Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-21-18: I Just Couldn’t Let You Go

After trying to do Damage control with Hattie/Marlena and Belle John returned to Marlena and Kayla he entered the room and heard Stefano’s voice an alarm went off until he saw what was happening

Bob was sitting next to the bed playing a tape recorder he patted Bob’s shoulder Bob turned it off “it’s worth a shot right ?” believe it or not Bob Id even take Stefano’s help at this point”


This Week in Salem

Ciara doesn’t know what to believe Ben insists he is being set up!

If he is being set up is Hope too obvious?? Tripp Maybe?

Sami and Be


lle continue to play the blame game Until Marlena woke up and she was not happy to see Either of them Sami wouldn’t leave when she was asked to Eric had to drag her away

Who then confided in Rafe

Will Rafe and Sami go there again?

Doubt it not now

Marlena let Belle have it She was Hilarious when Sami and Belle cleared the room John started talking to “Hattie Adams”

Were you surprised to this revelation?

It was very clever whoever came up with the idea should be rewarded

After this is all over

How much longer will Marlena be in a coma?

Could be awhile

Roman is also in on all this which is causing a problem Hatties attraction to Roman is making her make all sorts of crazy demands

What will happen if this blows up in everyone’s faces?

Ben and Hope had another confrontation Ben placed some Hope doubt in Shawn’s mind that he was actually being set up

Rafe tried to rationalize helping Sami Hope wasn’t buying it

Ciara is beginning to Doubt Ben and Tripp isn’t helping Matters

Chloe put Bonnie on notice with Lucas by telling her what she did to Mateo

Will Bonnie get the message?

Probably not

Speaking of Mateo isn’t it  kind of weird that his loyalists just let all of that go ?

Abigail told JJ that due to recent events she would be watching Gabi Unfortunately that didn’t pan out because she missed Gabi slip sleeping pills into her drink

Gabi is crossing new thresholds now she is becoming” Fascinating”

I think the word you’re looking for is Evil

Shelia danced around Abe when he found her with his credit card he let Eli deal with her

What are your thoughts on the character of Shelia?

Bonnie with less and less options made a desperate phone call

who did Bonnie Call ?

Kayla told Chloe that Bonnie’s story seems to be holding up

chloe is even more worried that Bonnie will use lucas and the baby to keep her out of jail and that she may  become Dangerous

Can you see Bonnie as a really dangerous desperate type

now yes when she was almost with mickey not so much

Chloe then got Brady up to speed on everything Bonnie Lucas he agreed to help them

Is bringing in Brady a good or bad idea?

Paul is still in the hospital   will and sonny are waiting around nothing new there

Eve continues to try and get Jennifer not to tell Eric the truth about Nicole’s leaving its still working but won’t be for much longer as its clear this Second choice thing isn’t going to work with her

But it was okay when Jack was Jennifer’s second choice when Peter Blake and the sainted Dr Daniel was around…that’s Jennifer for you

Belle went to see Marlena again Hattie didn’t let up, its making John worried


Hattie/Marlena asked john  for a kiss


After some hesitation on his part Hattie/Marlena declared that since they should be away on their honeymoon there was no reason why they couldn’t get married right here right now

ROTLFMAO   OMG that’s hilarious

It’s not funny  Bob went John

Bob turned on the tape recorder Stefano’s laughter beckoned through the room

SHHH keep it down went Kayla

Sorry Kayla

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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