Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-09-18: May the best Woman Win

Bob was reading the newspaper “Ciara and Claire are really lucky you can’t enter that photo contest Blanca”

“Did you try to enter me in a contest?”

“..No you’re not eligible your .over 21 Blanca gave Rob a smile and a nod the phone rang

“Hello?” no its BOB… yes yes ”

“That sounds like a great idea can you all come here?”

“Cool can’t Wait

Blanca can you prepare extra seats for Diner?

This week In Salem 

An Angry Eve told Brady to take the ring and go straight to hell

Are you happy the wedding is off? Do you think it’s off for good


Brady Swore he really loved her

Victor showed Maggie the proof that he came clean to Eve and when Justin confronted Victor Maggie stood up for him

Go Maggie

Should Maggie have waited before forgiving victor?

Nah i don’t think there’s anything more to that BUT Brady and Victor could still be in on something it depends on how clever the situation is ?

Tripp took photos of Ciara for Eve to counter the photos Claire submitted to Brady

Ciara or Claire will either of them win and what will it do to the families?

I don’t think either one will win

Maggie yelled at Brady for drinking and told him that if his feelings are real to fight for her

Gabi went to the police station to talk to Trask while there Lani demanded to know if Eli was the baby’s Father

Valerie tried to slow down the jj/lani wedding denying Jj’s claim that it was none of her business

Will Valerie drop the bomb before or after the wedding ?

Abigail’s still dreaming about Andre

Vivian thinks Abigail will murder them all


Vivian told Stefan not to fall in love with one of Abigail’s Alter egos

Very smart

Can Stefan hold them off

Doubt it

Stefan confronted Dr laura demanding to speak to Gabi

After some prodding his wish was granted Gabi wants out she wants to run away Stefan told her to stay and fight that he would help her

Are you enjoying The alter story? How about Marci’s acting?

Kate caught Chad searching Stefan’s office for evidence

He later got Lani to search through Stefan’s room apparently the writers have forgotten who owns the house again

Does the house ownership flip flopping get on your nerves?

Well in this case Chad’s just being a jerk as he said he was moving out of the house two Salem days ago

lani found Andre’s cell phone in his room Stefan said security found it and he hadn’t gotten around to reporting it yet

Will Lani believe Stefan’s story

Julies hating on Gabi is getting on Eli’s nerves and told her to knock it off or they were done

How will Julie react to the  eli/lani affair baby thing

I think she will be the happiest of them all

Abigail had a checkup at the hospital the dr Laura alter stole her glasses Gabigail covered for Abigail when Kayla caught her found with the glasses

Will this be what blows everything up?

Ciara told Tripp she would drop out of the contest if that’s what he wanted

Trip is trying to stay Neutral

Smart man too bad that if he keeps kissing Ciara he won’t be able to

Are you ready for Triara to get underway?

Stefan told Gabigail she had to go to Hong Kong with him

What’s going to happen in Hong Kong

Can’t wait to find out now who else is coming for diner? “Blanca asked suspiciously

Relax its not Nicole



Time to turn the hourglass 


  1. Barbara says

    I despise the Abby storyline. I have bee watching DOOL for 48 years, and the only storylines I despise as much or more were when Marlena was possessed, or Ben/Abby/Clyde

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