This Week In Salem

Rafe proved to Hope that Ben’s fingerprint was planted

no surprise framing people for crimes they didn’t commit is something hope and Rafe are both familiar with

Who can be framing Ben? Is Tripp too obvious?

Sami couldn’t break Stefan into telling her where Kristen or maybe EJ was even after a million dollar Bribe

Need a little bit more than that Sami sorry?

John and Hattie Married


How long until this is all undone? Probably by an annulment? Didn’t Hattie sign Hattie’s name instead of Marlena’s?

Hmm not sure it sounded like it but would it have gotten through if she did???

Maybe nobody really reads those things?

In typical Villain fashion Kristen wasted time making speeches and Roman was able to come in and save Marlena a shot went off forcing Kristen to flee.

Did Roman get beat up by a girl?

Not sure LOL

Hattie told John about the Kristen visit.

Wonder why she did that?

Ciara asked Ben to move out.

Will told Paul he found them an apartment

Does Paul have a sense as to what’s going on with Will?

I hope so let him go with dignity.

John missed Kristen Kayla filled him in while tending to Roman

Yup Roman got beat up by a girl LOL

Gabi was happy to see that Stefan believed the texts were from Gabi’s alter

Once this plays out will Gabi face Stefan’s vengeance?

Possibly it’s hard to call

Gabi went to chad and told him Stefan thinks Gabigail is back

Eli took Stefan’s complaint about Sami Eli noted that nobody in Salem is safe when those two were on the loose

That much is certain

Kristen told Brad they were soul mates and she would always be there for him

He agreed to go away with her

I hope she didn’t believe him

Hard to tell

Do you think they are soul mates

YES …because Nicole’s not here

Of course

Hattie’s desire for a burger and dancing gave herself away to Sami


Sami went to look for the real Marlena and was caught again by Eli

Eli is on the job

Victor in another mood told Maggie that when they got home Everyone who wasn’t a Kirakis had to move out ,i think he told Gabi that she didn’t have to move out as long as she didn’t talk to him

ROTLFMAO he’s hysterical

Maggie told him she has been talking with Nicole and Holly

Victor told Maggie the entire story  Victor ran into Gabi i think he told her she didn’t have to move out if she never talks to him

Will this change things for Maggie ?


Marlena told John Sami wasn’t the shooter John got Sami up to date on everything Eli released Sami the bullets didn’t match up
Kristen  probably thought with Marlena dead different guns and bullet calibers  it wouldn’t matter she may see this as a succeed or die trying mission

Was this a mistake or deliberate?

Roman offered Kate his services against Stefan

Will Roman find out Kate murdered Vivian ? Did Stefan set Kate up for Ted’s disappearance and is waiting to spring a trap

Hopefully yes to both By the way Stefan is leaving?

What okay technically not Stefan will be recanted for a while Tyler Christopher needs some personal time

let’s hope all is well with him and he returns asap

Kayla told Stefan she’s no longer under his thumb

True enough Steve is gone nothing else matters

Need to find her a new man

Will what happened to Hope happen to Kayla now?  Subsiding Peter Reckell for Stephen Nicoles

I fear so

After getting Nicole’s location Eric ran off

Chad talked to Abigail about gabigail being Back Abigail assured everyone she was fine

I’m enjoying this although i can see why others aren’t i can’t wait to see what happens POST ending

Lucas told Bonnie enough was enough he heard bonnie crying grabbed her and stormed out

Mimi entered the room and she asked her mom why she let Lucas run off with Her Baby?

Did you enjoy seeing Mimi ?

Not really honestly i barely recognized her eye makeup i think through me off

Will Mimi and Lucas become a couple ?

Depends on what they do with Rex..And any chemistry he has with former Brady flame Chloe

Rex and Chloe would that send Kate off or what?

Eric found Nicole

boy is he in for a surprise

Nicoles stay is a pointless short one is it possible they kill her off?

Tough call but my gut says..I’m glad she’s a clone

Still be sad though

Yes it will


Coming love

Later bob

By Robert

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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