Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/01/17: The rewrite of a Hero

Rob and Blanca met up with Nicole and Brady at the courthouse.
Nicole what are you doing?

what’s wrong?

Your about to see a judge for custody of your daughter


Well it’s just that you’re wearing an outfit that makes me want to ravage you for days on end, sorry Brady, “Blanca embarrassed looked away and sat down .

Oh it’s okay i agree Nicole you really should “put those away” if you know what i mean ?

Look he’s a man isn’t he if he’s anything like you this outfit will help me win come on Brady we’re already late” Nicole went inside Robert took a quarter out his pocket .

“Heads i bribe him, Tails you do”

“Done” went Brady

“TAILS, good luck Brady”

“don’t worry Robert Holly is coming home TODAY “Brady followed Nicole inside Robert sat down next to Blanca

“What i thought i was helping?” he ask Blanca who shook her head

This week in Salem

Lani’s anger against Eli and others involved with Arrested Abe continues to fester Supercop wants to try a restart on his relationship with Lani

Why is JJ suddenly willing to give it another go?

Bonnie and Hattie discussed Angelica’s dead body while dealing with Drunk Lucas and Justin, they were able to make it work and Bonnie/Adrianne got an invite into Karakas mansion

“Obviously they are going on with the plan without the smart one which one will screw it all up  …first?

Andre showed Kate documents stating that he was fit and sane to run Dimera Enterprises Kate didn’t think his source were credible sending Andre off to try again.

Why Is Andre putting up with all this?

John and Marlena discussed who could be behind their predicament Stefano Andre and Alex North’s name came up?

Will they find out before they escape or after?

Andre went to Hattie/Marlena for help with his Sanity documents she agreed to play along after hearing about Kate and roman somehow she didn’t blow her cover and was able to stall/trick Andre

Lucas called Chloe and asked for her help with his “predicament” she agreed to try after she insisted and they finally called 911

Will Lucas remember anything to help himself or the police would you like to revisit Chloe and Lucas as a couple?

without daniel around it could work

Paul confronted Hattie/marlena about john she talked her way out of it for now ?

Will Paul be able to see what others havent before its too late ?

Back at the ward John instructed marlena in the art of escaping Straight Jackets

bonding at its best how long until they can get to another phone ?

Eric told Chloe that he wouldnt act on his feelings for nicole

How about Eric and Chloe as a couple ?

rafe and hope are taking help from a lowlife snakes and rats to get Raines  aka Myron and Daro

Right because their words are so trusting SMH

Would you take the word of Dario and Myron ??

The judge called Nicole on her violating her court order when running into holly at the square apparently the fosters ratted her out

SMH figures if it weren’t for bad luck sigh

Kayla obviously very upset over joey’s incarceration is not happy with Steve and Tripp’s father son bonding

Will Steve turn into Brady and forget that he has a son.

LOL poor Tate i hope they are paying that nanny serious money

Tripp Donated all the left over Marconi money to the hospital Kayla over heard this

What direction will Kayla go with Tripp?

Claire invited Tripp Back into the Soras House

Will Tripp come in between the sort of off Theo and Claire

And with Tripp broke and Steve and Kayla no longer funding joey how can the others afford to stay there

Is this the end of Soras house ?

Back for more Hattie/Marlena agreed to be fair and honest with Andre’s evaluation

what’s next for Hattie/Andre ?

Back at the station Rafe and Hope continue to act like kids and again had to be told to work by Raines Hope mocked him refusing to do so

..There are no words

Is Ron following Dena’s notes or his he just as bad when it comes to the Rafe and Hope Clown show

Eli told Gabi any man would be lucky to have her

Is that the official start of of ELABI or should Eli just Run while he still can

He should run but he won’t cant wait to see Julies face

Gabi had to retrieve some earrings and while there accepted a packed mean for Dario of course she opened it and heard incriminating Evidence against Raines while he was standing there

Who will save Gabi Eli or Supercop ?

Hope and Rafe probably

Sigh ” Robert peaked into the judge’s Chambers Brady did what he felt he had to do looks like Holly is going home with Mommy


Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


  1. Beverly says

    What ever you do writers please dont kill Gabi off the show I like the actress she become a very good actress. She had a lot of Drama and has over come it. She strong beautiful and smart. Gabi is one of my favorites on the show.

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