Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/22/17: Don’t Call Me Bro

After talking to Abe and dealing with Brady, Nicole (and Holly) Went to Rob’s home Blanca them her in. Nicole asked Blanca, “did you explain to Rob that your son is too young for play dates with Holly”.
Yes but he insists that Soras ??? Will soon kick in and then they can become the next.. BOPE?… Yes he said Bop ? Blanca stared all confused
“Sigh I’ll explain what all that means later” Blanca heard the kettle and went to take of it and Nicole went in the next room Robert was Feeding” Stefano ” Nicole heard some classical music softly coming from the speakers
“Hey thanks for coming by Hi Holly, Look Stefano its Holly Robert whispered
You did it? Didn’t you ? Nicole whispered Angrily
Did what?
You cloned Stefano Dimera ?! Your project pawn
what?? Project pawn has nothing to do with him… Honest


This week in Salem

Word spread about Drunken Lucas Sonny angry at Lucas admitted to missing Will but refused to let his past ruin his future.
Is Sonny having doubts about moving forward?
Ghost Will did a number on Lucas as Jennifer and Kate found him passed out at the church.
Everyone prepared for the double wedding vows no bachelor party rules ect ect
is Will and Sonny marrying in a Church a writing oversight ?
Nicole is doing wonders at the Horton Center Everyone love her there Except Brady
He’s getting on my nerves?”
he’s just a little overzealous you remember what happened with Theresa
Hope your right
Roman refused to come out of retirement and retake his commissioner job
Good for him they were selfish to ask him anyway
Rafe and Hope are both up for the job
Uh OH whose going to get the promotion the murderer or the accomplice ?
Don’t understand why Raines can’t have the job back he’s of jail next week ?
Chloe got money from Brady to Buy club TDB at an auction she ran into Julie who also wanted it after some bickering they had to combine their money to ensure Myron Dario’s former accomplice didn’t get it
what’s with a Horton suddenly not having enough money to buy something ?
First Jennifer needs help buying a paper now Julie needs help with a club
what is happening to the Horton Funds?
Laura Horton can’t make Abigail’s wedding
she’ll make the next one
Next one ? Robert laughed
Victor accused Brady of drinking demanding he go to a meeting
Brady assured him he didn’t drink and updated him on the Chloe conversation in an interesting twist Victor actually agreed with her
If Nicole dumps Brady for Eric would you want a Brady and Chloe reunion
i am not dumping Brady for Eric
sure you’re not
Victor told Brady to either dump Nicole or have someone do his dirty work to get Eric out of the picture
did Victor tell Brady to have Eric killed?
Don’t be stupid
Nicole confided in Abe about her Brady and Eric issues Abe told Nicole not to confuse Love and gratitude
were you shocked by Abe and Nicole having this kind of talk? Did it remind you of Son and Brother Brandon?
Would you like to see Brandon return to Salem
Lucas woke up stranded to a hospital bed demanding to be let go as they had no right to keep him he vowed to move away to be left alone.
Would Lucas actually leave Salem?
Gabi told Eli that she would fix things with Rafe because she has a way to always have him do what she wants Eli thanked her but he would find his own way.
They agreed to go to the wedding together
Will Eli help Gabi stop the wedding to Chad
That would be awesome but NO
Chloe gave Eric a heads up that Brady wants Eric to fire Nicole so Brady doesn’t come off as the bad guy
Eric figured that out already wanting to find a way to make Nicole happy
Really for Decades you were Team Brady
Sorry Nicole but Brady’s being a tool bag
Abigail is all set as she signed Dario’s annulment papers
Hope and Rafe start to bicker about the commish job could this be the beginning of the end
Crossing Fingers
Nicole went to work and met Jason. Jason told her Eric quit she read another Eric letter
he writes a lot of letters.
Eric said goodbye to Jennifer who obviously doesn’t want him to go
First Jennifer tries to take Daniel from you now Eric will she ever stop
she is Not taking Eric from me Eric isn’t mine anyway
uh huh
Brotherly Bonding caused chad to let Andre throw him his bachelor party
But Chad and Abigail both being in their late 60’s declined strippers
Strippers aside Chad and Abigail may make a great couple but Doug and Julie have more fun and they are more than double in age seriously.
Brady Denied Sonny his CEO job back telling him he rehired most of the Damos hires that Sonny Fired
Sonny vowed that he would get Titan back soon
Sonny and Paul Chad and Abigail which one will get that Ring
it’s not a competition !!
Isn’t it ?
Paul defended Lucas to sonny who worried about unresolved feelings Sonny said there was nothing to worry about Paul had his doubts and the credits rolled
that’s about it.

Cool Speaking of Bachelor Parties
Not to worry I’ve made all the arrangements
Blanca entered the room “MEN” she took Stefano to change him “LOVE YOU” he called out
I’ll go with you” Nicole went with Blanca “let’s start with what Soras means ” went Nicole to Blanca as they drifted into the next room.

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


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