Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/15/17: Wishing all STILL affected by Irma a safe and steady road to recovery and healing Irma, the missing week!

Nicole and Brady were getting ready to meet Robert and Blanca when Nicole got a text “BRADY Blanca’s at the hospital she’s having her baby”
“it’s Salem Brady, pregnancies can be anywhere from 5 to 14 months, he ranted about the baby needing to be born before November”
Nicole, Brady were followed by John Marlena, Andre, Abigail and Chad Rob came out gowned up when he saw all of them
“Thanks for coming everyone it means a lot to both of us ,Kayla says we’re minutes away
“get Back in there then” went Nicole
“right, right ” Rob said quickly while getting his Go Pro camera ready
THANK YOU rob yelled while running off

This week in Salem

Bonnie/Adrianne’s attempt to seduce Victor Hilariously Failed
Will Victor loose it when he finds out Everything?
Sheila enjoying her new job naturally betrayed Bonnie who has no way of paying her more money later Shelia returned to tell Bonnie to lose hope as hope can be paralyzing and its better for her to move on without it
Did you see this coming ?
Paul and Roman figured it all out and rescued john and Marlena at Bay-view Just in time
Kate tried to stop Chad from helping Andre, Roman told Kate and Chad about Hattie and that Andre was NOT insane.
He does seem to be” better” went John
was Andre a more entertaining character when he was “out there”
entertaining is the word i would use went Marlena
Marlena is sure Hattie has a partner
Who will finally figure out Bonnie/Hattie
Nicole is torn between jobs and men now as she” loves” Brady but “loves working with” Eric
what would happen if Eric and Brady switched Jobs?
Andre back home the Dimera family all agreed to move forward together
Abigail is clearly the glue holding this family together does she have the strength to hold them
Yes went Chad proudly
Tripp and Claire’s plan to make Theo jealous worked
what will happen to the soras bunch BEFORE recasted Ciara ?
How about leaving Cleo be and having recasted Ciara and Tripp become a couple
way too early for that.
Marlena offered Hattie a deal to find out who else could be involved
will they still figure out the why’s and what fore’s when they find out that Anjelica was the ringleader?
Hattie warned Bonnie not to leave her out of whatever was going on or else
Will Bonnie cross that line to silence Hattie?
Gabi told Sonny that Ari could still be flower girl even if she didn’t attend the wedding
a couple of self-defense classes with Eli who was fired from the FBI BTW convinced Gabi to go to the wedding with him
“how much longer for Eliga ?
Drunk Lucas has Alienated everyone around him and while downing some more drinks was visited by Ghost Will
Were you happy to see Will even if it was in Ghost Form
that’s about it
Can we see him asked Nicole
They are waiting for you
“We did it !”went Blanca everyone gathered around
“What do you mean WE I did all the work LOL” Robert laughed as did John, Chad, and Andre
“Ignore them What’s his name ?” asked Nicole
Blanca Looked at Rob who said
“well No surprise there” Went Nicole with a huge dose of sarcasm
“PROJECT PAWN ?” Marlena and Andre wondered aloud at the same time.


Time to turn the hourglass


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