Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/30/16: Salem Stooges War part 3


Robert is in his office clock watching wondering if Nicole’s going to show up “give her another few minutes” his phone rings he picks it up 
Mr Chin How are you tomorrow LOL, did Belle get there yet ? COOL now remember Andre and Chad don’t care so when you find and get access to the money we split it”
“your welcome, Goodbye” rob hangs up laughing at the concept of chad thinking that Mr chin a long time Stefano ally before chad was even born would actually help John Black’s Daughter 
“you look Busy” went Nicole entering his office Robert looked around “where’s Chloe’s baby daddy ?” rob mocked “out buying a bigger couch” he added
“haw haw haw”

This week in Salem

cf-days-09-30-3Damos continued to put pressure on Chloe refusing to believe that he is not her baby’s father ,Kate told Philip and Chloe that she didn’t have time to change the results leaving Philip to seriously doubt Chloe and Chloe in complete shock and denial
Will we find out How Kate was able to pull this off ?
The stooges tried to corral Marlena, Kate and Claire but thanks to John they failed the infighting failure and blame game has begun
how soon and how do you see the implosion playing out ?
The stooges eventually decided on hostages for Randsom
That doesn’t make any sense ?
“What do you mean its standard procedure for a kidnapping?
“Victor offered them money and private offshore account they turned him down !, now, what a week later they suddenly want money why didn’t they just take victors money and leave before ?
“How am i supposed to know ?”
“sounds really stupid to me”
Aiden told Rafe and hope that the Stefano murder case was closed but recorded their conversation getting the confession on Tape
JJ and Gabby grow closer
Should Gabby be blamed for distracting Supercop he should have been able to arrest all three of the Stooges by now
Darn right she should
Jennifer and Chad are best buddies all of a sudden
Of course they are ?
Paul doesn’t understand Claire’s attachment to her tablet
Can’t blame Claire for that technology can suck you in
Paul still has doubts about the sometimes unethical work that PI’s have to do
Brady assembled a hit squad to attack the alleged whereabouts of the stooges
Finally someone Steps up to the plate Hey Remember when he ordered EJ shot and chad got hit instead
of course i do
That was hilarious
uh huh anyway the hit squad fired at shadows they said the building was empty but also said something About longshoremen being in the building nothing on if they were injured or worse
Will we ever find out how many people Brady had murdered
What kind of question is that ?
A legitimate one actually , Brady can order people killed and still be a good guy but if Stefano ordered Someone killed ??? !!! Salem hypocrisy
Orpheus through Claire told John he had her now too alongside Joey, ,Zander and Clyde are starting to Lose patience that their enemies are still alive
Xander will come after you nicole AND Theresa
I know but Damos and victor will keep us safe
or you can leave town with me right now Blanca will meet us at the airport
NOPE how is she by the way
she’s fine thank you


Abe held a press conference to assure the 20-30 Salem citizens that the stooges werent after that they Were safe it was interrupted by a Orpheus live feed who demanded money for the hostages
Again why didn’t he just take Victors Money before hand ???
Claire activated her hidden tracking device with joey’s help
At the press conference Aiden told Hope that he knew she killed stefano she got scared
how soon until Hope (and rafe)murder Aiden and anyone else that gets in their way
Right sorry
Abe was shot he was taken to the hospital his condition is promising as he’s in recovery
That’s good that’s good
Rafe and hope looked at the conference footage and determined that Aiden was the target
Will Clyde gun for Aiden again and will rafe and hope let him be killed
probably they caught a lucky break clyde will do their work for them
John and Steve rushed the warehouse there was a fierce gun battle they were able to save claire but the stooges took off with Joey
Steve Vowed to kill them all
sounds exciting
exciting scary sure sure
is joey’s life in danger ?
not for the moment they need him its their only bargaining chip
That’s about it
please be careful Nicole its obvious that your next
i will i promise Damos won’t let Zander get near me
Unless Damos is pulling their strings
well until that happens its not possible
Fair enough. Hungry?


Time to Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


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