Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/29/17: Bridging Aperitif’s and ascots

Rob Blanca and Baby Stefano are driving to the wedding
Why are we going to this again?
Because Abigail invited me and had invited you
Sigh Rob looked out his window “This could be interesting, sweetheart please call the police and tell them to head to Saint Lukes  “knowing Roberts tone of voice Blanca didn’t hesitate to take out her phone


This Week in Salem

Sonny kept dreaming and going on about Will not caring that it made Paul upset
Should  Paul see that Sonny is settling and call the whole thing off before he’s humiliated later ?
Sheila told Bonnie /Adriane to hurry up and pay or she would go to the cops she needs the money for her own revenge plans?
“What is Shelia up to and does it have anything to do with her and her history with Eli?”
“Is it weird that in prison Bonnie Shelia and Hattie were decent people but outside they are incapable of fitting in?”
Some people just belong in jail i guess?
A judged called out Abigail on her immigration fraud they need Dario or at least a statement from him to get her out of the marriage and possibly jail
Through Gabi they eventually got what they needed and Chad and Abigail could proceed
So because of Gabi Chad and Abigail can get married
Apparently, Hope and Rafe both applied for the commissioner’s job but can’t decide which one of them should take it.
How about neither only way to save their future
Never that easy
Nope, Zander called Victor from prison reminding him to hold up his end of the bargain, Victor said he will
“Will this who killed Damos business ever end and has the new writers forgotten that HALO is the killer not the person”
“What are you going to do if Nicole murdered him” Blanca asked
“Get her out of the country bring her to my island where you, me, her, Holly, and Stefano can live out the rest of our days
“ARE YOU HIGH OR JUST INSANE” Blanca yelled  Stefano awoken by the yelling  started crying
LOL knew that would happen “bonnie overheard Victors half of the conversation will she try to use it against Him
“Victor is going to do to Bonnie what he did to Brita England if she doesn’t knock it off
Nicole told Brady to his delight that Eric quit the center and left town, Marlena caught up with Eric and naturally blamed everything on Nicole, Eric defended Nicole saying that the center wouldn’t be where it was without her Brady accused Eric of not going along with the plan
“How soon until this blows up in Brady’s face?”
“Blanca i have an idea”
“NO i will not ensure Nicole sees me kissing Eric so she then decides to stay away from him”
“How did you ?”
Because i know you
Kate and Andre are going to try harder to keep their marriage up for the board
Andre agreed not to pull any more stunts and Kate agreed to stay away from Roman
Who will crack first?
Andre’s attempt at throwing a cultured calm bachelor party with elegant food Aperitif’s and Ascotsand Bridge instead of poker BOMBED with the younger crowd and they bailed on him Ingrates they are the ones who neutered all his ideas he tried to bring them culture and class .
The same Stripper was hired for both bachelor and bachelorette parties
Are you disappointed in NBC’s budgeting?
The stripper once dated Paul things were awkward for a bit
“You better behave yourself at yours” Blanca went to Robert
Guilt about Will is starting to overtake Sonny
No comment
Why can’t Sonny move on does he want to end up like roman ?
Marlena explained why she couldn’t officiate sonny and Paul’s wedding she reminded John that he owed her another wedding
Will we see John and Malena make it legal for what the Sixth  time ?
Well technically they have been married 5 times; their first four marriages were invalid due to Marlena’s marriage to Alex North and John’s marriage to Hope Brady.
So it’s like their First although they never divorced john and hope on screen that was like four writers ago and nobody cares
Justin offered to officiate the wedding
Nice of the writers to gloss over the whole sonny/Paul in a church thing is it bad or lazy writing
Doesn’t matter to me
Me either
Gabi was dreaming about Chad while watching Ari pick out some flowers Eli interrupted her train of thought and they went to the wedding together unbeknownst to them that they were being followed
They don’t know
Right thank you
Instead of walking in saying i dos and leaving they had to have speeches and vows
Are we not going to exchange vows?
Just i do’s Blanca looked upset Rob saw Fine i will think of something to say
Thank you
WOMEN sigh Robert parked the car and they went inside for the wedding they greeted everyone and some of them took turns looking and holding little Stefano Rob Busted a gut holding in laughter when he saw Stefano throw up on Hope, Marlena came over to him Rob next session we are going to discuss project pawn and why you chose Stefano of all people to name your boy after
Sure “Robert agreed  after helping Hope clean up Blanca brought Stefano over to Rob and Marlena Stefano started making noises and reaching towards Marlena.
Looks like the baby wants someone to hold him “Marlena took Stefano from Blanca and held him” hi” she whispered  Wow Marlena Stefano’s really taking a shine to you “Robert laughed as quietly as he could
Just then people Gasped and turned around staring at the figure at the doorway.

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann






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