Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-23-18 “Because she slept with my boyfriend !”

“Gabi and Laura Horton ….as well as Abigail of course ….just thought you should be up to speed Mr Chin

No, so far i am not impressed with Stefan, i think he’s going to be a bust, Good Bye

BOB John and Marlena are here

John, Marlena how is Steve

Getting worse I’m afraid

Well let me know if i can help, i remember where Stefano obtained all of his “miracle cures”

This week in Salem 

Brady informed Eve that the only way her magazine could get off the ground was to work with him she reluctantly agreed

Is this more of a mistake on Brady or eve’s part ?

John apologized to Steve again Steve said that if he could forgive Bo for taking his eye he could forgive John too

Kayla though was not so forgiving

Do you side with Steve or Kayla on this ?

Chad tried to put his foot down But Abigail went to Hong Kong with Stefan anyway

Vivian warned Gabigail i think it was not to hurt Stefan or else ?

kayla told Abigail she was very healthy

Obviously they didn’t do a brain scan

Kate told chad to fight for his wife Stefan is more interested in Gabigail then Abigail

What will this back and forth with chad and Stefan do to Abigails Mind?

Create another one i hope a tough one that kicks ass

Lucas turned down a lucrative job with Kate to go after Chloe again speaking of going after Chloe she has a stalker

UGH remember the last stalker story. The one with Jennifer that was dreadful

Chloe and Lucas (again) as a couple ?

Without Daniel around it could work i wonder what Daniels heart thinks of eve lol

Jealous Sonny accused Paul of having revenge sex with Will Paul and Will both agreed that what they are doing is dating

Are you happy for Will and Paul?

I am

the bartender showed Sonny a dating app he used Sonny reluctantly gave it a try and started conversing with someone ..that someone turned out to be Vivian

was the bartender in on this ?

he would have to be the entire app has to be a set up only way to explain this  why is Vivian messing with Sonny ?

To get back at victor am sure  she never lets anything go

Hope told Shawn she deserves better than Rafe and asked Belle to file divorce papers

Because the divorce proceedings in Hong Kong and Salem are the same

Does she deserve better than Rafe

Hope deserves to be alone

Rafe gave Kate Andre’s phone Kate looked at it and wondered if Andre loved her or not

Did Rafe and Kate have sex?



Eli set up a video chat for Gabi and Ari he assured her that Stefan was the real culprit and Gabi would be found innocent


Vivian told Brady that her (and Stefan) would come after her

Where do you think this is going?

I think its going to get Mommy Kicked to the curb or worse

Stefan and Abigail are in separate but adjoining rooms

See separate rooms separate beds nothing to worry about

yeah sure

Chad ran into Hope and Belle, Belle told him that Mr. chin said Stefan didn’t need to be in Hong Kong which made Chad even more suspicious

Why doesnt chad trust his wife unless Stefan. Does something illegal he should have nothing to worry about

Deep down he remembers he can’t trust Abigail either


At the trial Motive for Gabi killing Andre was established then Lani testified that Gabi tried to bribe her way out of being caught with the coat By Saying Lani owed her for sleeping with her boyfriend


Justin was angry JJ was Angry it was delicious

Are you glad the truth came out?

Didn’t take as long as many, many others was sweet

Hope started Asking Stefan pointless stupid questions about Abigail acting big and bad and as smug as ever despite having NO JURISDICTION OUTSIDE THE USA

It’s a shame Stefan won’t send her home in a body bag


WHAT ????

Gabigail spotted Chad and quickly reverted to Abigail again after their greeting she hustled off to Stefan again complaining and i quote that “ALL OF SALEM WAS DOWNSTAIRS”

ROTLFMAO that’s funny come on admit it”


Chad thinks Abigail is stressed and Obviously blames Stefan

Clueless idiot i can’t wait for this to hit him like a tidal wave

Back at the courtroom Lani told JJ she didn’t want to lose him But the baby wasn’t his Just as Eli and Gabi entered the room

And the credits rolled

Very cool ending can’t wait until Monday

That’s about it ..oh for some unknown reason Bravo stopped airing Days repeats ..Just like that it makes no sense what was it on for like two weeks?

Give or take yup


Will you miss the Bravo Repeats and why do you think they abruptly ended ????

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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