Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-23-18: I don’t know what to think right now

 Marlena’s office

How’s Abigail Doing Marlena i heard she’s having a rough time all three of them

You know i can’t discuss her directly Bob

I know while we’re on the subject of not discussing things, Word on the street is that Stefan is going to kidnap you


That’s what i heard

This makes what the tenth time

Sounds about right

Can you stop it

I’m not in the in anymore, remember that was a different lifetime ago, i haven’t even spoken to Stefan face to face yet


Week or two from now

Son of #@$@#$ sigh i hope he has great taste in clothes

Your such a great sport Marlena


This week in Salem


Lani started her apology tour (about Eli being the father of her baby) of course nobody cared to listen

Bunch of hypocrites the lot of them Especially JJ

How soon until Lani is part of the group again?

In the courtroom Just tried to filter the Bomb Abigail dropped on Gabi (saying confessed to the Andre murder in the ladies room).

why is this even being considered as anything  there is no proof to any of it Doesn’t matter if Abigail is the queen of England it’s just her word against Gabi’s?

Gabi demanded to testify Justin told her that the Hail Mary defense idea wouldn’t work

Was Justin correct in stopping Gabi ?

Chad interrupted Dr Laura and Stefan AGAIN  Abigails Alters constantly trying to get out are causing the real Abigail pain.

Will Abigail completely snap?

Tripp and Steve are further bonding Steve is happy Tripp is around

Has Tripp won you over or would you rather have joey back

Tripp..sorry joey

Abe laid into Valerie about her role in the lani pregnancy lie

Lani may be having issues with the pregnancy due to all the stress placenta previa.

Which way do you see the baby story going?

Stefan challenged Chad to Guess chess ever piece taken gained chad a question Stefan losing on purpose still couldn’t get Chad what he wanted to hear Chad angry at his answers upended the table and left

LOL sore loser

What would the truth do to Chad at this point ?

He’s clueless he sleeps next to her for Pete’s sake  anyway Kate told Chad she thinks Stefan Brainwashed Abigail

Would be an acceptable twist to the story

It depends on how they play it

Sonny told Adrianne that he was happy for Will and Paul and that things were going nicely with Leo

Would you like Sonny and Leo, if Vivian was not in the picture?

Paul and will joked about jobs and who pays for dates Will is worried about Paul getting too close to Vivian.

What will Vivian do to Paul when he gets caught?

Bury him alive probably.

Marlena met DR laura, Marlena acknowledged the Gatekeeper Marlena brought Abigail back and said that they would handle it together

I know you can help her Marlena, but don’t forget to charge her at least as much as you charge me.

Steve warned Stefan that Abigail was his niece and under his protection.

What could Steve and kayla bring to the alter story ?

JJ same thing

Can you see it Marlena someone may be on the rise?

Will they tie all these stories together?

After leaving Marlena’s Dr laura said Abigail will not be back.

Sorry Dr Laura that won’t work unless she wants to start kissing Chad

Will chad end up “being with:” one of the alters ?

“Hope so it would make things more interesting”

Adriane is happy sonny is dating again Vivian wants to move to stage two of her plan for sonny

What is the point of what Vivian’s doing to Sonny and will Leo be the one to blow it up

Chad overheard Dr Laura talking to Abigail  and when questioned Dr laura covered for them both

Chad now things Stefan brainwashed Abigail

Thanks kate SMH

Stefan reminded Chad that Gabi confessed to Abigail

Dr Laura i think complained that nobody cared when Nick was murdered in cold blood

Excellent point Dr laura

Can you see dr Laura fighting off Chad and stopping Gabigail from being with Stefan

Which is why you may be being kidnapped Marlena

Does he know what i like to eat?

Probably not


Jennifer and Eric had a quiet week they made love.

Do you like them more then you did a month ago or like them less ?

Rafe showed up Dr Laura accused Gabi again Chad apparently won’t let go of the woman in Hong Kong

Will Chad find her ?

Hope not but probably

The verdict on Gabi is about to be read

Stefan is demanding that dr Laura let Gabi out

Will Stefan get Dr Laura to free the real Gabi ?

It’s tough one but we all know Gabi won’t be in prison for very long so ….

And the credits rolled

Thanks for the information bob

I will do what i can Marlena but I’m trying very hard not to know that’s one of the reason why i keep coming here

i appreciate it bob

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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