Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-28-18:

In the devils Triangle

“Hello Maggie how are you ?

“I understand thanks for calling, I’ll take care of it thank you  ill give you Nicole, Nicole Maggie’s on the phone

Ill takes it in here

Robert hangs up and calls Bob from his cell

Bob its going down is everything ready with her

Of course it is Robert





This Week In Salem

Ciara is upset because her faith in Ben has been Shattered Rafe and Shawn both Feat that Hope is the one setting up Ben

If it’s not Hope setting up Ben  then who is it ?

Hattie demands that John marry her or she will tell everyone what’s going on


Jennifer came clean to Eric about everything why Nicole left and that she has been keeping it from him

Naturally he stormed out

Are Jennifer and Eric over for good?”

Jennifer gave Eric back his ring so Yup looks that way

Paul is paralyzed so Will refuses to break up with him

Has the announcing of Paul’s departure killed the emotional impact of the story

Not for me i wish Paul could stick around and find someone else

Eric Attacked Brady who admitted to all of it swearing that because of Eve he’s not a bitter vindictive person anymore

Eric told Brady they are no longer brothers

That won’t last even though its technically true

How soon until Eric and Brady mend fences

As Eric left Jennifer entered before Jennifer could spill the beans Eve came clean on what she did that cost him Tate?

i don’t know it’s probable that Theresa would have won custody anyway

Would Brady have won custody if not for Eve’s interference?

Sami tried to escape jail but was caught Justin tried to reel her in Sami had to remind Justin about the Dimera ways and how they have come back from the dead using Will first and foremost

Obviously when the conversation got to EJ …and here’s the kicker..Justin told Sami that EJ was shot in the back…shot in the back

Every viewer who was watching then Clearly saw EJ take a bullet in the chest while Facing Clyde (search you tube you will find it if you don’t remember) Does this obvious blunder or deliberate carelessness  bother you because  it really bugs me  ..More than it should but here we are?

Stefan is not happy with Kristen as a house guest is restricting her to the tunnels

SMH idiot he could learn so much from his big sister

Eli went to Susan to verify she wasn’t Kristen Susan volunteered a urine sample using one of Maggie’s favorite cups


Are you happy with Stacey’s portrayal of Susan?

Once out on bail Sami went straight for the Dimera tunnels to look for Kristen

it was good seeing the tunnels have some great memories down there

Is our room still there ?



Maggie called Nicole to warn her was coming

They are talking now did you tell her we appreciate the heads up

of course

Thank you’s Blanca by the way

Great i love your life…my life


Gabi continued her plans with Abigail drugging her and sending texts from her phone after she falls asleep

Are you worried about the baby’s safety?

No i don’t think the show is going to hurt the baby

Later on Kate called Gabi out on that very subject and will be watching Gabi closely

Good Gabi could use a good coach

don’t think that’s what she meant

Yeah probably not

Stefan caught Sami before she could enter the tunnels and through her out saw Gabi’s texts and ran off naturally Sami waited it out and went right back in

naturally Harold caught her and let her go

harold disappoints me

will sami find what she is looking for or ..something else

I think it would be a great twist if Stefan is the one that has EJ but he doesnt know kristen knows and thats why things are playing out the way they are

will sami find EJ  down there ?

stefan went to abigail who was naturally throw for a loop she lied her way out of it by saying they were meant for JJ

Why would Stefan even be in Abigail’s phone now that she is no longer working for Dimera  ?

good question

abigail told JJ she fears Gabigail is back it looks like Gabi’s plan is working

it wont for long

Ciara and Tripp made love

does Bo’s daughter and Steve’s son have any chance now ?

fear not

Sami caught Stefan bringing breakfast into the tunnels something convinced Sami Kristen wasn’t there and she ran out

Did she spend the night there how long are those tunnels?

They go all under Salem you can take them anywhere and get lost if you’re not careful

At the hospital Roman john and Kayla continue to hide and care for Marlena

After Marlena wakes up will anything happen to Doctor Kayla who should lose everything for this

Nah she’ll be fine

Kristen got into the room Hattie did what she could to convince her she was Hattie Adams not Marlena

It may have worked

They really owe Hattie for all this

Sami returned to the hospital just in time to see Abe marry Hattie and John


After the touching ceremony Sami once again went back to Stefan demanding answers about EJ

Does Stefan know anything about EJ

I hope so it would steer his character away from the Abigail thing it will benefit everyone

Kristen obviously believed Hattie because she resumed her search and found the real Marlena who opened her eyes when feeling Kristen’s presence maybe ?

That’s exciting who are we rooting for

BOB who are you talking to?

Just talking to myself love. Got to go don’t let me down Robert

Relax bob

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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