Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/11/17: Its like She’s A Totally Different Person

Nicole walked into Robert’s office, like most times he was on the phone “are you serious Andre?, You won’t come to the bachelor party or wedding unless i invite Chad to both?!”

“That’s blackmail besides he won’t come anyway, okay fine I’ll sent out an invite..But you Owe Me, AGAIN!” Robert Hangs up

Hey Nicole, that’s for you. And Holly ?” Rob pulled out an envelope with money”

“What did you do? …What did i do?”

“The blackmail Angelica, money i spread the money around to friends and charity. And no i would never hurt Mimi that was just a bluff; i also need your services as a proofreader

Blanca’s pretty mad” Rob gave Nicole a letter to read “Eric inspired me and…” Nicole started reading

“You actually?


“Sigh Robert what am i going to do with you?

This week in Salem

Chloe tried her best to talk Lucas out of drinking

Would the new writers re consider Lucas and Chloe?

Brady found the amulet in Eric’s room and pondered turning Eric in, Victor slammed Brady on his alcohol abuse and threatened to throw him back into rehab.

Could Victor end up doing both frame Eric and get Brady away from Nicole?

“He better not”

“Marlena’s call to John failed and she was sedated”

“Will john be able to get a solid lead?”

“I hope so Stefano’s queen must always be safe it’s what Stefano would want”

“Sure sure, after a meeting with Hattie/Marlena and Bonnie/Adrianne, Eric could tell something was off”

“Good for Eric lets end this”

“Hattie/Marlena told john to move out john knows she’s hiding something”

“Can’t get anything past john, amateurs”

“I saw through your duplicate remember”

“Your more observant than john”

“Dario’s case is causing internal department strife between the Salem pd causing Lani to quit the task force and  Raines  is acting really off”

“That’s because it’s him sad that they ruined another good character by being overtly obvious”

“Abe with a wad full of money was arrested for counterfeiting/being Darios inside man by Hope and Rafe

Hope and Rafe making an arrest SMH hypocrite corrupt lying idiots.

Do you believe its Abe?

“No nobody does hopefully Abe sues the entire department”

“Do you think Abe’s in on all this”

“Seems more than likely”

Abe is still mad that Theo is working for the Dimeras but not much he can do especially now

Kate yelled at Andre for keeping her in the dark about Chad and to stay away from the board because they think he is nuts Andre overheard Kate throwing him under the Dimera enterprise Bus

Why is Kate forcing a wedge between Anything dimera and Andre and what is Andre going to do about it?

“kates skating on thin ice

Chad and Sonny both recanted their confessions

Pointlessness none of them did it

“Do you know who killed Damos?

“Yes actually i do


“Master Chief”

“Who the heck is mater Chief”

“From the Halo Video game franchise

“Video game ?..What are you blabbering about?”

“Might as well be master chief the halo is the killer the actual killer is as almost a victim as Damos was

As expected Tripp, Kayla, Steve and joey worked things out. But even after Tripp told him he wouldn’t say anything Joey still wants to confess to Ava’s murder.

Kayla eventually accepted Joey’s decision on why he had to turn himself in.

“mans gotta do what a mans gotta do”

“Are you happy with Joey’s decision?”

Eli took Abe’s gifts to Valerie calling them Evidence


“Is this business or personal for Eli Abe and his mother?

“Eric is trying to get Nicole out of his head”

“HA like that could happen Poor Eric, Nicole maybe you should dump Brady and be with Eric”

“What no why after everything we’ve been through?”

“Eric told Chloe that he loves Nicole like nobody else”

“Ha we have that in common”

“Angelica is having trouble keeping bonnie and Hattie focused on the plan ”

“Which one is going to screw it up first?”

“Hattie/Marlena went to john and laid it on the line, Roman told Hattie to go back to john.

“Hattie/Marlena Planted a huge kiss on Roman. But it didn’t work ”

“Wow kudos Roman i was hoping for a trip down Melesewan lane…remember in tony/Andre’s castle when they cheated and made a baby”

“Everyone Wants to forget that Robert”

“Ha ha i wont let them”

Brady accused me and Eric of having an affair”

I think you should switch Brothers Nicole not that it matters to project pawn”

Brady things Eric killed Damos after spotting the amulet

“His someone besides Brady trying to frame Eric ?”

“Not me i swear probably Victor

Roman told John about the Marlena episode John Punched Roman in the face

ROTLFMAO   john and Roman need to have a fight to settle once and for all who gets to call her DOC

Roman told john that something was wrong with Marlena and he needed to figure out what it was

How will john Figure out what’s going on ?”

Kate helped roman with his John inflicted room a kiss was in there somewhere which  Andre’s saw

“is Andre in love with kate enough that the Real Andre will emerge to keep his sham wife ?

“Just like tony/Kristen this could be EPIC

“What kind of game is Kate playing doesn’t she remember what happened to her and others around her When she cheated on Stefano with Rafe and IAN”

“Kate is the one that’s insane Not Andre”

“That’s about it”

“Good do you think you can  …talk to Blanca and help get me out of this one?

“Probably? Maybe I’ll try my best?”

“Maybe we can see phony Marlena and i can pay her to take my side”

“Your side !!! ???, You wrote a love letter to your Pregnant Fiance and Wrote in  My name instead of hers.”

“It was a typo Nicole i swear ”

“Sigh, come on lets go see Blanca and fix this before it’s too late”

Time To Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann





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