Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/02/16: Chad and Jennifer compromise ??

Days cf 09 02 16 3Nicole and Damos entered Rob’s office and nicole was thrown for a loop

Nicole and Damos entered Rob’s office and Nicole was thrown for a loop when she saw an ‘old friend.’
“Oh! You’re back.”
Yup, Tuesday I started.
Great! Well my life just went down the tubes AGAIN. Come on Damos, it’s suddenly very crowded.”
“Nice to see you, Nicole.”
Come on Damos, Rob’s over there.” They walked away.
“Who was she?”
“That’s Dena; her and I don’t get along.”
“Yeah I can see that.”
“HEY GUYS!!!” Robert walks over to them and sees Nicole glaring towards Dena, “I’m sorry Nicole, it wasn’t my idea. She had a contract; I had to take her back. She promises to be nicer to you this time around.”
“Right and I’m the Queen of England.”
“I have some good news of my own, Nicole.”
“What did you do now?” went Nicole looking back towards Dena.
“I JUST BOUGHT Stefano’s private Island!”

days cf 09 02 16 2This week in Salem
Paul is having doubts on being an investigator because he sees people in ways that make him uncomfortable and guilty; John tried to get him to hang in there. He was doing a good job.
“is it the downside of being a PI or Sonny’s telling him he has changed, taken away his focus.”
“Dario is pleased that his plan worked and Edgardo is leaving Salem, he is the only one that is happy about it however.”
“Will Edgardo return or is this his last good bye?”
“Dario paid off Gabby’s actor attacker who liked most low of the lows in Salem and demands to stick around for more money?”
“I’ll say Nicole, it happened to you what four times? Dr. Baker, Mia, Crystal, Trentrobbins.”
“Who are all these people?” asked curious Damos.
“Later…” went Nicole.
Chad in his continued grief trashed the den and vowed to get Dimera enterprises back on its feet again.
“Not going there!”
Kayla still blames Steve for all their problems and demands therapy or else.
“How much more groveling is she going to make Steve do?”
“Kate purchased Doug and Julies B@b and immediately kicked out all the guests.”
“No surprises there. Do you see how lucky you are Damos?” went Rob.
“Indeed I do,” he responded.
“I can’t! I can’t!” Nicole turned around and went over towards Dena.
“Damos, I heard that Kate told you about Chloe’s pregnancy.”
“Yes, she did. Chloe claims it’s Philips.”
“It most likely is Philip and Chloe have a long history, really long.”
“Brady apologized to Theresa for everything Victor, who maintains his innocence.”
“Victor no longer believes, I framed him,” went Damos.
“Don’t worry about Victor, he deserves this and he knows it, he will be fine.”
“Is there any part of this, where Victor is still guilty?”
“Hope resigned from the police force to avoid working with Aiden.”
“Finally, time to get some REAL COPS.”
“How long will this last?”
“Not long enough, I’m afraid.”
“More back and forth with Chad and Jennifer and Thomas; Chad hired Belle as his attorney.”
Rob held in his laughter.” Jennifer asked Lucas and Adrianne not to stop the wedding because of the Abigail situation.”
“Are you happy for this couple?”
“I am.”
“Damos did you ever meet your nephew Zander?”
“KNEW IT,” Rob laughed.
“Heard you hired Dario to watch Chloe?”
“I think, she’s up to something.”
“Everyone always is, can you see Dario and Chloe as a couple?”
Nicole came back over her face, was red with anger.
“Would you like a drink to calm down Nicole?” Rob offered.
“Maybe later. “
“Damos apologized to Justin for forcing him to free those people.”
“Justin went on about not trusting him because criminals don’t change.
“And yet he trusts Victor? SMH Damos asked Justin to have Sonny stop harassing him.”
“CSI specialist Shawn uncovered connection with a pill he found, matching one of Theresa’s and I believe Brady apologized to Victor.”
“Was this the ending of the Tate takers story or will his real captors come after everyone another way?”
“Excuse me,” Damos walked off to the water fountain.
“Robert, I agreed to keep quiet about the Damos and Chloe baby.”
“Do you know what will happen now?”
“I know but I have this need to do good by her.”
“You want to do good by someone Nicole Take off Daniel’s ring while sleeping with Damos” Nicole held the ring and Damos returned.
Philip in a moment of stupidity was going to ask Kate for money but when she brought up Chloe, he decided to just leave.
“Good for him.”
Jennifer and Chad agreed to let Lucas and Adriane take care of Thomas for a bit until things calm down.
Bad Move, Chad! Bad move. Lucas can’t be trusted.
“Why not?”
“He’s a Horton?”
“What do you think about Lucas and Adriane taking care of Thomas?
“Belle got jealous when seeing Philip and Chloe together”
“Same as it ever was.”
“Claire doesn’t really get the whole intern concept yet but she’s hanging in there; will Claire’s career solidify them further?”
“Rory returned and asked Ciara to go to a party with him, she declined but kept the door open.”
“Can you see Rory and Ciara as a couple?”
“Is Rory still a pothead?”
“No, apparently he cleaned himself up.”
“Then, sure. Why not?”
“then sure why not”
Days cf 04 18 16 1

“Laura Horton returned for her daughter.”
“Excellent news! I cannot wait for her to meet Chad, so Chad can learn about his brother Peter.”
“That would be entertaining,” Nicole admitted.
“It’s all set up, Robert.”
“Great, well let’s all go & eat.”
“What’s all set up?” wondered Nicole.
“Later, let’s all eat.”

Time To Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldman

Edited by: Pallav Mittal


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