Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/26/16: Taters For Toters

days cf 08 26 16

Wanting to show gratitude for the free two week Rio vacation,Damos wanted to surprise Robert with a free thank you dinner.So, he went to the office with Nicole but not noticing Marco missing, they were grabbed by armed men and secured next to Bart, Marco and Blanca.
“Whats going on this time?” Nicole asked Bart.
“Well, apparently these men work for Zander Kirakis and they came here looking for you?
“Zander Kirakis…My Nephew?”
“The same.”
“So, where’s Robert?”
“They have him somewhere and were waiting for you to “start the show” as they called it.”
“Is this for real?” Nicole asked suspiciously.
“QUIET!!!,” a gunman came over and smacked Bart.

“…and you don’t need to hear this,” the gunman said putting something over Damos’ ears.


days 08 26 16

Philip agreed to keep the Damos paternity a secret with Chloe. They will try and pass the baby off as his.
Do you see this ruse working and for how long?
“After agreeing to return to Basic, Black Nicole told Damos about why until now, she has been unable to bear children.”
Robert told me about that he’s so very sorry Nicole.
“Thank you, can you see Nicole and Damos adopting a baby?”
“Chad decided not to fight for Thomas.”
“The Boss is rolling over in his bed.”
“Don’t you mean grave?”
“Grave? Oh! Yeah right, sure.”
Jennifer found herself in a seedy motel with pills booze and ghost jack.
Belle found Jennifer in a compromising position but betrayed her client by agreeing not to tell Chad.
“Is it wrong not to tell Chad?”
Claire tried to take things to the next level with Theo but he couldn’t stop talking about Ciara.
“Is there any sort of hope for this young couple?”
“After a fiery weak moment, Ciara told Chad that she loved him after some yelling and screaming and crying. I think Ciara still has her babysitting job.
“Is it right to keep Ciara around, could Ciara use her rejection as motive to help Jennifer.”
“Bell yelled at Chad to stop feeling sorry for himself; to MAN UP and Fight,” but she did tell him about the Jennifer relapse.”
“What will Chad do with this information?”
“I know what the boss would do,” went Bart.
“Tate was Found!”
“Great news.”
“Victor was arrested for kidnapping,” Bart couldn’t hold on laughing.
“The question of Victor responsible or not has made the family rounds with Sonny, the only one saying Victor didn’t do it.”
He called Maggie from Jail and told her not to worry, side note Victor found Maggie’s old red shoes. ”Was this romantic or did it burn you for rehashing one of her and Mickey’s Greatest moments?”
“Kate was seen in the square with a look that said she was going to unleash a bomb on everyone and anyone around her.”
A gunman came around and undid Damos’ earplugs.

“What did I miss?”
“Nothing.” The gunman went over to Blanca.
“Leave her alone,” he yelled trying to be chivalrous.

“Okay, you; your turn, come on.”
“ROBERT?”,  screamed Blanca.
“UNHAND THAT WOMAN,” came from the ceiling as they saw Robert come down wearing a cape and cowl.
“IT’S DIMERA MAN, RUN!!!”, all the goons took off.
“MY HERO,” yelled Blanca as Robert grabbed and kissed her.
“I KNEW IT,” yelled Nicole.

“You’re something special Robert,” went Damos laughing while Marco untied him.
“He’s a special idiot, let’s go and Damos after this, Roberts buying.
“Of course.”
“That was fun,” went Robert smiling with Blanca.
They all went out for dinner.


Time to Turn The Hourglass


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by: Pallav Mittal


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