Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/08/17:What the Devil, Irma!

Thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by Hurricane Irma please be safe and smart.
“Blanca Dear could you sign this please ill only be gone a few hours?” Robert handed Blanca a form she read it?”

“What happened to Nicole?”

“Nothing she’s with Brady or Eric or both i don’t know i have to do this I’ll be back in time to make you diner. Promise”

“Fine” Blanca signs the paper love you” Robert kisses her and leaves
Bayview mental Hospital

“What the Devil” Andre says when seeing Marlena and john moments later Robert is thrown into the room with them.

“Hey guys been awhile since we’ve all been together like this … have you tried their Prozac.. You should, I’m telling you  its top of the line !!

Andre, Marlena and john just stared


This Week in Salem

For Steve’s sake Kayla is going to try and let Tripp into their lives

Will Tripp ever be treated like a real stepson

Without money from joey’s parents Claire and Theo won’t be able to stay in the soras house Fate sent them Tripp looking for a place to stay Theo showed off some natural jealousy but looks like Tripp is in.

Why won’t Abe and Belle cover the extra costs for Theo and Claire ?

What kind of Job will Tripp have to get to come up with his fair share as he stupidly gave the Marconi money to the hospital?

Bonne/Adrianne kept her cool when being questioned about Angelica

How long until she cracks.

Raines threatened to shoot Gabi.  Gabi was saved by Eli Hope and Rafe gloated condescended and scolded at Raines for being bad

sigh hypocrites

Will you Miss Commissioner Hero Raines? Who will gets his Job?

Hattie/Marlena tried her best to convince Brady that her love for Roman was the deal.

Who’s going to figure Hattie out first Paul or Brady ?

Can’t be Paul he has no clue as to anything Hattie and Brady well sometimes he can..Take a little longer to wake up.

Nicole thanked Eric for all his Holly Help and apologized again for the way she treated him in Greece and in General Brady’s jealously kicking in reminded Nicole that it was HE that got Her Holly Not Eric.

Eric told her it’s all forgiven and forgotten

Eric or Brady for Nicole?

John and Marlena are scheduled for electric shock therapy

Robert started quietly laughing

John frowned at him

Sorry john i was just remembering that one time when Bart was connecting wires and got electrocuted and Andre here just shook his head not doing anything to help him Man that was so funny

“Oh yeah” Andre chuckling while remembering

JJ, lani and Jennifer all had disagreements about the double wedding of sonny Paul, Chad and Abigail

The Abe situation now resolved automatically seemed to help Theo and Claire possibly rebuild theirs as he apologized to Theo for keeping him in the dark.

Will Tripp and Claire become a thing or will Tripp be saved for recasted Ciara instead of Theo?

Andre’s plan to prove his Sanity Backfired at the press conference he was dragged here

ROTFLMAO Seriously Andre Alfie spent all that time with Hattie and you couldn’t tell the difference

It’s not funny Robert

It kind of sad but I’m laughing anyway

Could Kate be in cahoots with Hattie bonnie and RIP  Angelica ?

Be an interesting Twist

Chloe helped Lucas sober up

Luchlo? With no dr feel good around could Lucas and Chloe have another shot?

In prison Adrianne/bonnie asked about to be released Sheila to get a message to Justin for her Sheila agreed.

Will Justin believe Sheila’s message?

Bonnie/Adriane began her plan on taking Victor away from Maggie.

LOL that’s going to be hard to yet funny to watch

Does Bonnie have a chance with victor?


Hattie was about to flee Salem when Hope met her at her door correctly identifying Hattie as Hattie

And the credits rolled

Well guys it’s been fun I’ll do what i can to help after I’m gone


“You can’t leave me in here Robert ” demanded Andre

“Right now have to. No worries though won’t be much longer PROMISE, Marlena always a pleasure” see you men at my Bachelor Party,
“You couldn’t take this guy John??? SERIOUSLY???”  Robert Screamed while being escorted out

“Bet if one of us were Nicole he’d get us out of here” Andre Mocked

“Andre do you all of the details about Robert’s project pawn  Marlena Asked “he’s yet to completely fill me in

“Project pawn.. oh no no no no NO !!

Time To turn the Hourglass

Stay Safe Everyone!!!

By Robert Feldmann



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