Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-14-18: Baby Bon Bon

“This is going to be Hilarious”

“Don’t look jump the gun Bob,  Marlena’s not out of the woods yet ”

Marlena will be fine Roman aren’t that Right Dr Rolf

Yes, Yes Doctor Evans will recover now i must get to work

“I better get what i was promised”

You will Hattie We Promise, Doctor..Rolf gives Hattie a shot then when she falls asleep men take her away

Don’t worry Roman these guys have been getting people in and out of places since before your fall onto the beach

I knew i recognized that guy !!

What did you promise Hattie Roman ?”   Roman just blushed


This week in Salem


Chloe is worried about Lucas claiming that Bonnie is desperate and desperate means dangerous and she told Lucas to have the tests done

She’s right about that

Do you believe that Lucas is a Dad again?

a conversation between Bonnie and Shelia stated that its Bonnies baby whether its Lucas’s though is something else

Will Mim’s return to Salem have anything to do with this?

Kayla told Paul that he may be paralyzed which changes things for him and Will and Sonny as Will told Sonny there is no US while Paul is like this.

Sigh Can you remember other times when they did this story?

Kayla and Jennifer talked about how bad they were being to their men by withholding information on them

won’t matter soon will Kayla get herself a new guy.

Possibly. Remember when they tried her and Abe…should they revisit that?

Belle insists that the Murder of Marlena go on immediately. Don’t look at me like that Roman Belles all ready to pull the plug it’s been like 3 hours

It was Marlena’s wish

Marlena’s Wish SMH  Listen Roman Right Now Marlena is wishing that Stefano was around because he would be the only one that could save her ,I’m not saying this is easy on anyone Roman but  at least let the hospital explore some options first  SMH …How’s it going Doctor…?

Don’t interrupt me while i work please


Shane was noted to be looking into what happened to Steve

And how is he going to do that from his Bed in Los Angeles? sigh i suppose it being 2018 he can do most of it  from home. Wonder how Tate and Theresa are?

Forget Steve Roman he’s gone but on a related topic Nick Stockton has gone back to work for the Black Glove over in Europe

What in the hell are you talking about


The blame game started John laid into Roman blaming it all on Sami who blamed it all on Kristen, Belle is being blamed by pulling this Document out of thin air.

Does this make sense? All the phony deaths doppelgangers and kidnappings running amok that Marlena would sign such a thing and not mention it all to a man she has been with since 1986?

Belle needs to be disowned she’s made this all about her.

Hope remains determined to put Ben away by any means necessary

SMH that Woman needs to be stopped

Ben Fixed Ciara’s motorcycle

Uh Oh SMH forget the motorcycle Where is the Mustang??? SMH ,What lengths will Hope go to ?
Hope is your fault Roman you’re the one who constantly let her run amok and now all that power has gone to her head

Clair tried to get Tripp interested

Why the heck not?

Can Claire and Tripp work?

Hope caught Sami and Rafe in a Hug


Sami called Hope out for not finding Kristen

Hope’s too busy trying to frame a serial Killer

Apparently the Hospital Board of which Victor and Brady are members off agreed to go along with Belle’s declaration.

That makes no sense at all Brady especially?

Did the writers forget that Victor and Brady are both on the board?

Yup they also forgot that Sami representing DImera has a seat on the board or did they forget how much they panicked when she withdrew 20 million in donations because of Nurse Abigail Banging EJ

Yup they forgot all about that

Tripp told Ciara Ben was into her Ciara ignored it because things were good between them

Is the dream of Steve’s on and Bo’s daughter and all their future Half Legacy Grandchildren over?

maybe you know what’s weird  about all this Roman ?


People were Screaming that Chad was too old for Ciara (he’s not) mainly because of Abigail. Ben was with Abigail…If Ben is old enough to be with Abigail then he also too old for Ciara Because if Ben is young enough to be with Ciara then Abigail must have been Rocking the Ben  Cradle

You have to stop using math in Salem Bob


Hope arrested Ben claiming that she had new evidence he set the fire

And here we go Hope better lose her job over this.. Salem’s greatest monster

The patient is ready Herr Bob

Great they are all in the Hospital Church. Get to it guys ” Bobs men took Hattie out of the room to switch her with Marlena

Ahh what fun Roman do you know why i want you and Hattie to be a couple

No why
Because If not for the Arrival of the Pawn back in 86 Chris Kosecheck and Marlena would have been a nice couple they already began dating marlena invited Chris to her house for dinner. And if john didn’t stop by with his who am i ‘s ???? They could have been something special !

Yes well i like being Roman

I know you do LOL

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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